CSA fire Procter, selectors


Proteas coach Mickey Arthur resigned and was not fired, Cricket South Africa (CSA) Gerald Majola confirmed at a press briefing in East London on Wednesday morning.

Arthur said he had resigned “with immediate effect” because the CSA board disagreed with his vision for the national team and the structures he had put in place over the last five years.

Majola confirmed that CSA high performance coach Corrie van Zyl would take the South African side to India for a tour which includes two Tests and three one-day internationals next month. The team leaves on Saturday.

Majola also confirmed that the selection panel – convenor Mike Procter, Craig Matthews, Winky Ximiya and Mustapha Khan – had been fired and that he would take over from Procter as convenor.

Van Zyl and former Proteas captain Kepler Wessels will also form part of the three-man selection panel.

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  1. Reply to PietPloos @ 11:41 am: he is also too much like Ray Jennings in being likely to give fat mouth Graham a klap so hard he’ll verstik on his own chewing gum as it flies out his backside… seeing as Kepler was a boxer at Grey and apparently not a bad one either…

    But I guess that the skipper and his mafia of Jacques kallis and Morne Boucher will whine and the coach will go..

    Actually seeing that useless Mark Boucher get a klap would be worth the cash for me…

  2. Well making a guy’s job impossible thus forcing him to resign is no different from firing him. It just means they didn’t have the balls to fire him.

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  4. Boucher het die keer ‘n goeie reeks gehad but for a w/k batsman an average of low 30’s is pathetic…

    First decent series since?… oh yes… ever…

    The only reason he holds so many records is that they kept using him for so long

    Boucher is kak

    Punt Klaar

  5. Corrie Van Zyl has also been appointed to a three-man interim selection panel, along with former Test captain Kepler Wessels and Majola, who will be the convenor.
    – News24

  6. Sunday Crimes columnist:

    Arthur, for all his talents, was not half as good at his job as Smith is. Smith, with that famous cabal of senior players, made up of the likes of Mark Boucher and Jacques Kallis, is the kernel at the heart of South African cricket.
    Don’t like Biff, but
    he’s good.

  7. Ja well anyone who can win in India when they prepare their usual substandard “take spin after tea on Day 1 fall apart after lunch on Day 2” pitches the ICC never does anything about is a world champion..

    The Indians are good at home precisely because they make no bones about preparing pitches that DO NOT suit their opponents.