Bulls stay Bulls


The Sharks have lost yet another Battle to the Bulls.

Despite all the media hype, and probably some prayers from the Sharks, Wynand Olivier, Brian Habana and Bakkies Botha will all be remaining part of the Happy Bulls family. The Bulls website reported Yesterday that one of the reasons the players will be staying is because “The Vodacom Blue Bulls are like one big, happy rugby family?

The Bulls secured their signatures late on Monday for what is apparently less than what was offered them by the Sharks. Reports over the last few days claimed large salary increase offers for Habana and Olivier and almost Two-Million Rand for Botha from the Sharks.

Habana told Beeld. “Like when I became a Bull a few seasons ago, I still believe that I will play my best rugby in the blue jersey,”. Olivier, who was actually the only one of the three that the Sharks were allowed to make an offer to under the current SARU regulations, said:”I played under Dick Muir when he was still with Tukkies, and he is a great coach. However, for my rugby, especially on the long term, I decided it’s better to stay with the Bulls,”

Wynand Olivier and Brian Habana have contracts that will run until the end of 2009, while Bakkies Botha, who celebrates his 27th birthday on Friday, has signed for five years and will be off the market until 2011.

If the reasons given for the signings are true, I take my hat off to all three these players who in today’s day and age have not gone for where the big money is but rather for where their hearts want to be.

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  1. You just gotta love it!!!

    It just shows again that you can’t buy loyalty.

    Contrary to what has been speculated regarding the Bulls coming to the end of a cycle I rather think that the Bulls are still only at the start of their long term vision and goals. The players recognise this and probably realise that it is only to their benefit to remain in this professional structure.

    Just have a look at all the youngsters (from Craven week) the Bulls have acquired. These count under the best that was at offer and these players are only to happy to be associated with the Bulls franchise.

    Watch this space!!!!!

  2. I wonder what was discussed in the meeting between the CEO’s??

    Either way it does not really matter as the Sharks were breaking the regulations by speaking to two of these guys.

    Well done Bulls it seems the Boys WANT to be Bulls and that says a lot.