OO reports from Bloem Bok press conference

With the weather in Bloemfontein a huge improvement from the day before- the
Springbok team announcement was done at a press conference at around 1300.

Vusi Kama welcomed everyone with the Coach flanked on the “openside” by
Schalk Burger and on the “otherside” by Victor Matfield. I must comment that
neither had looked as if anyone had sponsored the hairdo’s of the Boks!)

The Coach started by reading the 22 names. Seeing that the team has already
been posted lets jump to the questions.

When asked on the inclusion of Danie Rossouw at 8, Coach White said that
Rossouw had performed well for the team when played @ 8 in the EOYT 06 and
although a new combination- it was done with the RWC ( being played in
Northern Hemisphere) in mind. Pierre Spies – who is on the bench will be
the cover for 6, 7 & 8.

He also stressed the fact that Ruan Pienaar could cover 9-15 and Frans Steyn
could cover 10-15.

On a question about the inclusion of Ashwin Willemse- the coach indicated
that he personally had worked with Ashwin since his u 19 days and really
rates him, that is was the responsibility of the Coaching staff to get him
into to peak physical condition- and that is was important to get him back
to full test match form as soon as possible, in order to consider him for
RWC ‘007. Coach White also revisited the fact(s) that Ashwin is a great
athlete and had been Best player 2003 and and and.

When Questioned on the effect of the S 14 final and the amount of time that
was available to fit in Victor Matfield acknowledged that the week may not
be enough, but that the honour of putting on the Green Jersey is such that
all players will be “giving their best” He further mentioned that the core
of the squad has been together for 3 years know and that it would help a
lot( wrt team cohesion).

When asked on the splitting of the Ruan / Butch combination, Coach White
said that if FdP was fit he would have played with January on the bench. He
is quite happy with the fact that January and James had played well together
last year at Twickenham.

All the various injuries were then discussed- none seem serious , but it had
some effect on team selection. It was mentioned that Joe Van Niekerk hurt
his back in the gym and not in contact and that Jaque Fourie’s injury is of
such a nature that the Medical Staff has prescribed a situation of
“Conservative Management”. Coach White said this could be anything from 1
week to 4 weeks.

The questions then turned to the English.

The Coach said that it might be that with the team selected- the English
could play a Bath type of “expansive’ game on Saturday. He then highlighted
all the various English players selected- skills in playing such a game-
down to the athletic props and Schofields ability to take the ball forward.

When no further questions was forthcoming from the floor- the conference was

This time around- only the TV okes were allowed to quality time with the
Coach and players.

Thanks Ruggaworld- I really enjoyed this- hope some of it was informative.

Thanks OO!

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  1. of het di espan alles geteet voor die Journo’s arrived ?

    Het Keo op jou skouers gesit ?

    of het he a box gebring ?

  2. Het Keo op jou skouers gesit ?

    of het he a box gebring ?

    Comment by Murph — May 23, 2007 @ 4:29 pm |Edit This

    Keo has Ig to stand on, Murph.

    I first thought it was really brave of Keo to sit in the front row of seats at all the press conferences until it dawned on me that he wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

  3. That was a joke, by the way.

    Keo’s a good oke and he’s damned good at press conferences, very ballsy.

  4. DavidS,
    Can we then presume that the answers he get’s have no content? Because we never read any of the answers to questions about contentious issues.
  5. Lost wat?
    Lost in Paradise?
    Hulle sal so gelukkig wees.
    Koud hier, maar ek weet van
    plekke waar dit laasnag -6
  6. Terloops – OO, dankie vir die moeite.
    Altyd goed om uit die Slang se bek self
    te hoor hoe sy kop werk.
  7. As always thanks OO for taking the trouble to keep is informed.

    Has anyone considered giving Stan a go at one of these press conferences, as Bulls supporter maybe the next Pretoria one? :smile:

    Hoe lyk dit Stan, wat sal jou eerste vrag wees?

  8. Athens – Greek police in riot gear fired teargas at about 100 fans trying to storm a shut stadium gate shortly before the Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan on Wednesday, a Reuters eyewitness said.

    The fans, mostly British, who did not have tickets, attempted to break down the stadium gate but Greek police pushed them back with batons and several rounds of teargas.

    Sal dit geniet as die klomp fokkers in Hillbrow verdwaal oppad stadion toe, of dalk in hatfield `n vuisie wil swaai teen daardie dikkop boerseuns!

    Wag tot Rasputin dit sien :!:

    Seker waar die uitdrukking
    “Skiet hom in die hol, Dol!”
    vandaan kom.


  10. Jy is Lost as jy nie
    weet hoe lyk Kate nie…

    Comment by PRIVATE RYAN — May 23, 2007 @ 8:28 pm |Edit This

    You and I could be twins.

  11. Unbelievable archery there.

    The filming angles leave a lot to be desired, thus it shall remain unbelievable :lol:

  12. mythbusters tried to
    replicate that shot of
    Kevin Costner splitting
    the arrow, they concluded
    that it might be plausible
    with a bamboo type arrow.

    The traditional archers
    used cedar wood thus,
    that shot in the movie
    was all hollywood and no
    buddhist monk

  13. SA Emerging team:

    Heini Adams, Marius Delport, Hilton Lobberts, Bandise Maku, Wilhelm Steenkamp (all Blue Bulls), Kabamba Floors, Bevin Fortuin, Jonathan Mokuena (all Free State Cheetahs), Louis Ludick, Jaco Pretorius, Solly Tyibilika, Heinke van der Merwe, Jano Vermaak (all Golden Lions), Ashley Constance (Pumas), Bradley Barritt, Nikolai Blignaut, Ryan Kankowski, Sangoni Mxoli, Odwa Ndungane, Howard Noble (all Sharks), Schalk Brits, Tonderai Chavhanga, Peter Grant, Morgan Newman, Ross Skeate, Eddie Andrews (all Western Province).

    Team Management:
    Coach: Pieter de Villiers
    Assistant coach: Jerome Paarwater
    Team manager: Peter Maimane
    Team doctor: Dr Ryan Kohler
    Conditioning coach: Neels Liebel
    Physiotherapist: Wayne Hector

    Taken from Rugby365.com. Maybe one of the admin staff can post the article

  14. I left my freakin charger
    at the office, 10 min left
    I have a lot on my chest

    See how I sneaked in
    a Freudian slip about
    Kate in my previous post
    Ras? Genugtig

  15. See how I sneaked in
    a Freudian slip about
    Kate in my previous post
    Ras? Genugtig

    Comment by PRIVATE RYAN — May 23, 2007 @ 10:12 pm |Edit This

    Freudian rordian, she’s a babe!

    Do you know she’s going out with a fellow Lost actor?

    If not, you’ll never guess who!

  16. Eddie has been emerging
    for a while now

    Comment by PRIVATE RYAN — May 23, 2007 @ 10:17 pm |Edit This

    Eddie is a chrysalis, yet to emerge.

  17. Eddie has been emerging
    for a while now
    Comment by PRIVATE RYAN — May 23, 2007
    From his own ass, yes.
  18. Found it.

    He shot an arrow into the hollow core of a more modern aluminum shaft that was most likely put there by hand. Seeing as how the nock was absent, it couldn’t have been fired from a bow.

    Still impressive. Would like to see him do it more than once.

  19. Thanks KSA.

    Carbon fibre it is then.

    That girl is nogal flexible. Last time a struck a pose like that what shortly after a women in a Beetle ran me over.

  20. MVS

    That brings back memories of my first ever motor cycle accident.

    ALL I am saying is don’t wear slops while riding a bike, it is easy to rub half the side of your big toe off on the tarmac.


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