South Africa’s problem is not so much with the referees but with their game plan, which is based on the premise that “might is right”. SPIROS ZAVOS is back to entertain us.


The problem for South Africa and de Villiers is that their thugby/kicking penalties game does not work against strong opponents under the interpretations of the laws. The reason for this was explained by the All Blacks assistant coach Wayne Smith before the Tests: “You can’t kill the ball on the ground any more, you can’t slow it down, you have to get out of there, it is a totally different game.”

The interpretations are designed to open up rugby and allow teams to run the ball without the fear of incurring penalties to teams, such as the Springboks, which play a negative kicking and pressure game.

The All Blacks have scored 24 tries in five Tests this season by being prepared to run the ball from inside their own 22. This is one fewer than they scored in 14 Tests last season. In two Tests against the Boks they have scored eight tries to two.

Israel Dagg’s fabulous try came after 12 phases of play. Interestingly, the two Springboks tries came towards the end of the second Test when they started to run the ball.

There is more than keeping the ball in hand about the All Blacks’ game plan. They often tackled the Springboks runners around the legs. The runners dropped to the ground like felled logs.

Then the second player to the tackle moved in and, legitimately, attacked the ball. The result was five All Blacks turnovers from rucks and mauls (one of them leading to a try and others saving tries) to two by the Springboks. The Springboks, on the other hand, continued last season’s tactic of often not allowing the runner to place the ball, and were correctly penalised.

Poor coaching

Poor coaching by De Villiers, therefore, has ensured that the Springboks have not yet adjusted to the “totally different game” of 2010.

This brings us to Saturday’s Test in Brisbane between the Wallabies and the Springboks. The referee is another Irishman, George Clancy. His style, unfortunately, is more like that of a martinet rather than the facilitator that the IRB’s referees boss Paddy O’Brien says he wants. “We don’t want them to be traffic cops out there,” he told journalists earlier this season.

If Clancy referees in the spirit and intention of the new interpretations like Rolland, this will help the high-octane running game the Wallabies will try to play. A Clancy of the overflowing penalties, though, will help the Boks’ dated, negative game.

RW NOTE: The first half of this article was cut. Also this bit: “Danie Rossouw was given a yellow card for flicking Richie McCaw in the eyes and then kneeing him.”

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  1. Reply to asteroth @ 12:34 am:

    Lol… however in this case it’s the first time I’ve agreed whole-heartedly… the buck stops with Snor… but the entire triumvirate are at fault from game-plan, to man management, to set-play, to tight-loose, to to to to!

  2. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 3:19 am: No he is still he idiot, if we look at our test thi season against
    Wales we scored 3 tries
    France 5 tries
    Italy in the two test we scored 11
    AB two test whe scored 2 it takes
    Our total 21 tries in 6 test.

    Would like to know how we play so a boring game to this idiot.

    What I can agree upon is that Snor is an idiot like Spiros.

    He came into the 3N with the wrong combanations from the start.

    1. Not playing Jean and Fourie as the starting centre pair. They showed last year they are the best combination we have. Meisiekind will never dissapoint you but he do not give you that special moments Jean gives you in a match.
    2. Keep on playing January at scrumhalf although he is not even close to the best number 9 after FDP.
    3. Keeping players like Habana who has not shown any form this year in the team when you have hungry new guys like Aplon and Hougaardt who can not wait for some game time to prove themself against the best.
    4. And finally having now gameplan and backups against the AB after we all knew they will come out this year guns blazing for the three loses they suffered under us last year. The whole planning for this year should have been these two test against the AB. In some degree it sould have been like preparing for a Lions tour or WC.

    PDV showed that he is out of his depth here with no answer to a street smart headmaster Coach who out smart and out thinked him.

    PDV also did not do what he said and resting his key players after the S14 and some of them is not up to International rugby.

    He is in a difficult situation right now where he needs to win on saturday but can not change too much in his team.

    Will see how this weekend goes but against the Aussies we always stand a change to either win big or loose big.