Magical Bok weekend


Sevens coach Paul Treu, along with Bok coach Peter de Villiers give their views on the Sevens Boks historic win in George over the weekend.

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The South African Sevens side delivered a brave and determined performance to win their home tournament in George this weekend – we hear what coach Paul Treu, and SA XV boss, Peter De Villiers, thought of the days action.

Paul Treu, South Africa coach

On winning a first ever South Africa Sevens title: “I’m almost speechless, 10 years is a long time and it really took a massive effort from our players.

“It’s not only about our home win here in George but also our win last week in Dubai, it’s the first time ever that we’ve won back to back tournaments. It was one massive team effort.

“We know that New Zealand are always going to play physical and we wanted to get stuck in, keep our composure and chase them down.

“It was the first time ever that we’ve seen such a big support for the team and you could feel it in the air, the people, their body language, they really wanted this team to win and we’ve really drawn a lot of energy from the crowd.

“I really want to thank the people that came out and supported the team over the past two days, and also the people back at home watching the tournament, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Peter de Villiers, Springbok coach.

On the Sevens in George: “It’s a special occasion here, people are enjoying themselves, there are no tickets available and this is what rugby does to people.

“If you’re part of sport, doesn’t matter if you’re playing or if you’re a spectator there’s a general rush that you feel of being part of it, being there, and for me it’s a real privilege to be here.”

On the Springbok prospects of South Africa’s Sevens players: “South Africa’s Sevens players are part of South Africa’s rugby players and there’s a chance for all South African rugby players to become Springboks.

“If they show that they’ve got what it takes we will look at everybody. That’s why I went to Dubai last week and then here. It’s to see where they can fit in if they can, and with the new ELVs I think Sevens has got a big part to play now in rugby.”

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  1. :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Good going 7’s Boks, True and all involved – congrats indeed! :mrgreen:

    “Brave and dertermined performance,” “massive effort” and “solid defence and an unbelievable camaraderie and team spirit” are apt descriptions of the weekends happenings. I only saw hi-lites of the final, but all of the above was evident even in those snippets.

  2. Boks had me worried when
    they started missing tackles.
    Luckily they pulled together
    for a great victory.

    And a very applicable
    : bigfinger:
    to the AB supporters
    in the crowd.