Insulting provincial fans in South Africa


DavidS takes a look at different provincial fans and sees if he can insult the lot.

First off for these purposes, I’ve just looked at the Bulls, Lions, Cheetahs, Sharks and WP. The rest are wannabes.

Bulls Supporter


Your IQ appears on the back of your present skipper’s jersey. Every Saturday you and 70 000 other idiots share a brain cell for 80 minutes. The words to Liefling and and Bloubul have been hardwire programmed into your head. You wear two tone shirts, wear old army PT pants and rugby socks all the time. Your cell phone has more memory than you do and is bigger than your member, but not as big as your moustache. You have the biggest moth at a party.

Favorite car

As long as it’s more expensive than your neighbor’s, most probably the newest double cab.

Favorite drink

Klipdrift and Castle. Both make you brave enough to go and try moer your wife when the Bulls lose.

Typical supporters

Stan, BGG, Aldo

Sharks Supporter


You’re a closet, even though you’re married. Your wife is probably queer too or a sex change. You wear Ray-Bans and out of fashion beach clothes. You got stuck with Bob Marley music and still smoke weed with your grandfather.

Favorite car

Cars are too expressive of materialism for you so you drive any crap, because you can’t afford any better.


If it’s free you’ll drink it. Since they stopped making Lion you’re screwed.

Typical Sharks:

Robd, KSAShark, Big Fish


Under the dictionary explanation for uninformed is the word ‘Cheetah Supporter’. When visitors to Bloem ask for directions to the Escort Agency, you direct them to the Ford Garage. The only thing flatter than your head are the plains of the Free State. You think ‘stock exchange’ is where you go and sell farm animals in English.


If it works on diesel you have it. Your daughter’s vibrator is a diesel.


Shooters. To get your family worldly wise you sent your son to Tukkies and he brought the idea back. Since then shooters is the ‘next big thing’ in the Free State.


Newshields, Oranje Orakel, Private Ryan

WP Supporters

They’re still working at a top secret genetic lab in Switzerland to develop and organism more arrogant than you. You think humanity outside the Cape must automatically be impressed with your stupid flat mountain, sour wine and vrot dry snoek. Your laid back lifestyle is just a mask to excuse your laziness and drug abuse. You think a ruck is foreplay.


With wheels, four and preferably round

Favorite drink

Since you found tik, the alcohol industry has taken a hammering with sales in the Cape.

Typical Supporter

Donner, Boertjie, Provincejoulekkading

Lions supporter


You are the epitomy of enlightened genius….

No just joking!

Your great granny was the first prostitute on the mines. You only go to watch your team when they’re winning, thus you don’t know how to get to Ellis park. In contrast to other province’s supporters you moer your wife when the Lions win. Consequently the last five generations of your family don’t have wife beaters any longer.


Anything you can steal


Redbull and Vodka, Black Label and Cutex Remover

Typical fans

DavidS, Cab, Kietiekat

There you go

Everyone duly insulted.

Even me!

How good is DavidS?

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  1. How things have changed – wasnt there a time when Northern Transvaal (Bulls) supporters used to drive Ford Cortina Big 6’s, preferably in orange and black?

  2. What about sharks supporters from pretoria?

    Comment by robdylan© — September 14, 2007 @ 8:21 am

    A weed smoking SOB with an IQ of 2.

  3. Man Dave this is funny sh!t.

    So exactly how much Cutex Remover did you imbibe before writing this??

    From a non-closet Sharks fan.

  4. Ok that’s enough sharing from me for a while!

    But being from Pretoria I may as well share the 3 steps to becoming a Bulls fan …

    1L Brandy
    2L Coke
    3L Ford

  5. “Lovely. What about sharks supporters from pretoria?”

    They still drive their PT double-cabs, but now with a Malibu on the roof and ‘only a surfer know’s the feeling’ bumper stickers on… usually seen out at New Pier, dropping in on the short-boarders screaming “nooit checkout my swerve” with a thermos of klippies strapped to his back…

  6. Actually,tik monsters drink alot,they just dont really get drunk.

    Not that i have any experience but thats what ive heard.

  7. ha ha ha DavidS my ou maat.

    Dis nou lekker snaaks.

    I was soooo sad when I realised each “capter” is sooo short.

    You may write as many pages as you like on each “animal”.

    It will be immortalised!!!

  8. and a “hot rock” is a stripper from Bloemfontein

    Dont agree with the Sharks fan description, as lifeguards we used to pomp those Pretoria girls on holiday…stukkend. I think the closet ou’s are those from the bottom left side of the country.

    Oh and by the way my Grandad didnt smoke zol, but then he was from the eastern Cape.

  9. I am from abroad but I would like to be considered amongst WP supporters near to Donner, Boertjie and Provincejoulekkading.
    Go Streeptruie

  10. Sharks Supporter

    You’re a closet

    WP Supporters

    They’re still working at a top secret genetic lab in Switzerland to develop and organism more arrogant than you

    Man I think you suffer from dylexia. You have switched these two around.

  11. I ust point out that Shields is a closet

    Capetonian in my opinion

    Hardlt a typical FS supporter !

    Very camp that one with a good few twists of

    snobbish pauper typical cape twang !