Jean gets two weeks


Springbok wing Jean de Villiers has been suspended for two weeks after being cited for a dangerous tackle during the Investec Tri Nations Test match, New Zealand v South Africa at Westpac Stadium, in Wellington last night.


De Villiers had been cited for an alleged lifting, tip tackle on All Blacks winger Rene Ranger in the 27th minute of the match, which the All Blacks won 31 – 17.

He appeared before SANZAR Judicial Officer Dennis Wheelahan QC in Wellington today, who found de Villiers guilty of a breach of rugby law 10.4 (j).

Mr Wheelahan considered submissions from de Villiers, his representatives and video evidence.

Mr Wheelahan said that an important mitigating factor in de Villiers’ favour, was his exemplary disciplinary record, which consisted of one yellow card for persistent infringing during a career spanning nearly 10 years and 60 Tests.  He also took into account the player’s admission of a dangerous tackle.

De Villiers was suspended for two weeks up to and including 1 August 2010.  He will be ineligible for selection for South Africa’s Tri Nations Test match against Australia, in Brisbane, next Saturday 24 July 2010.

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  1. Seems from the posts you guys are pissed at yesterday’s game!!!

    As kak as the ref was he did not miss one-on-one tackles (again), he is not the reason Smit, JDV, Ricky and Wynand looked out of sorts nor for the discipline that saw Danie get a yellow.

    Stages in the test when the Boks built momentum they looked unstoppable but you have to ask why we only saw this 3 times in 80 minutes?

    PDV did the right thing imo to give the players from Auckland a chance to redeem themselves, but now comes the tough part to coaching, making the tough calls and they need to be made now.

    6 Tests for some players was more than enough to prove themselves.

    And the early sub of Januarie suggests he might be doing just that.

  2. Reply to Morné @ 8:48 am:

    agree but McCaw should have been carded. ref does not miss tackles etc. but influences the mindset of players and SA were thrown off their game, thinking about decisions instead of the job at hand. This should also be worked on.
    On the other hand this could be exactly what the bokke need to refocus on certain things to get the job done in 2011. When we looked like playing we looked unstoppable. ABs IMO do not look as hot as their media and fans make them out to be. let them win the 3N and destroy the NH team in November… they will fall into the same trap we did this 3N and they do every WC by believing their own hype

  3. Reply to JT @ 9:25 am:

    Yeah well I think a yellow on Ranger would have been harsh but given how it was dished out against Danie probably justified.

    Then add a yellow to McCaw (which was shocking to see just how many official warnings a team get) and you would have had the AB’s down to 14 men for 20 minutes…

    But crying and spilled milk and all that

  4. Reply to Morné @ 9:34 am:

    I thank Bakkies for this… SA are again a marked team like it was when Butch was up to his tricks and Burger after that. Referees try to be objective but subconsciously they have that image of Bakkies head butt, Burger eye gouge, Butch stiff arm tackles, Krige’s range of tricks… Will be a factor. We need to clean up our act of forever get the short end of the stick!

  5. Moeë Bokke móét in Brisbane opstaan – Smit

    Dié een gaan moeilik wees om reg te stel, maar die Springbokke is steeds vol vertroue dat die Drienasies-kroon in Suid-Afrika kan bly.
    When is the truth going
    to hit them?

  6. Sweet.

    It seems injury or non-availability will again be the factor that forces us to change for the better.

    Ruan can start but then have Hougaard start for Habana and Aplon for Jean.

    This only leaves Snor to sub De Jong for Meisie.

    In the pack I would only sub Spies but not for Kanko. Rather play 3 hard working grafters against Oz as I feel we wont get too many chances to run. It will be a tackle fest against Cooper and his buddies, so lets prepare for this?

    Pottie, Louw and Burger at 8?

  7. I do not know too much about the front row.

    Chillie again had a good few minutes on the park which is nice to see.

    We need numbers at breakdown, we need to defend with organisations and gusto and we need to play a backline that wants to attack.

    I believe we have the personel in Australia to do this. Please Snorman ring the changes!

  8. Ja De Jong is a 13 but Fourie is a holy cow so he will play forever.

    Give me De Jong at 12 and Habana at 13.

    Why is the prospect of Habs at 13 never even talked about if he started his career there? He will flourish if he gets more ball?

  9. I still believe that Rolland shoukd be refused a visa if SANZAR ever appoints him to play in SA

    If we don’t do anything about SANZAR bias in favour of NZ and Aus we are never going to change anything so unhelpful stupidity spat out by alcoholics like “What else is new” is defeatist nonsense deserving of a c–ntslap…

    It’s talk like that which makes my blood boil.

    Seeing the game again this afternoon I have concluded that the refereeing was the major problem in our inability get into the game with his bizarre calls.

    The fact that JDV pleaded guilty is inexcusable and the fact Ranger was not cited is similarly inexcusable. If I had been SARU’s “representative” of JDV I would have pleaded not guilty and strongly denied wrongdoing and then pleaded that inconsistency in citing as a defence (in criminal …. in fact in all laws incocnsistent application is an absolute defence against a charge)

    If SARU has guts they select JDV to play next week and tell SANZAR to f–koff…. but as the guilty plea shows….

    The days of Louis Luyt shrinking little Kiwi balls to little rotten onions is long gone…

    As I said

    From our perspective we cannot allow this kind of refereeing to go uncommented on… even if the little boys club in London demands use of official channels… SARU should USE THE DAMNED MEDIA like John ‘O Neill does…

    Hell there is enough support in countries that do not like the All Blacks to launch a whole campaign against the differentiation in standards of refereeing…

    In 2006 Ali Williams punched Albert VD Bergh in front of the ref and got off scott free after the citing hearing….


    In all honesty

    Shrugging and saying “what else is new” is totally and completely unhelpful and useless in somehow restoring normalcy to the way games are blown.

    Rolland should be severely punished… and it should happen in public…. so justice can not just be done but also seen to be done…

  10. Reply to DavidS @ 4:32 pm:

    I’ve asked Morne to try and
    get hold of Andries Kalkoen.
    To ask him – with examples –
    of why SARU never appeals to
    gross inconsistencies: Thorn
    on Smit; Ranger on Kirchner,

    Let’s wait and see.

  11. I know Boertjie

    Dis fokken onverklaarbaar…

    En dan is ons citing commissioners nog totaal useless ook…

    En ons voorsitters probeer om regverdig te wees…

    Hulle hoort so eenogig te wees as wat hulle mense is..

  12. Reply to DavidS @ 4:32 pm:

    Of course it is not fair David, the decisions on-field is atrocious and had even me fuming.

    But our game in SA comes with a reputation, some if not most of it our own fault.

    Just in the last year we had a guy suspended for eye-gouging, a guy for head butting and yesterday we had a guy kicking out (not kicking) at a player.

    This is the not the odd spear tackle, or high or shoulder charged tackle which could be viewed as ‘part of the game’ given its nature.

    So yes we can be pissed as we want to about decisions not going our way, or not being blown equally both sides, but to believe our team does not come with a reputation is stupid.

    And any ref in the world will take preconceived ideas into the match because of that.

    Off the top of my head I cannot think of any other nation which had similar offenses against them as we did in the same period at test level. Only one that comes to mind is the Irish player planting a knee in McCaw’s head recently.