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Stormers team for Boland


Allister Coetzee, head coach of the Vodacom Stormers, today announced his team to play a Boland Invitational IV at the new Cape Town Stadium on Saturday 6 February.

Media release

Gates open at 14h00 and there is a whole line up of entertainment, including a Castle Cape Town Tens curtain raiser game: SA 10’s Legends vs International 10’s Legends at 15h00. Kick-off for the main game is at 16h15.

Please note that tickets to this fixture are SOLD OUT.

The Vodacom Stormers team is as follows:

15.       Fabian Juries

14.       Sireli Naqelevuki

13.       Frikkie Welsh

12.       Paul Bosch

11.       Dylan Des Fountain

10.       Willem De Waal

9.         Ricky Januarie

8.         Pieter Louw

7          Yaya Hartzenberg

6.         Schalk Burger (C)

5.         Anton Van Zyl

4.         Rynhardt Elstadt

3.         JC Kritzinger

2.         Deon Fourie

1.         JD Moller


16.       Callie Visagie

17.       Eusebio Guinazu

18.       Martin Muller

19.       Pieter Myburgh

20.       Conraad Britz

21.       Bolla Conradie

22.       Lionel Cronje

23.       Tim Whitehead

24.       Duane Vermeulen

25.       Bryan Habana

26.       Juan De Jongh

27.       Gio Aplon

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  1. They won’t Stormers have a secret weapon

    Their secret weapon are called Loffie Eloff who will mess the Boland up so badly the Valke will be back in the Top 8 CC next season

  2. SH :mrgreen: RKS
    SH :mrgreen: RK PAY :cuckoo:
    SH :mrgreen: RK player :rant:
    Sharks still SH :mrgreen: RKS

  3. In Fact thats a stirling idea.
    We all get together for a moerse ruck.

    All the open minded bleeding-heart liberals,commies,
    homos ,english speaking,porra,jewboy,koellie,
    k:swart gevaar: ff:whatever: R of
    k:swart gevaar: ff:whatever: rb:Ollie: etie
    on one side

    all the boepens,narrow minded,ignorant,self supressing conservative right wing inane spierwit en fokken stupid kwaadvirmyeiegat dutchmen rockspiders
    on the otherside.

    everyone has the right to demand
    to settle a bit of physical education
    by a ruck.
    There are no rules.
    whoever goes down
    gets kicked to shit by the opposites
    of whatever group.
    They chose whetheror not they feel like a kick-in.

    Toppie to verify
    that the medics don’t spoil it
    and to document the winner.

  4. All the open minded bleeding-heart liberals,commies,
    homos ,english speaking,porra,jewboy,koellie,
    k :swart gevaar: ff: :whatever: R of
    k :swart gevaar: ff :whatever: rb :Ollie: etie
    on one side

  5. Too much politics and hate speech and not enough rugby.

    RW not a lekker place to be anymore.
    :noshake: :rant: :satansmoking: :shake: :thumbdown:

  6. Reply to Boertjie @ 10:32 pm: Not a bad thing to have such robust discussion

    I actually enjoy it and I am pleasantly surprised by the way shieldsie has woken up to reality.

    Duiwel you surprise me but then again… being in France for so long that should not surprise me


    This is just kakpraat before the actual rugby starts… you should actually wade in and enjoy the seriousness before the real discussions start after Week 1 of S14….

  7. “7 Yaya Hartzenberg”

    En ek het gedink die Inka het ‘n volksvreemde naam. Sien dié perd was op die bank vir Ikes Maandagaand, 18, so hy kan seker slot ook speel.

    Good to see Bosch getting a start and sort of good to seen DDF back too. He’s solid (weighs more’n 75kg’s!!!) if nothing else on wing and at least an option for all the Aplon/Pietersen/Nakwelliekwakkie-is-k :poop: k doomsayers. Injury prone though, hope he lasts the season.

    Doesn’t look like the Inca made a very good impression thus far. 2 ‘Appearances’ in gathering splinters.
    Weet iemand of hy iets beteken?

  8. Reply to Duiwel @ 9:28 pm:

    Now Duiwel

    Must I form a team of my own then?

    or do I actuaLLy fit in there somewhere?

    Reply to Minora @ 10:19 pm:

    Relax Lemstes

    mEEste dAArvan is soMMer net stront prAAt- seLLe riOOlstories sOOs “mAAk die buLLe almal boKKe!

    RW was al mEEr kere kaKKer as nou- nog stEEds EEn van die beter pleKKe om te blog

  9. Reply to WiLLem @ 10:34 am:
    Ek reken jy is ‘n span op jou eie – kan elke keer ‘n duBBelskop kry for frEE, oorlat ons innige simpatie & meegevoel het met jou eNNie chEEtahs! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    En :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: virrie laaste stukkie, stem saam daar. Enigste blog van enige aard wat ek besoek en gebruik, ook een van net 2 rugby sites (3 as jy Superbru tel) wat ek ooit gebruik.

  10. Reply to WiLLem @ 10:34 am:

    “RW was al mEEr kere kaKKer as nou- nog stEEds EEn van die beter pleKKe om te blog”

    Baie waar –
    is dit regtig soooo kakkas . . . . ??? . . . wel . . . . . . neeaaaaaaa – selfs met Dawie se wit-gevaar vollebors bemarking (in teenstelling met “swart-gevaar” bemarking van verlede) – was dit meestal oordentlik . . . .wel meestal

    Dan weer sal ek graag sooooooo intense debat wil sien oor die – detail analise + tegniese + metal + struktuur + ethos + uitkoms + + + + + VAN RUGBY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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