IRB Sevens: London


South Africa just need 13 points from the last two tournaments to be crowned Sevens Champions

South Africa got off to a great start when they downed the Sevens World Champions Wales, 29-5.

Other teams in South Africa’s pool include Australia and Germany who they will face later on.

To follow the results click here.

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  1. As far as I understand it, they just need to reach the 1/4 of the last two tournies.

    They just need to beat Germany to ensure they make this one.

    Winning the London Sevens will mean they win the world series.

  2. Loved the way the commentators played down the SA chances when they played the DEFENDING AND REIGNING WORLD CHAMPIONS and gotr progressively quieter as the game went on…

    Anyway anyone read THe Star supplement on the Lions

    What a crock of shit.

    You had the 1974 and 1997 Lions captains gloating

    You had the 1968 and 1980 Lions captains whingeing

    No Boks to say


    Tom Kieran 3-0 is a PK by any standards and no amount of whingeing will mean you ever stood a chance.

    And the same token to Billy Beaumont and his 1980 Lions saying “We had their forwards… that’s for sure, but….”

    Ah shut up doos. Whinger. If you had “their forwards” then why go down 3-1 in the four test series.

    Oh aparently they gifted lucky tries to the Boks in the first test. and in the third test they should have kicked more….

    What a crock.

    Pity about our worthless coach because I would like to see a whitewash of the Lions so Paul ‘O Connell can also whinge about lost chances in that 52-3 loss to the Boks and the 43-7 one and the 65-0 one.

    Seems they, like ENgland, are never beaten… you just score more points than they do.

    And of course we had words from NONE of the Bok skippers who skippered against the Lions. Not one.

    Great advert SA Rugby…. and ARGUS


    I for one hope our regional teams crush their numbers with career ending “things” for their “best” and their “leaders”

    Same as our 1980 provincial sides did.

    Hopefully none of them fall in love with the country and stay behind like that annoying little wannabe rugby guru Irish wanker John Robbie