Peter at his colourful best


Peter entertains the British media.

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On Tuesday Peter de Villiers’s first encounter with the Fleet Street media mob since his appointment as Springbok coach was predictably colourful.

De Villiers told an incredulous audience that it was a struggle for the exhausted players to motivate themselves this week; that the Springboks were still suffering a World Cup hangover and that he was not responsible for results.

The Boks have certainly looked off colour on this tour and when De Villiers was asked if he was feeling the heat from back home because of the lacklustre performances, he blamed the media for painting a negative picture.

“Writing bad news is what sells newspapers. People don’t want to hear about the good in the world or about progress. Over here you know about that. When Lady Di died, the media concentrated on the rumours instead of focusing solely on the tragedy,” he said.

“What I have found is that when we win, people are happy, when we lose they are unhappy, and when we win, but not well, they are unsure whether to be
happy or unhappy,” the coach profoundly observed.

De Villiers was certainly unhappy to lose two front row forwards to injury. Out of the Test match are Bismarck du Plessis and Gurthro Steenkamp.

Bismarck’s brother, Jannie, has arrived in London and De Villiers said that it might be a good idea to start with him at tighthead prop alongside John Smit at hooker and the Beast at loosehead prop.

The prop ahead of Jannie in the queue, Brian Mujati, has a bruised shoulder, but should be okay to at least bench.

“The guys are breaking down,” the coach said.

“It had been predicted long ago that they would struggle in November after starting their first game in February, and the heavy, muddy fields are not helping.”

But it is mental fatigue that De Villiers is most concerned about.

“It is difficult to keep these guys going. They have been playing around the clock all year and so they tend to lift themselves for certain games, and we hope this last game of the year will be one of them. They are already thinking – five more days and the season is over and we can be home with our families.”

De Villiers conceded that the Boks have not been playing well.

“But two from two is all that matters. On a tour like this, at the end of the year, they perhaps only do what is necessary to win on the day,”
he said.

And this year is no ordinary year because history has shown that the team that wins the World Cup has a slump the following year, according to the coach.

“If you work really hard one year and make millions, the next year you feel you need a holiday to spend some of it.

“I have felt that in some games we have shown improvement, but then in others we have gone backwards. It is a difficult year for us, but it happens to the best of teams. What about the banks? They are falling to pieces and nobody ever thought it could happen
to them.”

De Villiers said he was very concerned abut Saturday’s Test, but ultimately it was up to the players to deliver.

“I will never be able to deliver the results,” he said.

“I am only here to help the players. I will manage and lead them and work out strategies and analyse the opposition, but if we do not work together as a unit, the management and the players, and be professional going forward, then we will be lost.”

No fine. There you have it. The rugby gospel according to Peter.

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  1. I see the date for Luke’s last rugby game for able bodied persons have been set.

    March 07 2009, hehehe


    February 14 HOME vs Reds in Pretoria
    February 21 HOME vs Blues in Pretoria
    February 28 AWAY vs Lions in Johannesburg
    March 07 HOME vs Stormers in Pretoria
    March 14 BYE
    March 20 AWAY vs Hurricanes in Wellington
    March 28 AWAY vs Highlanders in Dunedin
    April 03 AWAY vs Crusaders in Christchurch
    April 11 AWAY vs Waratahs in Sydney
    April 17 AWAY vs Brumbies in Canberra
    April 25 HOME vs Chiefs in Pretoria
    May 02 HOME vs Force in Pretoria
    May 09 HOME vs Cheetahs in Pretoria
    May 16 AWAY vs Sharks in Durban

  2. Hey guys

    There’s an article on sport24, called “Div, the media and Princess Di” which is pretty much the same topic as here. What I find interesting is how ‘different’ some the so-called quotations are.

    Div’s :poop: with the media, but personally I find this to be an excellent example of poor journalism. Which article’s quotes are actually accurate??


  3. Hmmm….true what you say about rich, carme, etc Morne.

    My point is just that a lot of people tend to read these articles and take the words as gospel, not questioning the source. I guess i’m still naive thinking that there is still such a thing called Objective Journalism.

    Ag well…

  4. Reply to ambiorix @ 4:48 pm:

    Sorry, I don’t see any disrepancies
    between the two stories?
    This guy just had more space to fill,
    added more content.

    But I agree that journo’s are sold
    putting words between quotation marks
    when they shouldn’t be.

    They should only be used if the
    content is a verbatim account of what
    was said.

  5. “What I have found is that when we win, people are happy, when we lose they are unhappy, and when we win, but not well, they are unsure whether to be happy or unhappy,? the coach profoundly observed.

    lol – i think peter must get used to the english and just go with it, they will like him for it.

  6. “but if we do not work together as a unit, the management and the players,”
    . . . then maybe it’s time for
    me to vacate the post.

    There’s a lot shining through
    between the lines.