George Sevens Preview


Rugby365 previews this weekends Dubai Sevens from George.

Dubai champions South Africa have set their sights on a first ever home triumph when the International Rugby Board’s Sevens Series moves to George this weekend.

Hosts South Africa have never won on home soil, but their victory against England in Dubai a week ago has given Paul Treu’s men an extra spring to their step.

Added motivation should also come from the fact the South Africans have never made it past the quarterfinals of the ensuing tournament after a victorious one, let alone won more than one tournament per Sevens Series.

“It’s always special playing in front of your own supporters and George is a special place for us,” said SA Sevens coach, Paul Treu.

“We owe our fans a victory and they can be assured we will be doing everything in our power to give them the win they’ve been waiting for. There is a burning desire in this team to finally win at home, more so now following our victory in Dubai last weekend.”

Treu will, however, have to do without one of his most experienced campaigners on Friday and Saturday after forward Marius Schoeman injured his wrist in Dubai.

Treu has turned to the young and inexperienced Ian Aadendorff and Mlindazwe Nqoro as back-up.

But while the team he will field throughout the two days is far less experienced than was the case last season – he has also lost Fabian Juries – he will still have the likes of captain Mzwandile Stick to call on for inspiration, as well as SA Sevens Player of the Year, Renfred Dazel.

Stick was in fabulous form in Dubai, with his outstanding drop-kicking a stand-out feature.

“There’s a lot of confidence in the players and they not only believe in themselves, but those men around them too,” added Treu.

Stick was instrumental in ensuring South Africa progressed to the Cup final last weekend, when his last-gasp conversion against Fiji in the semifinal forced the match into extra-time, before landing a monster drop-goal to see his team through.

The Boks then beat England 19-12 in the final to capture their third Dubai title.

But if South Africa are to go all the way here, they had better beware of a wounded New Zealand.

The Kiwis came up short against England in the semifinals a week ago and will be keen to make up for that slip-up by defending their George title.

The men from New Zealand dominated the Sevens circuit last year, and have especially done well in George.

They, together with England and the likes of Fiji, Samoa and even Argentina, will be out to ensure this will be no fairytale start to the new season for Treu and his charges.

Lest we forget England, who have impressed all and sundry with a resurgent amount of self-belief, or so it seemed in Dubai, that gave them the prowess to topple New Zealand in the semifinals last weekend.

It’s [self-belief] something we’ve worked on and there’s various things we’ve done to accentuate that…everything we’ve done has come from the players,” said England Sevens coach, Ben Ryan.

“Even at 0-12 down in the final [last weekend], we were very relaxed and thought we were going to win…it didn’t work out that way!

“But we were certainly in with a shout and I think the boys have got that self-belief now, backed up with some decent performances so we can only get better.”

Sporting some exciting youngsters, South African fans can look forward to seeing how former Ikeys and SA Under-20 wing Matthew Turner fares in England colours. He’ll be making his debut with Rees Crane, touted as the quickest man in the Bath squad, while 18-year-old Charlie Simpson-Daniel is sure to be another crowd-pleaser.

England also made their mark without the likes of Ben Gollings last weekend – the most capped player in the England Sevens outfit.

“It wasn’t an issue [that Gollings didn’t play], none of the boys were really worried about it…whereas before the tournament, one player I wouldn’t want to have missing is Ben,” added Ryan.

“It’s part of the bullet-proof model that we’re trying to get at. It really didn’t affect us [last weekend], and Ben is now fit for this weekend which is great.”

Hosted at the picturesque Outeniqua Park, the George Sevens promises to provide another enthralling weekend of fast-paced action, and as New Zealand coach Gordon Tietjens so rightly put it, “it’s anyone’s tournament.”

Day One schedule:
(Kick-off is local time – GMT + 2 hours)

Match 1: Fiji v Scotland 11:37
Match 2: Argentina v Zimbabwe 11:59
Match 3: Samoa v Wales 12:21
Match 4: Kenya v Portugal 12:43
Match 5; New Zealand v France 13:05
Match 6: England v Tunisia 13:27
Match 7: South Africa v USA 13:49
Match 8: Australia v Georgia 14:11
Match 9: Fiji v Zimbabwe 14:43
Match 10: Argentina v Scotland 15:05
Match 11: Samoa v Portugal 15:27
Match 12: Kenya v Wales 15:49
Match 13: New Zealand v Tunisia 16:11
Match 14: England v France 16:33
Match 15: South Africa v Georgia 16:55
Match 16: Australia v USA 17:17
Match 17: Scotland v Zimbabwe 17:49
Match 18: Wales v Portugal 18:11
Match 19: France v Tunisia 18:33
Match 20: USA v Georgia 18:55
Match 21: Fiji v Argentina 19:32
Match 22: Samoa v Kenya 19:54
Match 23: New Zealand v England 20:16
Match 24: South Africa v Australia 20:38

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  1. Latest results:

    11 05-12-2008 15:27 Samoa 17 – 19 Portugal GEO Pool D
    10 05-12-2008 15:05 Argentina 14 – 0 Scotland GEO Pool C
    9 05-12-2008 14:43 Fiji 24 – 14 Zimbabwe GEO Pool C
    8 05-12-2008 14:11 Australia 26 – 5 Georgia GEO Pool B
    7 05-12-2008 13:49 South Africa 24 – 0 USA GEO Pool B
    6 05-12-2008 13:27 England 42 – 7 Tunisia GEO Pool A
    5 05-12-2008 13:05 New Zealand 40 – 5 France GEO Pool A
    4 05-12-2008 12:43 Kenya 12 – 14 Portugal GEO Pool D
    3 05-12-2008 12:21 Samoa 31 – 5 Wales GEO Pool D
    2 05-12-2008 11:59 Argentina 26 – 12 Zimbabwe GEO Pool C
    1 05-12-2008 11:37 Fiji 31 – 0 Scotland GEO Pool C

  2. You probably know this one:

    Q: How did the first Porras come to SA?
    A: They swam.
    Q: And the others?
    A: They followed the oil slick.


    After watching Frans Steyn’s woeful flyhalf performance for the Barbarians, his best position is:

    38 % Fullback
    21 % Inside centre
    21 % On the bench as an impact player
    7 % He’s not worthy of international consideration
    9 % He had a bad day, he’s human
    4 % Sorry, can’t comment, missed the match

  4. Hey lads sorry for the late post. Bit worried over the england game.

    Really wish the media would give a bit more attention to the sevens code?

    Also wish they would move the SA tourny up north a bit? or at least to Durbs?

  5. On being controversial

    Quite a funny excerpt from an finance arti on news24.

    “Power went on to say that the US dollar has been strong for all the wrong reasons. “Expect dollar weakness, a weakness compounded by the gradual erosion of its reserve currency status.”

    As the European economy is also fading, the euro is not an enticing alternative.

    Countries such as Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain (Pigs) have large current account deficits and low levels of growth, which have been accentuated by the global economic meltdown.

    Power said: “Hard-working Germans are not prepared to bail out the Pigs.” ”

    But hail the porra’s, beating France and now Samoa

    Not shabby at all!!

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  7. But hail the porra’s
    Next lady for a shave.

    Vir Minora:

    V: Hoekom het die Porra-meisies snorre?
    A: Hulle wil soos hul ma’s lyk.

  8. South Africa 17 – 10 England
    Fiji 19 – 12 Samoa
    Portugal 19 – 28 Argentina
    New Zealand 36 – 7 USA
    Australia 33 – 21 Tunisia
    Zimbabwe 24 – 26 Wales
    Kenya 19 – 15 Scotland
    France 33 – 15 Georgia

    Boere to face the Fijians in the semis

  9. Okay my trick in Sevens is to see how many culturally insensitive things I can say about different nationalities

    Boere beat Poms
    Mensvreters had it out with each other
    Sea negroes lost to slime walkers
    Little sheep shaggers beat c–ck suckers
    Big sheep shaggers beat camel shaggers
    Cholera border jumpers lost to coal faces
    Veldt runners beat haggis vereters
    Snail eaters beat commies

  10. Madre Dios

    We went offline in the most exciting part of the comp!

    Okay npow in case any Saffas live on Mars and by some quirk of weird nature they missed anything

    The Bokke first managed to beat the Fijians in a PK of 21-7 in the semis

    The Kiwis also won to set up the ‘dream final”

    Well what a final it was too.

    The Kiwis drew first blood as they shrugged off the Bok defenders.

    However, the Bokke managed to pull a try back before the horn as Gio Aplon casually slipped through two giant sheep tattooed shaggers to sprint away at the last defenders. He came up, drew the tackle and crisply put put Ranfred Dazel into a straight sprint for the line which he won.

    Stick fails the conversion.

    Second half is a ding dong affair with defence dominating more than anything. Dazel made some stupid decisions, which lead to his being subbed with Paul Delport who immediately showed wads of flair and calm as scrumhalf and playmaker.

    The Boks were particularly diggicult for the Kiwis to deal with scrum time and ruck time with guys like Gio Aplon brilliantly isolating floor bound Kiwis and then leaping to their feet to compete.

    And this also lead to the last try that sealed the match as the Boks outscrummed a Kiwi defensive scrum five metres from their line and the ball popping up for Mzwandile Stick to glide through the Kiwi defence to score and convert for a five point lead.

    And that kiddies is how it stayed.

    To have the Bokke delight thousands of deliriously happy holidaymakers with their first George win at Outeniqua Park.

    Oh yeah.

    In the Bowl game the Poms managed to outscore the Porras

    In the Plate game the Frogs managed to beat the Convicts in their pretty yellow and green jerseys.

  11. :boks:

    Spare a thought for those
    poor homegrown All Black
    supporters in a sea of green.

    No wait, rather f**k them!

    Some things I don’t understand.

    Black coach, black captain, more
    than half the team black.

    Oh, I get it: must have been
    apartheid’s fault that they
    themselves were to fookin poor
    to make their school’s 5th team.



  12. Reply to Boertjie @ 9:01 pm:
    Ek het dit ook so gesien. Wat de f*k soek hulle daar – net k*k as jy my vra! Hoe kan ‘n mens probeer vorentoe gaan as sommige d*se nog die verlede selektief onthou? Dit pis my af!!!!
    :evil: :evil: :realangry: : bigfinger:

  13. Die ironie is natuurlik dat
    NSL die laaste span is wat
    hier kom toer het – ’86
    Kavaliers, wat op twee na ‘n
    volle AB-span was.

    Beste is maar om hulle jammer
    te kry, en dan te ignoreer.

  14. Well they look like even bigger p03se now that the Boks thumped Fiji and then beat NZ to take the title… impressive stuff…

  15. “Perpignan’s Philip Burger, eccentrically dressed in black tights, endured a nightmare at full-back with handling errors and missed tackles galore, and it was from one of his mistakes that Leicester stretched clear again.”

    Sien hy is steeds besig met sy nar streke :cuckoo: