RWC Fantasy League and Bru comps NOW OPEN!

Yes ladies and gents, the World Cup is around the corner and I for one cannot wait for the damn thing to start, not only because I am hungry for international rugby, but also because’s Fantasy Rugby and SuperBru competitions for the World Cup is NOW OPEN!

It seems the guys are making it very easy for us this time around when it comes to registering a team. Those of you that took part on our Super 14 SuperBru competition might have received a mail already inviting you to register (these guys at SuperBru were very nice to me in inviting players that has played in our pool before) – but if you haven’t the time is now to go and register your team.

For the uninitiated, SuperBru is a score prediction game that will run throughout the World Cup. How it works is very simple, once logged on and registered you will have to pick a winner for each game and also try to predict the margin in which they will win. Apart from some cool prizes on SuperBru that they will give away, will also be giving away some prizes to registered players in our division but more about that later.

How to register


Well if you have not received an invite simply log onto

Once logged on, you will see different tabs on top for different competitions, what you need to do is click on Rugby World Cup 2007 (RWC).

You will also see tabs available to register a team – click on these. You will be asked various questions to confirm your registration such as a valid email address, which team you support and so on – complete these and wait for the mail that confirms your registration.

Once you have a team registered you must now join the division or pool. This is done quite easily by following tabs in your profile to ‘Join a pool’ – you will even be asked this while registering and could already to it there. Scroll through the list provided until you get to “ – please make sure that you choose that specific name only because there are other pools that sound or are spelled very similar.

Once this is done, you will receive a notice that your application is pending, this is for me. I will receive a mail from SuperBru which will inform me that you want to join our pool and once I accept the application, you will receive a mail that says your applications has been approved and Bob’s your uncle.

SuperBru will send mails out reminding you of your picks too just so you do not miss a game or pick and thus lose points.

Fantasy League

The registration for Fantasy League rugby is very similar. Unfortunately you won’t get an invite from me but you will find it very easy to join our division if you have played in our Super 14 version of the game. If you played our Super 14 competition you simply have to use your old details (team name and password) to log on and you should be taken to the “ division immediately without any hiccups.

If this does not happen or you are new at this don’t fret.

Simply log onto and click on the links to register for Rugby World Cup 2007.

Again if you have not played or registered a team before you need to go through the whole application process where you email will be validated.

Through this process you will also be asked if you want to join a division, if you scroll through the divisions look again for “ and select it. This site will ask you for a password to join our division and when this happens simply enter “rw007? – please note this is case sensitive and also loose the inverted commas when entering the password.

You will then immediately be part of our division and be able to select your squad.

Again for the uninitiated, Fantasy League or gives you the opportunity to manage your own rugby team. You will be required to select 12 rugby players and have a budget of $12-million to do so. You may drop or substitute players but you are only awarded so many ‘trades’ to do so. Each player scores you points depending on the real game that player has during the World Cup – he will score points for tackles made, tries scored, kicks to poles done successfully and many more ways to score points.

The points are awarded by the administrators from and not – and they have a detailed list on how the game works and how points are scored on the site, so read up and be prepared.

The Game

You can either enter both SuperBru and Fantasy League rugby or just one of the two, it does take some time of your day to manage your teams so be warned. It is also a well known fact that Fantasy League or is more for the seasoned rugby supporter that knows and follows the game – but even if you are not but reckon you are a good manager, give it a go, it is major fun.

Rules for both games are on each of the relevant websites and as mentioned before, each website administers and awards points and prizes sponsored by them on their own and has no say in this – so don’t come and bitch at us when you reckon your one player deserved more points!!!

If you have any trouble registering or joining our pool or division, mail me directly and I will help you out – my mail is in the ‘Contact us’ section of this website.


Apart from prizes each website offers, will also be giving away a couple of prizes. These are mainly spot prizes given away for our best performer in a week on either or both the competitions or just simply because we think you made some great selections.

Let me be very clear about this though – will award the prizes at our own discretion or that of our sponsors which sponsored the prize – so don’t even try and sweet-talk us or bitch about how and why we awarded prizes, we are not interested.

Now apart from the spot prizes is proud to announce that we will be giving away a special prize at the conclusion of the World Cup.

You might remember that we offered a magnificent get-away for a couple at Braam and Madie van Straaten’s, A Bok’s Place. The prize included a weekend or two-night get-away for two people in one of their Honeymoon Suites including the whole shebang! The only thing you need to do is get there.

On the left hand side of the website you will see an advertisement of Braam and Madie’s place and if you click on it, it will take you straight through to their website which will show and tell you everything you need to know about this lovely establishment on the South African Garden Route – talk about a second honeymoon!!!

We did award this magnificent prize to one of our members of the Super 14 competitions, but due to personal circumstances our very own JJ could not accept the prize. We thought about awarding it to someone else, but that just went against the terms and conditions we awarded it in the first place – that being that the winner represented exactly what we feel makes such a great site!

So talking to JJ and to Braam they both agreed that we can use this prize for the World Cup competitions – thanks to both of them!

We would however like to stress that the conditions or criteria in which we will select a winner will remain exactly the same.

1)  We want our readers to register in at least one of the two competitions – there is no need to do both to qualify for this prize because not everyone has the time of course.

2)  We also don’t really care how well you do in the competitions just as long as you participate and try your best – this means that the prize will not necessarily be awarded to whoever comes first in either competitions – we might award it to the person that comes stone last!

3)  What is absolutely essential though is that we want each and every one of you to go and visit Braam’s website for starters! Just as important, we will award this prize to a member and contributor that we believe adds value to – this can be anything from entering and participating in debates and discussions on that we believe adds value, joining us for our famed Brannasnacht evenings or just even pulling the piss on a Valiant thread.

We do however pride ourselves at that we attract a civilized audience that loves engaging in debates, discussions and general issues concerning rugby.

Most of our regulars will know we never mind guys pulling the piss a bit and entering into some banter – we do however feel that we represent a more civilized part of the rugby world and society in general and therefore expect our audience to act in this manner.

4) It is therefore the Board Members aim to award this prize to someone that represents, and contribute of course to our site, in this fashion.

JJ was in our opinion one of these members which is why we decided on him during our Super 14 competition – and this time around we will do the same thing when considering our winner of this great prize.

So there you have it – it is going to be a cracking World Cup and it just got better because now you can get involved and win some great prizes for having fun. will try to have an update on our competitions every week, but since pool games are initially played during just about every day of the week this might not happen in the beginning, or won’t happen on a set day every week – but you can bet your ass we will do it at the business end.

Again thanks to all our sponsors for the prizes and please click on their links on our sidebar to support them, because they support us!

Times is few, so get cracking and register your teams today!!!

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  1. Let me be very clear about this though – will award the prizes at our own discretion or that of our sponsors which sponsored the prize – so don’t even try and sweet-talk us or bitch about how and why we awarded prizes, we are not interested.


  2. 2nds.

    Not sure but I would think that nobody would play a second match before everyone has played a first match.

    Nobody would play a third match before anyone has played a second match and so on.

    So I suspect that will be the round definitions.

    All the fixtures, results, squads, regulations etc are under the RWC tab at the top of the page under our new RWC themed banner. :wink:

  3. “so don’t even try and sweet-talk us or bitch about how and why we awarded prizes, we are not interested.”

    Is that Wes again…lol!

    Banner does look excellent well done admin?

  4. PA i’m registered on but for some reason my team doesn’t show up on the Division Standings. You perhaps know why?
  5. Thanks to KSA Sharkette guys

    Ja Wews whined and whinged like he always does about racism in prize awards

    I mean

    If he hasn’t learnt by now that we’re all a bunch of undercover Nazis….


  6. Davids I see… playing hardball

    Not only will we clean up on the CC fields but also on the Fantasy league.

    don’t fear the Lion smile

  7. Just shortly my sincere appreciation to the powers that be that selected me as the winner of the original prize. It is highly appreciated.

    Best of luck to all who are participating for the prize this time round. Judging from the site, it is well worth it.

  8. Comment by KSA Shark © — August 28, 2007 @ 8:38 am


    Argentina play their second game before Fiji has play their first game…

  9. NO WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can say something more:

    Round 1

    Round 1
    Game Date Home Team Away Team Location
    9:00pm Fri, 7 Sep France v Argentina Stade de France, Paris
    1:45pm Sat, 8 Sep New Zealand v Italy Stade Velodrome, Marseille
    3:45pm Sat, 8 Sep Australia v Japan Stade de Gerland, Lyon
    6:00pm Sat, 8 Sep England v USA Stade Félix Bollaert, Lens
    2:00pm Sun, 9 Sep Wales v Canada Stade de La Beaujoire, Nantes
    4:00pm Sun, 9 Sep South Africa v Samoa Parc des Princes, Paris
    6:00pm Sun, 9 Sep Scotland v Portugal Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint-E
    8:00pm Sun, 9 Sep Ireland v Namibia Stade Chaban-Delmas, Bordeaux
    8:00pm Tue, 11 Sep Argentina v Georgia Stade de Gerland, Lyon
    2:00pm Wed, 12 Sep USA v Tonga Stade La Mosson, Montpellier
    6:00pm Wed, 12 Sep Japan v Fiji Stade Toulousain, Toulouse
    8:00pm Wed, 12 Sep Italy v Romania Stade Velodrome, Marseille

  10. Round 2

    Round 2
    Game Date Home Team Away Team Location
    9:00pm Fri, 14 Sep England v South Africa Stade de France, Paris
    1:00pm Sat, 15 Sep New Zealand v Portugal Stade de Gerland, Lyon
    3:00pm Sat, 15 Sep Wales v Australia Millenium Stadium, Cardiff
    9:00pm Sat, 15 Sep Ireland v Georgia Stade Chaban-Delmas, Bordeaux
    2:00pm Sun, 16 Sep Fiji v Canada Millenium Stadium, Cardiff
    4:00pm Sun, 16 Sep Samoa v Tonga Stade La Mosson, Montpellier
    9:00pm Sun, 16 Sep France v Namibia Municipal Stadium, Toulouse
    9:00pm Tue, 18 Sep Scotland v Romania Murrayfield, Edinburgh
    8:00pm Wed, 19 Sep Italy v Portugal Parc des Princes, Paris
    9:00pm Thu, 20 Sep Wales v Japan Millenium Stadium, Cardiff

  11. Round 3
    Game Date Home Team Away Team Location
    9:00pm Fri, 21 Sep France v Ireland Stade de France, Paris
    2:00pm Sat, 22 Sep South Africa v Tonga Stade Félix Bollaert, Lens
    4:00pm Sat, 22 Sep England v Samoa Stade de La Beaujoire, Nantes
    9:00pm Sat, 22 Sep Argentina v Namibia Stade Velodrome, Marseille
    2:30pm Sun, 23 Sep Australia v Fiji Stade La Mosson, Montpellier
    5:00pm Sun, 23 Sep Scotland v New Zealand Murrayfield, Edinburgh
    6:00pm Tue, 25 Sep Canada v Japan Stade Chaban-Delmas, Bordeaux
    8:00pm Tue, 25 Sep Romania v Portugal Stade Toulousain, Toulouse
    6:00pm Wed, 26 Sep Georgia v Namibia Stade Félix Bollaert, Lens
    8:00pm Wed, 26 Sep Samoa v USA Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint-E
  12. Round 4
    Game Date Home Team Away Team Location
    9:00pm Fri, 28 Sep England v Tonga Parc des Princes, Paris
    1:00pm Sat, 29 Sep New Zealand v Romania Stade Toulousain, Toulouse
    3:00pm Sat, 29 Sep Australia v Canada Stade Chaban-Delmas, Bordeaux
    5:00pm Sat, 29 Sep Wales v Fiji Stade de La Beaujoire, Nantes
    9:00pm Sat, 29 Sep Scotland v Italy Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint-E
    3:00pm Sun, 30 Sep France v Georgia Stade Velodrome, Marseille
    5:00pm Sun, 30 Sep Ireland v Argentina Parc des Princes, Paris
    8:00pm Sun, 30 Sep South Africa v USA Stade La Mosson, Montpellier
  13. I hope this makes sense to everybody becasue it doesn’t to me.

    In some competition series we are not able to handle stats for all teams/games. The teams that are greyed out on the draw do not have stats generated for that game.

    Teams that show in black still have stats generated and loaded, even if their opposition isn’t. So yes, it is fine to own players from these teams in a given round – those players will still score for you.

    There are two main reasons for not handling stats:

    First it can be a second game for a team in a given round. (This is common in World Cup series.) Owning a player who plays twice in a single round would corrupt the scoring process of this game, so these teams/games are excluded.

    Secondly, for smaller teams there is little known about the players making them hard to value, while there is also little punter interest in buying them. The effort v value to the game doesn’t stack up.

  14. The comment on a whole makes sense if it can be clarified that “So yes, it is fine to own players from these teams in a given round – those players will still score for you.
    ” is refering to the team that is NOT greyed out.

    With this paragraph in mind it seems that the Draw & Stats ARE VERY important as not every match by a team is counted as the paragraph above indicates

    Arg, Japan, ITA, USA, Port, Nam, Georg, Rom all play games in the first round that are not “scored” for some it is a second game for others a first.

  15. You are right it is complicated.

    Argentina play their second game before Fiji has play their first game…

    Comment by 2ndstringer — August 28, 2007 @ 1:12 pm |Edit This

    That second game will not be scored…..

  16. Becasue you have five teams in a group each group will have a “spare” team for each “round” and that is how the situation arises where some teams a playing a second match and other have not played one yet.

    This is another reason why a 16 team RWC is better. It eases the confusion with the FL’s :wink: as there will not be “spare” teams.


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