SA v AUS – 2nd Test : Day 4


Can the Protea bowlers – the under-performers up to now – take ten wickets in three sessions, and can the batsmen then make the required 300-odd runs required in six hours of play?
Or will the Aussies occupy the crease well into tomorrow and force the most likely result – a draw?

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  1. Damn

    Naand battery hoender

    Hoe gaan dit daar in die Kaap

    Durban weer is kak kak kak

    Bedompig, warm, en heeltemaal oortrokke

    Nog net een dag die son gesien sedert ons die 21ste hier aangekom het

    Hoe kak is dit?

  2. O en ek sal met graagte my woorde eet

    Om te dink Duminy sou net ‘n buitestaander gewees het as dit nie was vir Prince wat beseer was nie

    Kan julle dink….

    Ek wonder soos ‘n skelm jakkals of die kleine moer Prince so goed as Duminy sou kon gedoen het op hierdie toer na sy heroics van die laaste Aus toer af…. maar sy tegniek suig mos maar, so ek twyfel sterk

  3. Reply to JT – @ 9:20 pm:

    Ja, missing all that squirming.
    Would love to see Ponting pouting.
    Will do short pop-ins to cricinfo
    if and when I wake up during the night.

    I can listen to Radio 2000, but I
    really don’t care for their commentators.
    Guy called Rodney speaks with an OZ
    twang, and we also have a POC talking
    about meat-off and meat-on etc.
    All done in a quick chipmunk style with
    ample interruptions.


  4. Reply to JT – @ 10:32 pm:

    Thanks, but I have only 3 GB/month
    and there is very little left.

    I was thinking: They will probably
    drop McKenzie, retain JP and restore
    Prince. Amla can open, has been doing
    it most of the time anyway.

    Boy, does this side need a Fanie,
    Donald or Pollock!
    Just maybe Morkel starts to deliver . . .

  5. Reply to Boertjie @ 10:46 pm:

    Maybe Steyn has now got the idea in his head that he is an all rounder :mrgreen: he may just move up the order which leaves a spot for another bowler :roll:
    De Villiers
    That batting line-up has a very good/solid feel to it IMO for tests. Amla and Smith score freely, Prince might not bat fast but will stick around. Kallis seems to bat freely at the moment but can play the patient role etc.
    With Harris, Morkel, Stey and Ntini we have a tail that on the day can wag especially Morkel!

    PS: Why does AB not bowl? He seems to be good at all the rest, surely he can start bowling too :mrgreen:

  6. They’re off – waar is JT?
    Tony Greig reckons Haden will
    get a century today.
    Starts wit2 2×2 from Ntini’s
    first over.

  7. Not very summery, lots of cloud
    Is that the weather when balls
    start behaving strange through the air?

    2nd over Steyn maiden to Katich.

    Will catch up later.

  8. Australia are bowled out for 247, leaving South Africa 183 to take the series. What a day its been – Steyn takes his tenth wicket in the match to make himself a solid candidate for Man of the Match. Steyn now has ten wickets and a fifty in this Test, joining a fairly elite list of players. Prior to his achievement only 21 players had done this, and just one – Daniel Vettori – since 2000. Ponting’s excellent 99, Kallis’ 250th wicket, Steyn’s 150. We’ve seen it all today.

    In fact Steyn is one of only 20 players EVER to get 50 runs plus 10 wickets.
    Richard Hadlee did it 3 times.

  9. Reply to JT – @ 11:31 pm:

    He he he JT

    My son watched a few minutes of the Highlights last night with me.
    He was disgusted that they don’t bowl Steyn out !!!
    I then said Steyn is doing very well – thank you.
    He replied that Steyn is very lucky – thank you.
    Asked why – he quickly replied and showed me that Steyn hardly ever, if ever, uses his feet to get inline of the ball – and whenever the ball is bowled on or just off off-stump there is a huge gap – the size of his pads – between bat and ball.
    And a batsmen can only keep soooo many balls out – before one slips through the huge gap or he nicks or he plays onto his wicket.

    Imagine his delight when one went straight through the gap and Steyn got bowled – imagine also his disgust that the Aussies did not target that gap form the word go

    Steyn an All-Rounder – after the “expert” analysis of my son I don’t think so

  10. Boertjie – this is where MindCoaching becomes sooooo important.

    SA need to “close” the previous three innings mentally.

    Then they have to completely focus on getting 183 from 98 +- overs.

    Switching “off” from all the elation/excitement/eagerness of getting Aus out cheap – and the real chance of winning the series tomorrow – is now the biggest challenge.
    The switching-off is a mental skill that is coachable – few if any players know how to do it – ON DEMAND / WILLINGLY and effectively.

  11. Reply to JT – @ 8:36 am:

    I had a look at who appears on the list – only 2 Saffas
    the other being Fanie de Villiers

    Hadlee was a seriously good player – sometimes it is sad to be soooo young – we have such a limited view of performance
    and therefore – Standards for Comparison.

    (Boertjie would love that comment )