Bok team for Wales


This is Snor’s initial Bok team to start the international season off with. This is the SARU release.

Well children let’s see what the moustachieoed coach has developed as a team… has he learned the “midweek” lessons from last year… has he given up on the family and friends favours thingie… or not…

Let’s see together…

15   Francois Steyn (Racing Metro) – 36 caps
14   Gio Aplon (Vodacom Stormers) – uncapped
13   Jean de Villiers (Munster) – 55 caps
12   Butch James (Bath) – 35 caps
11   Odwa Ndungane (Sharks) – 6 caps
10   Ruan Pienaar (Sharks) – 36 caps
9    Ricky Januarie (Vodacom Stormers) – 40 caps
8    Joe van Niekerk (Toulon) – 51 caps
7    Dewald Potgieter (Vodacom Bulls) – 1 cap
6    Francois Louw (Vodacom Stormers) – uncapped
5    Andries Bekker (Vodacom Stormers) – 21 caps
4    Danie Rossouw (Vodacom Bulls) – 46 caps
3    BJ Botha (Ulster) – 19 caps
2    John Smit (Sharks, Capt) – 93 caps
1    CJ van der Linde (Leinster) – 58 caps
16   Chiliboy Ralepelle (Vodacom Bulls) – 8 caps
17   Jannie du Plessis (Sharks) – 12 caps
18   Alistair Hargreaves (Sharks) – uncapped
19   Ryan Kankowski (Sharks) – 11 caps
20   Meyer Bosman (Vodacom Cheetahs) – 3 caps
21   Juan de Jongh (Vodacom Stormers) – uncapped
22   Bjorn Basson  (Vodacom Cheetahs) – uncapped

NOTE: Juan Smith not available.

Did I miss the memo that said no Bulls and Stormers being retracted?

At least this is not on a par with the dirt trackers side we saw last year.

Some space man decisions though. Butch at 12? Ruan at 10 after his season? Div at 13? Okay maybe I missed the memos… Chilliboy playing again…


Lekker slaap ou Groot Snor

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  1. Exactly what this dude is smoking only he alone knows…

    I recall that Strontlie once tried Butch at twelve with disastrous consequences

    Div is no 13

    On the plus side he is resting almost all his top players from the Bulls and stormers…

    Speaking on SS Groot Snor said he’d have liked to select Juan Smith… but apparently the great Free State servant has some personal family issues…

  2. Bekker, Francois Louw, Pakslae.
    Dewald Potgieter from the Final’s
    XV selected.

    Meerkat and Ralepelle there
    for AA.
    Glad for Basson and Bosman.
    Will be interesting to see
    the front row in action.

  3. kak in my broek.
    But in all fairness,
    let see how he gets on.
    Time will tell .
    Maybe die ingelse het hom geleer
    van tackle en pass,
    en as jy skop ,
    skop pale toe boet,
    of fokken uit,
    nie in die speedster se hanne in nie.

  4. Well there you go… quota’s are alive and well in RSA as can be seen with moving THREE players out of position to accommodate a player that cannot make his run on side… not to mention the ubiquitous UBER-quota Ralepelle…

    FFS if Snor is going to break the ‘no WP/Bulls players and bring in DeJong why not bring in Tiaan Liebenberg… and Maku is twice the player the mascot is?

    Who is the number 11… may as well have Habs on the tour as he never gets any ball this season.

    Straight off the bat RP, Butch, JDV have played together many times…

    Why play poor old Danie… he has started every game this season at lock and is in for another bruising affair… not to mention Bekker…

    Typical Snor!

  5. Bosman can count himself lucky to be there too… still no Kockott?

    Johan Muller and Sykes could have been used to rest Bekker and Danie… and Hargreeaves has had one single decent game this entire season!

    Jissus… I can only shake my head at this muppet!

  6. What’s more is Claasens has been brilliant this season, is young, capped and been partnering Butch…


  7. Jannee you right about Claasens Bryce, but we all know Chilli and Rickey is there for one reason.

    I would have played Kockott with Ruan as he offers a kicker option and they play together as is.

    Basson to be the find of the tour. In fact on current for, and workrate I would back him ahead of Habana, who only shakes his head and overruns everything for 80 minutes…

  8. I am happy with 20 of the 22 selected and would reshuffle a lot:
    The 2 players I am not happy with is Chilli and Jannie 2+3.
    IMO the following reshuffle would make more sense:
    15 Francois Steyn (Racing Metro) – 36 caps
    14 Gio Aplon (Vodacom Stormers) – uncapped
    13 Juan de Jongh (Vodacom Stormers) – uncapped
    12 Jean de Villiers (Munster) – 55 caps
    11 Bjorn Basson (Vodacom Cheetahs) – uncapped
    10 Butch James (Bath) – 35 caps
    9 Ruan Pienaar (Sharks) – 36 caps
    8 Joe van Niekerk (Toulon) – 51 caps
    7 Dewald Potgieter (Vodacom Bulls) – 1 cap
    6 Francois Louw (Vodacom Stormers) – uncapped
    5 Andries Bekker (Vodacom Stormers) – 21 caps
    4 Danie Rossouw (Vodacom Bulls) – 46 caps
    3 BJ Botha (Ulster) – 19 caps
    2 John Smit (Sharks, Capt) – 93 caps
    1 CJ van der Linde (Leinster) – 58 caps

    16 Chiliboy Ralepelle (Vodacom Bulls) – 8 caps (prefer Schalk Britz from Saracens
    17 Jannie du Plessis (Sharks) – 12 caps (Prefer Kruger from the Bulls)
    18 Alistair Hargreaves (Sharks) – uncapped
    19 Ryan Kankowski (Sharks) – 11 caps
    20 Meyer Bosman (Vodacom Cheetahs) – 3 caps
    21 Ricky Januarie (Vodacom Stormers) – 40 caps
    22 Odwa Ndungane (Sharks) – 6 caps

  9. SNOR:

    “Gio and Francois, as well as Alistair and Bjorn impressed us during the Super 14 and it will be good for us to get a look at them at Test level.

    “I have also been impressed in recent weeks with Chiliboy Ralepelle’s form and work rate. Chili was part of the squad through last season but battled with a few injury setbacks. He looks fit and strong at the moment.”

    Did he see him play in
    club matches?
    I can’t remember seeing
    much of him in the Bulls

  10. BTW: Blitz Bokke beat the Poms and are in the semis v Samoa! Other Semi is Argentina v Australia!!

    No Fiji and No NZ :finger:

  11. Offisier: “Soldaat, het jy kleingeld vir R100?”
    Soldaat: “Sure, buddy.”
    Offisier: “Dis geen manier om iemand met ‘n hoër rang aan te spreek nie. Kom ons probeer weer. Soldaat, het jy kleingeld vir R100?”
    Soldaat: “Nee, doos!”

  12. Een vuurvliegie aan n ander: “Ek moet nou vinnig ‘n fokken bril kry, ek het nou net amper ‘n sigaret genaai!”

  13. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 8:53 am:

    jirre but that Aussie 7s team is an arrogant bunch of :whatever:
    But have to give it to them – they have speed and developing nicely! They will be a real challenge next season if they keep that group together! 7s is becoming really entertaining (result wise) with many teams able to win tournaments! Fiji, Samoa, NZ, SA, Eng, Kenya, Aus and even the US! Best game of the London 7s I saw must be the thriller USA v Canada!

  14. :cuss: :cuckoo: :noshake: :oogle: :shake: :what: :whatever:
    :bangheadt: :bangheadt: :bangheadt:

    Nee, vet weet.

  15. A few good surprises (form players rewarded), but not sure that balances out the AA-quota-k@k and plain moronity.

    Is :snor: poppen mad selecting Bulls & Stormers??? Gio, Francois, Bekker and Danie played a helluva lot of rugby and need a rest. What’s the idea – stuff up Gio and Francois’s Bok careers before right from the start by playing a fatigued player!?!? Previously capped players ‘have already proved themselves & have experience at this level’ so won’t have that problem but still stupid to play them if there are other better options.

    Anyways, from the top down:

    :? Steyn – not bad but would have played him @ 12, closer to where he’s been playing the whole bloody season.
    :thumbdown: Aplon – Stormers player, wtf??? JPP, Basson, Chavanga even.
    :thumbup: JdV
    :thumbdown: Butch op 12..wat de dôner?…laat dink my aan Braam op 12 en ons almal weet wat toe gebeur het!!!!
    :thumbup: Ndungane
    :? Pienaar het mooi beginne vorm kry maar sit hom darem 100 maal op 9 bo die swanger meerkat.
    :thumbdown: Dumb, dumb, dumb – pedigree se m#$%!!!!
    :thumbup: JvN seker oraait.
    :thumbdown: Potgieter – Bulls player & all the hype and no show ala Deysel. Pity Juan isn’t available.
    :thumbup: Louw rewarded (but would WvdH not have been better option for NH?)
    :thumbdown: Bekker – Stormers player, wtf???
    :thumbdown: Pakslae – Bulls player, én nog beseer dalk ook, wtf???!!! Sykes, Steenkamp, maybe FvdM for 4 + 5.
    :thumbup: Voorry – can’t fault that toot much.
    :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: Chiliboy – Geen kommentaar, geen :censored: kommentaar…
    :? Jannie seker nie te vrot nie.
    :thumbdown: how many games (minutes?..) did he play to be measured properly? Oi joi joi.
    :thumbup: Kanko oraait but is he not injured???
    :thumbdown: Bosman is die arm man se Braam. En hy kan nie eers skop nie.
    :thumbdown: JdJ – Stormers player, wtf???
    :thumbup: Basson reward for good form.

    Het hy wragtag niks geleer met laas jaar se midweekspanne nie? Ai, groot ai.
    …And those were against -club- teams, not even a proper top10 -test- team like Wales!

    :pdv: maar moenie ‘n simpatiekaartjie van my af verwag as hulle liederlik op hulle baadjie kry nie.

  16. Reply to Namboer @ 12:16 pm: Ek dink die Stormers en Bulls spelers wat teen Wallis gekies is, is nie 1ste keuse in hulle posisie nie.

    So dan wanneer die 1st choice manne terugkom sal hulle baie kans kry vir rus. Of so lyk dit vir my.

  17. Reply to Namboer @ 3:06 pm: Ja-nee, beslis n paar mixed signals wat uitgestuur is.

    Maar ek’s seker die een of ander main pikkewyn van SARU het nou die dag gese hulle word betaal om elke week te speel of so iets. :shake:

  18. One year out from RWC 2011 and I think the selection is spot on. This is by no means a “dirt-tracker” side and the fixture is in the greater context of the season a slight spanner. Div will need his core group for the test against France and Italy. The French game has to be seen as an important game to win with an eye on the World Cup. The Italians will provide a gentle tune-up for the upcoming Tri-Nations and no doubt a chance to blood a few fresh faces into the established order.

    Sending John Smit is spot on, he is the skipper and will add leadership to this rather motley crew. Giving some of the star performers from the S14 a run is another good move (though this could b done against Italy at home) and allowing the overseas based players a chance to show their worth displays a more open-minded attitude to what one would have expected.

    On the other hand James at 12 and de Villiers at 13 is a bit of a mystery pick. It is never easy to make sense of what is ticking behind the snor, but this game may be more of an in-house trial for the Bok coach. Comparing Kankowski (incumbent) with van Niekerk, Aplon vs Odwa Ndungane (incumbent) and Danie Rossouw (incumbent) vs Hargreaves. It is fair to say that Div may be hoping Butch can give Pienaar some direction at 10, while Januarie is likely being given a chance to play himself in or out of the Bok squad going forward.

  19. The entire backline out of position aside from swanger meerkat who will just put its back out from age and fat stomach.

    9. Meerkat = okay

    10. Pienaar = a 9

    12. Butch = a ten

    13. JDiv = a 12

    14. Aplon = 15

    15. Steyn = 12

    11. Ndungane = 14

    WTF ARE THE SELECTORS THINKING????????????????????????