Well done to Big Fish!!!!

That’s right.

Obviously with sources starting to come up with rumours this afternoon I was left with little else to do but following these up with several long phone calls to several different people.

And the draw only occurred this evening with KSA’s help.

The winner of our Go to the Final competition was none other than our own resident black Shark, Big Fish.

Well done Big Fish and thanks okes for entering.

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  1. Okay congrats meneer and well done

    Our buddy Mr. Fish, who now uses the nickname Son Of Gam (after our spam software decided the word Big Fish is definitely indicative of a Spammer) has sacrificed his weekend with his hot French girlfriend and will in fact fly all the way from Cape Town to join the boys in Jozi.

    What a dedicated Sharks man!

  2. Well done big fish!

    Then again are you not just another ‘black’ capetonian who all of a sudden gets to fly all the way up ahead of someone closer and more deserving, like me!

    I smell a fat conspiracy!

  3. I smell a fat conspiracy!

    Comment by newshields — May 16, 2007 @ 11:48 pm |Edit This


    It’s really not very nice to call Big Fish “fat”.

  4. Ok boys I’m leaving on Thursday night from Heathrow specifically to come to the final in Durbs. As soon as the Bulls won I had to beg the missus and promise loads of things but never the less booked my flight and manage to get a couple of tickets at last. What a mission that was (the tickets that is)!!!!

    Anyway, all I still got to do is predict the right winner for the superbru or hope that I can hold of Jotrojer and I should be the proud owner of a bok watch courtesy of the RW chaps. Not a bad way to celebrate a great Super 14. So a big cheers to all of you at RW and hopefully we’ll stumble across each other at the game for a few cold once to celebrate the Bulls victory.

    Sh1t I cant wait!!!!!! And GO BULLE!!!!!!!!!

  5. Blue Ballas

    About bloody time we saw your face!

    You are very strongly in the hunt for a prize, keep in touch.

  6. In fact, BlueBallas, it might be possible to present your prize to you at the match. DavidS and KSA will be there together.

    Will you be contactable?

  7. Blue Ballas.

    Please check your email, I will mail you my contact number that i will be using in RSA.

    We will be having a few drinks on the outer field beforehand as I have a parking ticket for KP4. Please feel free to join us, even in blue :smile:

    And PLEASE JOIN US AFTER so that we can present you with the watch, if you win.

  8. Happy birthday KSA,

    Hope you will atleast get spoiled rotten before you actually start enjoying your Bday presesnt. :grin:

    May there be many more.

  9. Happy birthday KSA.

    Best wishes for good health and many more.

    Enjoy the trip and please remember that the Sharks will have other opportunities to win the S14 in years to come. Don’t let the loss spoil your birthday. :smile:

  10. Fish

    Congrats and enjoy.

    Biggest thrill for me will the knowledge that there will be a Stormers supporter there, in the flesh, able to verify as an independent observer….

    ….the true magnificence of the Bulls.

  11. LMAO!!!

    I would like to thank my family, my friends, my agent, and die Hemelse Vader (is that right?).

    Stan and Shields – quite right, the prize was won by a White dude, but after mentioning I have Stofile’s phone number, sanity prevailed.

    David, I have yet to break the news of my sudden winfall and departure for Jozi this weekend :shock: … If you dont hear from me today, please nominate the runner-up and pour out some liqour for me.

    Shred, wil be flying in tomorrow early morning.

    Thanks for the wishes all!

  12. Redj

    BF supports the sharks :smile:


    After he was drawn as the winner we first confirmed that he could make it to Jhb. As it turns out this guy is real dedicated and will be flying to Jhb to Drive to Dbn. :cool:

  13. Cheers KSA & Ras will try my best to pop around for a few cold ones. Should be arriving on Saturday morning. Need to collect the tickets and then it’s all guns blazing!!!!!

    KSA send me an email and I will send you guys my SA number. I presume you got my address?

    I can say with great confidence, taking all permutations into consideration, the watch is mine Whoohooo, I say this only ‘cause I made my pick & luckily, for me, myself and Jotrojer has gone for the same team which mean will or loose the gap is 2 big 2 come down 2 bonus points. So I might just catch up with you guys afterwards for the Royal Deluxe presentation. Arrange the press to gather for RW first official press conference….. I will arrange with Sky in order to give it the international exposure you chaps deserves.

  14. Stan and Shields – quite right, the prize was won by a White dude

    WHAT :shock: you are not a white dude?????? :shock:

    Do you have a black suit and cap? You can drive us to Durban :wink:

  15. redj, I wont kill you for saying that this time.

    The next time I might not be so forgiving!

    Tafelberg, long time no hear! Hoe gaan it?

    Njamu, I will do my best sir – papsak and bokkoms stays at home!

  16. Comment by KSA Shark © — May 17, 2007 @ 10:01 am


    Shore thang Mizz Daisy!

    Actually, thats a good idea – I’m a teetotaller, so you okes can carry on with the important things while I drive.

  17. Comment by Stan — May 17, 2007 @ 9:30 am |Edit This

    Yis Stan

    Of course

    This is SA Rugby after all and we gotta stick with the developments.

    We’re shit scraed of Bhutana Khompela

    We had to make a black oke win.

    Why do you think the results weren’t verified by an independent auditor? So we could cook them of course!

  18. Comment by PRIVATE RYAN — May 17, 2007 @ 10:18 am

    Who says I dont play.

    I might play like a drunk hippo, but I do play.

    David; except your gag order real soon buddy!

  19. Stan look at it this way

    There are so many reasons for cooking the resulkts to let the black oke win

    First off Mike Stofile loves us

    Second, now we have someone to drive us, carry our luggage, go for beers while we watch rugby

    Diesn’t it make sense?

  20. He can even wash the car on Sunday morning while we sleep off our hangovers so we give it back to the rental company nice and clean.

    And yis it would be nice to have someone call me baas again

  21. How about I lock you two in the boot.

    So that Murph and i can have some peace and quiet.
    Comment by KSA Shark © — May 17, 2007 @ 1:10 pm

    Let me guess, you taking candles and wine too? :razz:

  22. DavidS, KSA, Mad Murph, Gambrinus and Son of Gam Big Fish

    This is going to be one ma se moerse
    Going Nowhere Slowly of Epic proportions!

    Like Rasputin said – give us the video footage
    broadcasting qualty – and I’ll make you guys
    a music video that will skrik vir niks…

  23. Murph peaceful and quiet

    Geez that’s an oxymoron


    Lock the two of us away in the boot so Murph can finish you off before we get to Dbn!!!!

  24. How ’bout you and murph in the boot where he can get stukkend quietely and you can catch up on your jet lag beauty sleep while Son of Gam and I earnestly discuss our issues in classic Flats v East Rand style
  25. Comment by KSA Shark © — May 17, 2007 @ 1:10 pm

    Hehehe! Nothing worse than seeing a grown man cry… in a hat with horns on!

    Njamau, quite right – my bad.

    Kandas; I’m all for that! I can imagine that this will be quite an experience.

    Having to console Dawie Snohr is gonna be tough though.

  26. Flats? I aint from the flats.

    Durban Westville boy myself. I just pretend to be from the flats to get ze ladies!

  27. DavidS, you mean me?

    Preferably Mpeg-2 (at least) or AVI
    preferably broadcasting quality 720 x 568 pixels
    I’ll give you another solution to get the files to me
    as they will be failry big yes…

  28. Kandas
    just a bit worried if after Murph’s 9th pint he decides to reveals the twig and berries to the ladies again, DavidS thinks some okes trying it on and threatens to lamp him; Big Fish is egging on both on inbetween chirps at some oversized Bulle supporters, while KSA tries to diplomatially smoothe all over in his calm manner.

    ja, expect plenty of explaining to do to the wives when they return.

  29. Kandas / PA – – – – – – – whateva

    Okay let me have your solution, although don’t expect unusually good resolution. They’re off my cell.

    They won’t be more than about 3 meg, and that’s not too big is it?

  30. KSA is more likely to stir with the huge Bulle
    McGam will just yack off with KSA and stir it thicker
    Murph will dangle the tools ate the wrong time
    DavidS will have to do the aple swinging in classic East Rand style to save them
  31. Okay here goes
    KSA starts the stir with some well placed choice remarks
    Then McGam starts going on about how the Bulle girls will like his black meat more than their white weenies
    Murph decides to prove the point with a practical illustration
    Leading into
    DavidS having to use classic East rand style argument enders to save all
  32. LMAO!!!

    I are a lurver, not a fighter.

    But I do love to stir!

    David will mos def choon some oke kak, Murph will be pissed, and KSA will be reasonable. I will hopefully be making the beast with 2 backs with some lucky lass somewhere… :lol:

  33. Ok DavidS that will be ok
    quality won’t be that good on
    YouTube though…

    I don’t want to be a petty Producer/Director/Whatever
    but could I ask for one scene
    in some hamburger joint
    of the four of you discussing
    some seriaaas issues
    Reservoir Dog’s Intro Scene style

    Ask the waitress to film it…

  34. Oom D,
    u’re too old these days, will have to fake an injury, hell u might dislocate a shoulder just by throwing your first attempted PK. and no that is not an eastrand challenge.
  35. Comment by Kandas — May 17, 2007 @ 1:42 pm


    Comment by cab — May 17, 2007 @ 1:44 pm

    Sad from the safety of several thousand Km’s.

    Dawie is like 8 foot tall – you on your own in this one!

  36. Like my bruvver and our buddy Cobus and I

    That was his line too

    I’m a lurver not a fighter

    But he’d stir it lekker dik till okes wanted to bliksem and then my boet and I had to solve the problem via direct means.

    Only one night we didn’t and that was at purple turtle where the doos soeked for kak with an off duty bouncer from the same company as the bouncing company at the door

    They pulled ME, not him the fricking stirrer, out into some dark corner and threatened to fuck me up. About seven of the fuckers!!!

    Huge massive monstrous tattooed characters all steaming and ready for a rol

    Only I know when to run and when to raise the banner

    I was still an articled clerk, but I think I’ve never given a more convincing and impassioned argument than that.

    Shame these okes were so sorry they went and bought me a beer to apologise and let me in for free the next evening!

  37. Comment by cab — May 17, 2007 @ 1:44 pm |Edit This

    Cabbie old rollers get slower I’ll agree, but we also pack more experience and more punch as you age so while the 18 year old may land four punches before I land my one, and while my one may dislocate my shoulder, the one i land will be deadly accurate and wil dislocate his head from his body

  38. ja, well doubtless it will be a most enjoyable weekend, by all accounts you will have to keep your eye on Gambrinus.
  39. True about Baalies getting tough as teak as they get older. Its like they petrify or something – sinew and bone gets real hard, and even think okes are hard as hell.

    I think it might be enough to conquer the strenght and speed of the younger okes, but there is no sweetener to the getting uglier part. Sorry Dawie! :lol:

  40. Ja no offence taken
    Yis my mother even bought me like anti ageing cream for my birthday last year

    Now what kind of message is that?

    I haven’t even opened the shit cos I’m so insulted, although Lois says it’s real expensive top of the range stuff.

    I reckon I don’t care if I get older and look it.

  41. Comment by DavidS — May 17, 2007 @ 2:01 pm

    You already married Dawie- you dont have to give a shit anymore.

    Unfortunately my schedule means that Im already getting the middle-aged roundness, and I am still single!

    Worrying times…

  42. You cab?

    Has middle aged roundness stricken your youthful good look sdown yet?

    Mine are a fond forgotten memory

    Chicks at the nursery school point at me and whisper urgently to their kids when I pick up mine

  43. And I’m travelling tomorrow morning from Kosovo to Durbs..yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    Borerewors, beer, birds and the Sharks beating the Bulle!!!!!

  44. Comment by bryce_in_oz — May 17, 2007 @ 3:09 pm

    But Im from the Westville ghetto! :lol:

    Johnny’s is still there. There is also one in Cape Town.

    Will take ’em to Sparks Road – great choice of places there.

  45. Gambo …. Gambo …


    Wherefor art thou gnomish one ?

    Watschshout !


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