Blitzbokke fail again


The Springbok Sevens team have been beaten by their nemesis Fiji in the quarter-finals of the Hong Kong Sevens on Sunday.

Fiji won 14-12.

In the other quarter-finals, Samoa beat the USA 24-7, England overcame Australia 26-19, while New Zealand were too strong for Kenya, winning 21-12.

In the Cup semi-finals, Samoa will face England while Fiji and New Zealand will square off.

South Africa will face Kenya in the semi-finals of the Plate section.

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  1. Boertjie, if you were despondent at the time of writing this, you must have been suicidal after these “Blitzbokke” lost the Plate final to an underserving bunch of baby-faced Aussies. Who coined that nickname anyway? I am not being a sore loser, just looking at reality.

    Losing to Fiji is no disgrace. They along with their Pacific brothers, Samoa have always been 7’s icons. But the Plate final vs the Cup final contrast was too hard to stomache and no wonder the normally calm Paul Treu came over in the interview as being pretty pissed off. The difference in the SA v Aus plate final and the NZ v Samoa cup final was like the difference between schoolboy rugby and S14 rugby. How could our 7’s side lose to Australia who seem to live off the mistakes made by the opposition and lost something like 3 of their own scrums and at least 2 lineouts? They look like “lighties” and play like lighties too. And then to have to watch the now standard over the top Aussie celebrations after they have beaten the pass spilling, poor-option taking Boks. Nee wat! “Blitzbokke” se moer!

  2. Third (or fourth) win in a row over the Bokkies…

    Need some more power-players in the mix to beat the bigger built teams like Eng, Fiji, Samoa, NZ more regularly…

    Is Treu coming to the end of his tenure?

  3. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 8:12 am:

    Most assuredly

    Last year he was bragging about his depth and his player base and how contracting 7s Boks would lead to higher standards…

    Guess he was wrong

    His team selections were uniformly poor.

    But it could also be a symptom of a shrinking base from which to select players ….

    After all less and less white kids are playing rugby as we become a nannified state and blacks were never interested in the game in any event despite the desperation of the morons in the Eastern Cape “cradle of black rugby” to lie something different for themselves…. as the cradle has produced baby rugby players and not many professional rugby players and of course the game has never spread to anywhere outside the Cape amongst blacks…

    Fourie Du Preez is a poor substitute amongst them for Lionel Messi and the WAG lifestyle of footballers wives does not match the apparent lack of glamour they perceive in rugby

  4. It’s a disgrace that some of these players are wearing our national colours. For example, that Africa dude cannot kick, cannot pass and cannot catch a rugby ball. And then he acts as if he’s hurt just to get off the field after an embarrassment of errors…And Ryno Benjamen is about 30 years past his prime (and what a prime that was…)