Now for the kill!


On Saturday JP Duminy and Dale Steyn opened the gate to the Aussie kraal, and yesterday Steyn chased the sheep out with 5/67 – limiting Captain Pout’s side to 247 runs.
And now the Proteas are on the brink of a historic series victory over the number one side in the game . . .

South Africa need another 153 runs, with ten wickets in hand and 90 overs in which to do it in after the bowlers – lead by Dale Steyn – came to the party yesterday and removed the last signs of resolve from the home side.

Steyn took 10/154 in the match, showing ample proof of his standing as the game’s best bowler in 2008.

The closest South Africa has come to a series victory over Oz in Oz was when Jack Cheetham’s young side surprisingly drew the five match series 2-2 in 1953.

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  1. Reply to Boertjie @ 11:04 am:

    He he he – have to admit the agony and angst I went trhough these last 4 days – are becoming a bit much for my ‘health’.

    But what joy – what elation

    :wave: :wave:
    :respek: :respek: :respek:
    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :applause: :applause: :applause:

  2. Allow me to bring one comment over from the previous thread:

    “The Brand commented on 29 December 2008 at 9:35 am: Reply to this comment

    Reply to JT – @ 8:36 am:

    I had a look at who appears on the list – only 2 Saffas
    the other being Fanie de Villiers

    Hadlee was a seriously good player – sometimes it is sad to be soooo young – we have such a limited view of performance
    and therefore – Standards for Comparison.

    (Boertjie would love that comment )”

  3. the bowlers have been very good, but the real difference is the SA batsman this time out who are actually putting up decent scores that can be defended and not folding under pressure. frighteningly, they are no longer reliant on kallis to the extent they once were.

  4. Sir Richard Hadlee was one of the
    all-time great all-rounders and
    arguably the best player ever
    produced by NZL.

    Debut 1971/72, test cricket for 18 yrs.
    86 Tests 431 wkts @ 22.29
    3124 runs @ 27.16 2×100

    Member of the 85/86 side that beat
    Oz in Oz 2-1. Took 33 wkts in the
    series @ 12.15 incl 9/52 and 6/71.
    36 x 5 in inns, 9 x 10 in test.
    Quick bowler.

    Also a good commentator.

  5. Its great getting back to the office just in time to watch a great victory,I hope.

    I have always rated Duminy as a batter that will make his mark.

    I have been proved hopelessly wrong by Prince and Amla, never rated them and to honest still don’t see how they get runs but its in the book and well done to them.

    Dale Steyn has been a revelation this year. He is also from Phalaborwa, his Mom stays across the road from my sister.
    I more humble and 100% nice guy you will battle to find. He is a real pussycat and how he gets that killer instinct to function only he will know.

    Lekker nuwe jaar almal and may it be a good one.

  6. Reply to Boertjie @ 1:46 pm:
    ja, bliksem Boer, dont mention that one. Sydney, vinnige vanie did a dale steyn in that one.

    what of the two RWC games where we cruising and donald get runs out and Gibbs drops catch – cant believe how anyone case lose a cricket WC like that, two games in a row.

  7. Okay first off thanks Oom Boer.

    I am back now after a veryyyyyy looooooonnnngggggg XMas celebration.

    Thanks for keeping the threads alive!

    Will be in full force from now on, and I am actually setting my alarm too for (hopefully) an historic win in Oz land tomorrows…

  8. BTW

    As a result of his brilliant form at the Cheetahs this year, Rassie has managed to secure Kleintjips Rossouw as first choice WP / Stormers flyhalf for 2009

  9. Reply to JT – @ 9:20 pm:

    Hahahaha, good on you man!

    And BTW, I know, it is my bad and I feel kak because of it too (believe me I really do), but I am sending you something ‘special’ in addition to the shit I am supposed to send you.

    No lies though (honestly), it is not my fault, I am waiting on other dudes to get the shit back to me.

    But you will (even if I have to deliver it personally – I wish) get your shit (and a little something extra signed by the King Corne).

  10. Reply to JT – @ 9:18 pm:

    Of course I’m stirring…

    Just check how the WP’s leapt up and denied it!

    Ek is hier Boer


    That was a STERLING effort in the wee hours of the morning

    I was dealing with kids who pissed on a sleeper couch and a bedonderde wife who told our 6 week old to “f–kof jou klein bliksem” at 02:00 this morning

    I haven’t been pissed probably for over two years…

  11. Nee Duiwel – ou trouvideo uit die kas gekrap om vir laaties te wys, nou kan ek nie ‘n fok slaap nie, “nostalgia attack”

  12. Just heard that Shane Watson is also out for 6 weeks due to a stress fracture in his lower back. The Aussie bad luck continues!!!

  13. I am also listening to the Aus commentary. They are already discussing which players should be dropped – demanding wholesale changes. Symonds, Siddle, Hayden, Lee and Hauritz is in the crosshairs.

    I laaaaik it!!!!

  14. hello u 2, do u know if there is an online radio site?i tried radio sonder grense, but got blesnok bridges rather than richie at the wacka…

  15. Morning, morning!

    I join you as Smith reaches his 50.

    Got my sons Flings, 2 litres of water (that will change soon) and cricket is on.

    79/0, our boys going strong.

  16. Less than 100 to get now!

    LOL, got to love this shit.

    They are showing the classic catches competition on the TV now, and choices A, B and C are 3 of AB de Villiers’ catches he took in the Perth test!

    We are just killing the Aussies everywhere this test series!


  17. CAB
    Reading Good-bye Dolly Gray
    by Rayne Kruger.
    Reckon it’s better that Pakenham’s
    Can be hard to find, got mine
    via internet (1959 issue).

  18. On Radio 2000 myself – quicker
    than cricinfo.
    Talk that Smith will be returning,
    missing third test to have them see
    to his elbow.

  19. An Aussie was taking his driving test and the instructor says ‘Can you make a U-Turn’.

    The Aussie replies, ‘make her turn, I could make her eyes water’

  20. Giddy-up… just closed off a few trades early to head over to the Gee and see Macca hit the winning runs… (absolute shocking weather, rain around the corner, swirling winds)…

  21. Mac get his 50, looked like a drop catch in the slips, Hayden fluffs it, difficult but still a chance in my books.

    It has probably been the most difficult 50 I have seen anyone score!

    Says something about the bowling attack when a player is so out of form and still socres 50…

    Mackie was bowled off a no-ball as well yesterday…

    Maybe just the luck he needs


  22. Suns out… wind is swirling… and the ‘OLE OLEs’ have started in earnest… (would prefer a Josholoza)… plenty of young South Africans down here in the general admission stands…

  23. Reply to Morné @ 4:51 am:

    I’m not far behind those young kids from PE and to the left of the big bunch with RSA flags… pretty good atmosphere now… but of course…

    Mackie to hit the winning runs please!

  24. Must be a real kak feeling being an Aussie now losing a test for the first time at home to SA…

    We have sent better teams to Aus and could not do it.

    Well done Smith and the boys!

  25. Reply to Morné @ 5:13 am:

    Got to shake Ntini’s hand… he almost pulled us over the boundary fence… lol… he got a moerse smooch on the mouth from a big mamma too… lol!

    Not a good year for Aussie sports-fans… lost the 3N to NZ, lost the league world cup to NZ, lost the Indian test series and now the first RSA home series win…

    Here’s hoping for a whitewash and not an Ellis Park like backlash…

    RSA fans won’t be leaving the Gee for quite some time… I’m certainly not going back to work!

    :respek: :wave:

  26. What a November & December! Snotting the poms in Twickenham and Unbeaten on the NH tour! back to back wins in the 7s world series beating Fiji and NZ and the poms to do it! Series win in Australia…
    Can’t get better than this for us fans and can’t get any worse for our livers :oops:

  27. Reply to JT – @ 12:41 pm:

    Not over yet… we need to play the exact same team (doubt Prince will be fit after seeing him interviewed) and white-wash them to take the world number one spot…

    No Lee, no Symonds, no Watson and 3 brand new caps and Hayden still more interested in fishing and cook-books…


  28. Its fun reading all the comments after our victory. Being a ardent cricket fan for the last 60 plus years forgive me for harping on this victory, its been a while coming and in the interim we have had to take a lot of Aussie banter such as chocking, dropping the world cup etc.

    Like rugby, let’s rate the players as we enjoy doing after a rugby test.

    1. Smith. He has scored runs in every inning on tour. His captaincy has been such that even the hard Aussie commentators are impressed. In the second innings of the second test his aggression at the crease and dominance put the Aussies on the back foot from the word go. He has matured as a player and become a player that will make most world teams. Rating 9/10
    2. Mackenzie. Always remember he is a make shift opener. He has battled for runs but stuck to it and though never pretty, he guts it out and got a 50. He dropped a sitter in the slips that cost us but has been great at gulley taking amazing catches. Rating 6/10
    3. Amla. Never ceases to amaze me. His wristy timing of the shots is a joy to watch. On his first tour of Oz he has made number 3 his own and contributed with some breathtaking catches at short leg. Nothing spectacular but a solid performance all round. Rating 7/10
    4. Kallis. Lean period with the bat for him but chipped in with some reasonable scores that kept the middle order ticking. He was great to fall back on with his bowling and impressed with wrapping up the tail on most occasions, passes 250 test wickets, and took some blinders at second slip. A genuine all-rounder. His calming influence must be worth a lot to the team. Rating 8/10
    5. AB. Disappointed in the second test but his ton under great pressure in the first assures a great future. Took some incredible catches and is a brilliant all round fielder. Rating 7/10
    6. JP. What a performance by the young man. Two tests against Oz in Oz and he came up trumps. He has all the shots but his mental toughness and ability to concentrate has been proved at this level. He has a great future and is a must for the 3rd test. His fielding and speed to the ball is breathtaking. He did what he had to do, that is score runs. Rating 9/10
    7. Bouch. Not the time of his life. Expected more runs from him but his continuous chatting and advice to bowlers comes with years of experience. Rating 6/10
    8. Harris. Surprised me, and I think the Aussies as well. Could have been our weak link had they got to him. Nice variation and tight over after over. His runs in the second inning were priceless. Rating 7/10
    9. Morkel. Only in the second innings did he hit his straps as a bowler. This kid has it all and is going to become an awesome bowler; the fact that he can bat a bit is great for any team. Rating 5/10
    10. Steyn. Enough said. Batting for 4 hours and taking 10 sticks says it all. Rating 10/10
    11. Ntini. The work horse. Never tires and always gives his best. He chipped in with some wickets and has formed a great partnership with Steyn. Rating 7/10

    Thanks, I enjoyed that. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  29. Reply to Boertjie @ 3:57 pm:

    No he didn’t… I was only there for the last hr or of play (after being at ever other day)… managed to hang with the Protea supporters taking over the notorious Bay 13… and got to shake Ntini’s hand… and get my mug on tele for a split second…

    No doubt they will/have shown the footage over there of Ntini getting a moerse smooch from a big Tannie from the Cape… I was the guy shaking his hand directly before that…

    Went to a bar on the Yarra River a walk up form the Gee where some of the fans were hooking up… was a bit of a laugh… didn’t know there were so many Japies of all colours here in Melbourne… and plenty youngsters too…

    Off on hols from tomorrow (by that I mean zero tolerance from the ‘old dear’ to me being on the computer for the entire period)… so I’ll bid y’all a Happy New Year… finally a live test series in Aus to be proud of…

  30. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 3:52 pm:
    i say they can now kickback in bondi, sydney and give poor Gibbsy something, must be thirsty.
    good new year too u and yours brycie.

    right, nou wat?
    Boer, Dawie – yessus eveything can only be an anti-climax from here on in. rugby world champs, rugby 7’s champs, beaten oz in oz…its all been done.

  31. The Aussies are not happy AT ALL. They are even worse than Saffas when they lose. Calling for allround changes. I do not think Hayden or Lee would set foot in Brisbane soon. They will be pummled.

    Any case, just popped in to wish everyone a prosperous 2009. May the good fortunes haunt you everyday.

    Gotto get back to work. Later.