Proteas on the ropes



At stumps on Day 2 South Africa were in severe trouble at 7 for 198, still 196 behind Australia’s first-innings 394, which grew in value with each wicket.
Van Jaarsveld joins squad. 

Steyn collected three breakthroughs before lunch to capture 5 for 87, but by the end of the day the 114 runs Michael Clarke marshalled from Australia’s lower order in that session was the most important early development. From there they controlled the South Africans in a style that was familiar to the country’s previous outfits. Once again it looks as if Graeme Smith’s side is better as a chaser instead of a leader.

Smith followed his 108 in Perth with a committed 62 that held the top order together until he departed to a clever plan from Siddle. The dismissal switched South Africa to survival mode and JP Duminy was the only specialist left to deal with the problems. He reached a calm 34 at the close and should not expect much help from the remaining batsmen.

Van Jaarsveld joins squad 

Vaughn van Jaarsveld will join South Africa’s Test squad on Sunday to cover for ongoing injuries to Ashwell Prince and Graeme Smith. Prince suffered a cracked thumb prior to the Perth Test and JP Duminy was promoted to the starting line-up, leaving no backup batsman in the touring party.

►Australia’s last four wickets added 117 runs. The average partnership per wicket for the last four wickets for Australia this year is 28.25, second only to Sri Lanka’s 29.44.

►Dale Steyn’s 5 for 87 is his fourth five-wicket haul of the year – he is the highest wicket-taker in 2008 – and his 29 overs in Australia’s innings are the most he’s bowled in any of his ten five-fors.

►AB de Villiers’ 7 off 51 marked a stark contrast to his match-winning century in Perth. He struggled the most against Nathan Hauritz, scoring just 1 off 29 balls.

Source: Cricinfo 

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  1. Mickey Arthur on the OZmobs’
    wagging tail:

    “We need to probably treat them as batters and bowl batters’ lines rather than looking for too many glory balls as you do against tailenders.
    “You perhaps look to bowl them out instead of building that pressure as you do if you’re bowling to Nos. 5 and 6.”

  2. Yeah

    Like Jacques Rudolph who is the only SA batsman since Graham pollock to get a double century against Australia and currently the highest run getter in three consecutive seasons of county cricket

    Oh wait

    Yes of course

    He is mos a useless Afrikaans white boy…

  3. JP Duminy is mos replacing
    Prince, and after him the
    cupboard is bare – especially
    concerning openers like
    McKenzie (who was himself re-treaded
    into an opener).

    Our franchise system is not very
    healthy and struggles to unearth
    real talent; and CSA is about to
    weaken it further by adding two
    more franchises.

  4. Reply to Boertjie @ 9:34 pm:

    True enough

    When the morons created this complex set of rules for the six professional franchises and the semi pros and the amateurs, they basically killed the domestic comp, because now all the franchises know they never have their proteas available, so hence what do they do. Instead of searching for new possible proteas, they search for good journeymen who will NOT make the national grade because at least then they have use of the players, hence then instead of becoming astrength vs strength system like in Australia where six sides work, it becomes a more and more poor competition because side provinces do not want to unearth national players.

    Now add to this Mr Nyoka (a truly descriptive name, which means snake) and Dronkgat Sohn with their “transformation” targets and you have a sure fire recipe for disaster in the local comps.

    I mean look at it

    How many truly international quality players are we unearthing each season?

    Maybe one every two seasons?

  5. Reply to JT – @ 9:43 pm:

    Donald put his money on Steyn some
    3 years ago.
    Experts reckon Morkel will be better
    than Donald – if his knees last.

    Told you about Brett Schultz the other
    day – man, his injuries was a disaster.
    Tall, strong, lefty – could unleash
    a shit storm on docile pitches.

  6. Reply to JT – @ 9:40 pm:

    He’s a poor journeyman who can bat a bit and bowl a bit…

    The only thing he has going is that fugly Sylvester Stallone looks

    Maybe he can scare the Aussies out of their nanny state nappies…

    Reply to Boertjie @ 9:41 pm:

    Then he shouldn’t be playing now.

    Look at Aussie quicks

    They tend to slot straight into their national side, because the comp is so tough, instead of stepping up from what would be considered a poor provincial competition and a semi mediocre club competition in larger centres of Australia and straight onto the international stage.

    The amazing thing is that players can actually lift themselves to perform on this poor stage.

    Reply to Boertjie @ 9:42 pm:

    Perth was a disturbance in The Force

    The Dark Side had a moment of victory.

    The light will reassert ittself at melbourne and return with a vengeance at Sydney.

    Reply to JT – @ 9:43 pm:

    He’s too big and by that I mean bulky

    Bulky quicks simply do not last

    Brett Schultz being the prime example

    You need to be a lean machine.

  7. Reply to JT – @ 9:45 pm:

    fourth innings at Melbourne and we chase well?

    Yeah right

    Melbourne is designed to be playable on the first two days and then become progressively spin friendly and go slow and low and break up on the fifth.

    Recipe for disaster.

    We needed a 100 – 150 run lead and instead we’re getting a deficit.

    Reply to Boertjie @ 9:47 pm:

    Yeah and a mean attitude to add to that…

  8. That was one thing Donald
    often lacked: a mean attitude.
    Could have done with a mind
    coach, I suppose.
    But I will never forget how he
    softened up the Waughs and that
    Pommie captain whatwhashisname?

  9. Reply to Boertjie @ 9:53 pm:

    Jacques kallis, ian Botham, Brian Mac

    There are always going to be exceptions

    But you recall them because they were exceptions

    Garth wasn’t all that bulky either Boertjie

    For the most part the meanies that last are the skinny tall ones like Wasim Akram, Curtley Ambrose, Allan Donald. Sean Polloock, Craig McDermott, Lille and Thompson, Fred Trueman, Neil Adcock, Clive Rice etc etc etc

  10. Reply to JT – @ 9:58 pm:

    Not sure how quick – definetely
    slower than Steyn and Morkel IMO.

    Ahhhh! Atherton! And thereby lies
    a tale:
    His locker was marked by some team
    mates with the letters FEC.
    Some supposed it stood for Future
    English Captain; others that it
    stood for Fookin Educated C*nt.

  11. Oh and then of course the pinnacle


    Who was mean, fast and line and length

    Donald v Lara

    Cape Town

    Think it was 1999

    The first session after lunch and Lara is set on a 50 something having whacked all and sundry about

    Out comes Donald

    Round the wicket at the lefty and four throat balls later Lara cracks as one rears up at his face he uses his bat to cover his face plate, closes his eyes and ducks away

    The ball spoons up to an easy catch in the gulley

    Best fast bowling ever by Donald

  12. Reply to Boertjie @ 9:57 pm:

    Zondeki is waful

    He bends his front knee in the delivery stride on release

    Apparently this takes away about 15km/h from his speed

    Result is although he could be a 145+ rocket his handing out these wildly slung 130 – 135 balls

  13. Reply to Boertjie @ 10:08 pm:

    Who was the other one there?

    Proctor, Polock and Barlow

    Then there was the Rhodesian spinner Traicos in that combo

    Who was the third one?

    I know Clive Rice all of a fresh faced 18 was in the 4th test against Australia in 1970, but who was the actual other one of the Pollock, Proctor, Bunter combo?

  14. Reply to DavidS @ 10:06 pm:

    I was at Newlands when Donald undid
    Lara in a onedayer. Roughed him, then
    got him to tread on his wicket.

    Somehow McGrath was to me the quicky
    of his era, not Donald. McGrath was
    terribly consistent.

  15. on another not, HT score:
    Ulster 7
    Leinster 3

    Watched Quins v Leicester earlier today – ended up 26 all! Leicester were leading by 14 points but could not nail it. The Law was his usual kak :? Marco Wentzel was VERY good and this young centre is one to keep an eye on, Turner-Hall.

  16. Vandag het De Wet Barry briljante seker drie ge-safe met amazing cover tackle

    net om later moerse way-ward pass omtrent 3 meter weg van die receiver te gooi.

    dit was in gelykop game Leincester (Heyneke) en Harlekyne

  17. In the famous 1969 Durban test where Richards and Pollock put on their famous show South Africa played with six seamers and no spinners and won by an innings and 123 runs…

  18. BA Richards
    TL Goddard
    EJ Barlow
    A Bacher
    RG Pollock
    BL Irvine
    DT Lindsay
    HR Lance
    MJ Procter
    PM Pollock
    AJ Traicos

    Now children pay attention and weep

    You are reading the names of the best South African test side that ever was and unfortunately ever will be

  19. Ja dis waar

    Maar Tayfield was die groot angel in die 53 reeks waar ons hulle die eesrte en enigste keer in Aus geklop het in ‘n toets reeks

    Dit was juis ‘n herbou tyd vir hulle gewees na Neil Harvey en Don Bradman afgetree het

  20. Boxing day test 1952 SA v Aus

    Aus fourth innings target 373

    Enter Hugh Tayfield

    Australia 2nd innings (target: 373 runs) R M B 4s 6s SR
    CC McDonald c Mansell b Murray 23 53 3 0
    AR Morris c Watkins b Melle 1 12 0 0
    AL Hassett lbw b Tayfield 21 95 2 0
    RN Harvey c Watkins b Tayfield 60 94 6 0
    KR Miller b Tayfield 31 61 2 0
    GRA Langley b Tayfield 4 13 0 0
    GB Hole b Tayfield 25 49 4 0
    R Benaud c Melle b Tayfield 45 176 4 0
    RR Lindwall b Melle 19 61 3 0
    DT Ring c Melle b Tayfield 53 81 6 0
    WA Johnston not out 0 8 2 0 0 0.00
    Extras (b 1, lb 6, nb 1) 8

    Total (all out; 95.1 overs) 290 (2.28 runs per 6 balls)

    Fall of wickets1-3 (Morris), 2-34 (McDonald), 3-76 (Hassett), 4-131 (Harvey), 5-139 (Langley), 6-148 (Miller), 7-181 (Hole), 8-216 (Lindwall), 9-277 (Benaud), 10-290 (Ring)

    Bowling O M R W Econ
    MG Melle 11 2 39 2 2.65
    JC Watkins 10 2 34 0 2.55
    ARA Murray 23 7 59 1 1.92
    HJ Tayfield 37.1 13 81 7 1.63
    PNF Mansell 14 2 69 0 3.69

  21. Proteas have scored 70 run at
    run a ball. Deficit now 127.
    Duminy 59*
    Steyn 11″

    Steyn getting attention to left hand.

  22. Steyn slugs a FOUR!
    Bad shot!

    Duminy 63* – top SA score
    Steyn 18*

    Brett Lee and Andrew Symonds
    not fit to bowl – can help the

    Duminy gets a lucky FOUR throug gully.

    Duminy 69*
    Steyn 19*

  23. “This Test match is evenly poised with SA putting a real late effort with the bat..If they keep wickets till lunch and then come back and play for another half hour or so, they might score around 350…which would make the match very interesting…Aus look lacklustre…reactive than being proactive,” says Anurag.

    Duminy 77*
    Steyn 21*

  24. Johnson taking last over before lunch.

    Steyn drives FOUR!
    SA 304/8
    Duminy 78* – can he get to 100?
    Steyn 25*
    Deficit 90
    9th wicket partnership 53

    Proteas making a bit of a game of it.

    Signing off.

  25. Amazing effort by the Protea tail. Excellent batting by Duminy and lots of resolve and guts from Steyn!!!!

    :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

  26. Gladly I eat my words :oops: :oops: :oops:

    “The Brand commented on 27 December 2008 at 8:47 am: Reply to this comment

    He he he – and then you wake up too the reality . . . .

    Aussies near 400 and SA about 200 runs behind with only their tail left . . .

    left where – is the real question . . .

    Last week was awesome – amazing – one to remember

    This week . . . . so far . . . well :noshake: :bangheadt:”

  27. Reply to Minora @ 6:37 am:

    He he he –
    DIT kon ek nie glo nie –
    Steyn 79 –
    nooit gedink ek sal dit ooit sien nie !!!

    (NS: Ek het alles vertroue en belangstelling in Internationale krieket verloor na Hansie-saga
    Ali Bacher is vir my die grootste twee-gat jakkals wat leef)

  28. In Perth I thought that SA have lost it when chasing 414 to win, here we were 7 down and still 196 behind and I thought, no chance again!! :cuckoo: What a test series!! Now if Steyn/Ntini/Morkel etc can just be consistant and attack we may even win this one! Will he Aussies go into day 4 and 5 playing for a draw or will they go all out guns blazing for a win?