RW Fantasy League now open!

Okay due to popular demand, the Fantasy League Tri-Nations competition is now open!

I must warn you though, after trying to buy a team myself yesterday, I found it near impossible to fill it with players most likely to take the field – actually it was impossible!

But as some practice before the big one this year, the World Cup Fantasy League competition, the Tri-Nations version should serve as a decent practice run for all of us.

For the uninitiated:

Fantasy League is a game rugby fans from all over the world participate and play in to test their skills as team managers. You are given a budget ($ 12,000,000) from which you need to buy 12 players.

Players all have different values, and needless to say the superstars like Carter and McCaw, comes at a high price. This however levels the playing fields a bit where guys have to balance their team with good players and not so good players that are cheaper.

Players are awarded points by the administrators that run the Fantasy League competition (not us at RuggaWorld) and they have very nice informative pages for you to go and read up on showing just how they do it.

It takes a while to get into it, and you will soon find out that it is not necessarily the big name players that score big points!

You are given a set amount of trades, or substitutions you can make during the course of the competition – use this wisely because once it is gone, you do not get any more! Extra transfers are awarded after specific rounds, so keep an eye on the main page of your team to see when this will be awarded, and plan accordingly.

To register a team you need to log on to  On the main page you will see a banner saying that the Tri-Nations competition for 2007 is no open, simply click on this banner or the part that says: “Play Tri-Nations now?.

If you have played Fantasy League before on, you can simply log on (top of screen) with your old details. If you are new, simply register a team following the links on the page.

Once you are registered, you can join’s pool.

When you have finished registering your team, you will go to a page in which you can choose to join a pool (option 2). Scroll down and select ‘’ and click ‘Select’ (take note that there is a RuggaWorld pool and a pool, select

The final step of registering your team will take you to a page where you need to enter the password to join the pool – simply enter ‘rw007’ all in small caps and without the inverted comma’s and you will be good to go.

For those who played with us last year, you should be entered into the pool automatically, but you can confirm this by checking your team’s details in the ‘My Situation’ page once you are logged in. In here it will tell you in which division your team is playing in – if it is not, simply click on the division you are in, and change the details following the steps as explained above.

If you have any problems creating a team or joining our pool, you can mail me at pa[at]Ruggaworld[dot]com and I will help you out.

Good luck and let’s kick some ass!

P.S. Don’t forget, we have a SuperBru Tri-Nations competition also – mail me for more information or simply ask the guys on this thread on how to enter that.

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16 Comments on RW Fantasy League now open!

  1. A quick tip for the newish players to the 3N.

    Remember that teams never play more than two consecutive games in the 3N, so be carefull not to load a team with tooooo many of one team as you could have a problem trades wise when they are having their bye. :wink: Or maybe not………


  2. Die beste tip met die trinasions is dat jy direk na die eerste game(sa vs Aus)al jou aus spelers so gou as montlik verkoop.Die waarde van die nz spelers is dan nog laag en die aus sin nog hoog.

    Jy sal dan genoeg geld he vir die res van die toernooi

  3. Danie

    That is a tip for any team that has a bye the next week, that has helped me quite a bit in the past.

    I usually sell players with a bye coming up the minute the round is locked down.

  4. cool, thanks KSA. I’m also in for the new challenge – just damn difficult getting a team together. Don’t want no Aussies!!

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