SAF v AUS – 3rd Test : Day 3



Another rearguard action – by the Aussies this time – saw the last four wickets contributing 208 to the score, probably taking a third Protea victory out of the equation. Graeme Smith broke a finger in his right hand and will in all probability play no further role in the test.
AUS 445 (Clarke 138, Johnson 64; Harris 3/84, Steyn 3/95)
SAF 125/1 (Kallis 36*, Amla 30*).

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  1. Michael: “Talking about form, Sachin Tendulkar arrived in Australia in 2004 on the back of a string of failures.
    When asked, by a journalist, about his form slump, his reply was
    “There’s nothing wrong with my form, I am actually batting very well, unfortunately, I just keep getting out”
    Applies to McKenzie too.

  2. AB de Villiers run out 11 (70m 52b 1×4 0x6) SR: 21.15

    de Villiers was always struggling after he called Amla for the single and his bat was short of the line when Johnson’s bullet throw made contact.
    South Africa slump further. JP Duminy comes to the crease.
    A run is never worth a wicket, :asshole:

  3. Pathetic running by AB… I was just thinking the two before that Amla was hitting the turn quicker… and trues Bob… the next ball he still wasn’t taking off with the incoming bowler… schoolboy error and he has let the team down big time!

  4. 59.2 McDonald to Amla, OUT, maiden wicket for McDonald, and a good piece of bowling too! Pitches in line and slants back into beat the bat as Amla falls forward, thats a stump-to-stump delivery to undo him

    HM Amla lbw b McDonald 51 (202m 134b 7×4 0x6) SR: 38.05

    167/4 (50

    Writing’s on the wall.
    Can they avoid the follow-on
    at 246?

  5. The complexion has changed the last hour. Amla and de Villiers became defensive and Australia barged in. Fascinating game, this cricket.

  6. Michael: “Where are the doubters now? Criticize Ponting all you like but look at the scoreboard now.”
    Must have heard it from
    Oom Boy Louw.

  7. And there explodes another
    SA sports myth.

    Ali Bacher’s team would have
    finished both these pretenders
    off in four days.

    If nobody agrees, Dawie will.
    Richards, Pollock, Barlow, Irvine,
    Lindsay, Goddard, Procter, Pollock.

    Daai span het nie kak van kabouters
    gevat nie.

    And they did not build their
    fame on exceptional once-off luck.

    Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 3:48 am:

    Michael somebody on the cricinfo team,
    got the quotes there.

  8. Boucher looking solid on a tough wicket… hard fought 50… getting a bit cheeky trying to continually cut the off-seamer…

    Morkel looking good too… (touch wood)…

    Trail by 168 (5/277)… well 6 for really as there is no way Smith will be back…

  9. All the luck with the Japies… ball has smashed into Boucher’s wicket and amazingly the bails stayed on… and now ditto with Morkel… Tony Greig probably applied a wee bit of superglue at this mornings pitch report…

  10. And a good evening to you too Brycie.

    Hamburger Boucher frustrating the Ozzie but he owes us a big innings. C’mon SA just bat through without loss.

  11. Bummer match swung the Aussies way now… just Steyn and Ntini to come… and around 130 behind…

    Siddle gets right up my nose!