SA vs. Aus, Test 1 – Day 5


South African hosts Australia in the first of 3 tests which will determine who will be world number 1.
CLOSE: Aus 466 and 207 vs SA 220 and 178/2. Target: 454.

South Africa need another 276 with 8 wickets in hand. Biggest target ever in last innings
is 418.
You can follow the action live on

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  1. holy crap, is it the first test today?!

    wonder whats going to happen here, proteas all seem a bit confident, dunno if thats a good thing.

  2. ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFUL ball by Ntini to finally take Ponting…

    Have never seen him swing it like that… Punter even left it… phew!!!

  3. Oh sorry

    Did I speak too fast


    Kallis gonnnnneeeeee

    At least he got his 10 000 runs in this game

    Aussie bowles making MUCH better use of cloudy and humid conditions with their natural swing bowlers

  4. Ja reg

    Daai was KOLLOSSE


    As dit nie was vir daai fools in Engeland wat vir Dolly wou gebruik as ‘n politieke speelding nie. dan so almal teen die middel tagtigs geskryf het dat die Wes Indiese spanne nou moet opleef aan die reuse mantel wat die Bacher span gelaat het…

  5. Reply to DavidS @ 7:03 pm:

    Hierdie reeks gaan Dominee se
    groot toets wees.
    In Oz was hy die sepraaispakkie;
    nou is hulle reg vir hom.
    Hoop hy wys hulle ‘n ding of twee.

    Ek dink ons boulaanval is hopeloos
    Morkel vat sy paaltjies @ 34.
    ‘n Goeie snelbouler vat hulle teen
    Long way to go, Boet . . .

  6. Reply to Boertjie @ 7:44 pm:

    Aussies bowling really well today. Hilfenhaus was awesome! If McKenzie was any good he would have been out at least 5 times the way that ball beat the bat. Great shape the bowler got! :thumbup:

    Should get easier to bat as the ball goes old but we also need to capatilize and not get caught out with the next newball and ith only 180 odd runs on the board! :roll:

  7. My Squad for Saturday in Nürnberg:
    Squad for Saturday:
    1. Gert Waizer (Austrian National Team)
    2. Christoph Mayr (Austrian NT)
    3. Edgar Seipelt (Austria U19)
    4. Lukas Kolb (Austria U19)
    5. Dieter Albert (Austrian NT)
    6. Stefan Menghin – makes his debut
    7. Bernard Hörtnagel – makes his debut
    8. Arne Rietz
    9. Jérémie Dejean de la Bâtie (Austrian NT and 7s)
    10. Hannes Raunigger (Austrian 7s NT)
    11. Julian Janetschek
    12. Lucas Huter (Austrian 7s NT)
    13. Carl Simbruner (Austrian NT and 7s)
    14. Laurenz Klima (Austria U19)
    15. Daniel Tobider
    Arian Hintringer
    Johann Benjamin Kämpfe – Debut
    Lucas Brand
    Paul Holzhammer – Debut
    Michael Oberhauser – debut
    Joachim Patterer
    Victor Dreschke – debut

    PS: my 37 year old debutant f-ed his ribs and will have to wait for his debut!

  8. Reply to JT – @ 7:49 pm:


    The conditions were absolutely perfect for bowling this afternoon.

    It was so humid and cloudy in Jhb it might have been Durban.

    If you kept your mouth open long enough moisture was forming on your lips.

    There was literally a haze over Wanderers.

    I drove past there on the way to a meeting in Kew this afternoon.

    Just add to this combo Aussie bowlers with more brains than the whole SA team… i.e. figured out that gee if you bowl fuller the ball will swing.

    And then bowled BRILLIANT seam and got the ball to swing.

  9. :satansmoking:
    Aha, hier is al die punters.

    Nog bydie werk, gou funksietjie gehou vir 66,67% wat Board II deurge kom het (2/3 dalk beter as dit klink maar nogtans beste in Nam) en effe getrek.

    Moet gou poppie wat Maandag beginne se computer klaarmaak en dan wasgoed na die antie toe vat wat was en dan “windsurf”*.


    windsurf = langarm by KIEPIES!!!!

  10. Reply to Namboer @ 8:31 pm:

    IMO it is not the score or winning that counts in these warm-ups. It is how you are playing phase by phase.
    I have my guys focused on winning the phase (Attack and defence) Make sure you do what is needed (basics) and do that well. The rest will follow.

    Ja also looking forward to Joe’s Beerhouse

  11. Defence : backs not communicating, I believe we slipped all the tries there. I playesd 15 and not at all sure about positional play, sadly – just as k MorneN! Want to learn but slow learner & the guy from 1st team confused me and made me nervous.

    Attack : emphasis on playing same side until we reach sideline. Didn’t happen – forwards too slow to breakdowns & scrummy keeps changing sides. Only had ball in hand twice during whole hour – 1) bad pass 2) gathered kick 3) knocked uppie.

    Need to work on 1) tackles – exceptionally shitty & dunno why 2) running straight 3) fitness!!!!!!

  12. Reply to Namboer @ 8:48 pm:

    on 15 positional play – I feel that most newcomers to this position are always to flat. IMO stay as deep as possible on defence, you can always run to the ball in front of you. Crap feeling is if you have to turn around and run after the bloody thing!

    Attack: I focus on the guys attacking with full emphasis on this – on attack my 15 is not the FB anymore but part of the attacking back-line. I do not worry about being turned over – that is negative thinking!

    The 9 covers for that anyway

    Scrummy should stick to a game plan! It drives my crazy if guys work for weeks on a structure and then throw it out the window 5 min into the game

  13. Jérémie Dejean de la Bâtie
    Fkt, dra hom ook dood aan sy van.

    Eerstejaar was daar ‘n Robert
    Bierenbroodspot in die koshuis.

    Hulle het sommer van hom gepraat
    as Snotspot.

  14. Reply to JT – @ 8:59 pm:
    Right on!

    Reply to JT – @ 8:58 pm: From what I saw last wknd from Stephan Terebalance, I figured the same. This chop from 1st team from sideline though keeps yelling at me to go hither and go yon and he’s not even playing. Problem though was that guys didn’t communicate and there were gaps that I needed to plug.

    We got another chance coming Thurs & wanne take that with both hands. Hope to be better especially at tackling and hope the backline moves goes down this time.

    Reply to DavidS @ 8:55 pm: \

    Poppie???…Watter poppie -as jy haar naam en het stuur aan man!

  15. Reply to Namboer @ 9:21 pm:

    Die PC poppie, poephol.

    Gesels gister met ‘n bruin sportskrywer.
    Sê vir my daar is maklik 300 mense by
    ‘n krieketwedstryd tussen twee bruin

    Klubrugby lok tot 6 000 mense. Ek dink
    daar is iets soos 400 klubs.

    Boland-Kavaliers sukkel om 2 000
    te kry.

  16. Reply to Boertjie @ 9:26 pm:
    PC poppie???

    Nee vet, helemal te ver weg om uit te reken wat de d.nner jy van praat!

    Skuus, ek sukkel gewoonlik om te ‘multitask’ en nou is dit mog moeiliker met bietjie mos in… :tpuke:

    Okei, darem nog nie heel daar nie maar die aand is nog jonk!

  17. My two eldest are insisting FRiday Night is sleep in spare room with daddy night (it is kind of institution to make them feel like babies again because they feel kind of alienated by new baby)

    Anyway that means now is the time for me to tune you okes adios

    Alez Le Bleu

  18. Raait, JT, sorry to love & leave you bit I shall be windsurfing shortly. Enjoy the rugger, nie koekin kloe wie gaan wen nie!


  19. Reply to cab @ 2:43 pm:
    A bit harsh Cabbo? I would LOOOOVE to see you eat your words. Imagine, Proteas break the world record for chasing the highest total to win a test – how unlikely it may seem! :support:

  20. 178/2

    Kallis and Amla in

    Pitch starting to show some wear and tear – a few balls kept low or jagged around.

    But at the same time the sun is out and the moisture that helped the swing bowlers has evaporated.

    Today was a sunny day in Gauteng with a hint of a snip of winter in it.

    And the air dried.

    Now the Aussie bowlers are starting to look ncreasingly innocuous.

    McKenzie and Smith perished to moronic shots, and not good balls.


    Tomorrow will be an intriguing day.

  21. Actually I reckon with just 276 to get we could actually do it…

    Just need a few big partnershps.

    In any case what the hell is 454

    We’ve chased 434 on this stadium inside 50 overs.

  22. Hehehe.
    Kallis and Duminy will have
    to move ass. And Amla.
    And we’ll need another ton
    from AB.

    Anyway, they have less problems
    than the Stormers.

    I believe SARU has vetoed Cheeky’s
    idea about an all-African franchise.
    Just as I was wondering if they will
    be forced to have a white quota.

    Both SEC teams were fooked over the