SARU are cowards who don’t back their most precious assets


The national coach and team are SARU’s most precious asset… so why not back the team… and why let old Boer mentalities dictate their reaction to Anglo-Saxon discrimination?

When I read the terse SARU message last night saying that they would not comment on the Pieter De Villiers infraction notice, I thought ag heck not again…

Why? Well because last year when the team got charged in the Bakkies armbands incident SARU did the same. When the chickens came home to roost and the IRB decided to exercise their usual little discrination against non Anglo Saxons SARU closed up shop and sat brooding at their pretty offices at SSI sulking away till their team was hammered to the wall by a bunch of pretentious know it all pratts from the IRB. Then sullenly and dryly reported that this was what had occurred.

Basically SARU hung the team out to dry.

Now we hear the SANZAR pratts have similarly sent out a little piece of paper saying they don’t like to hear the truth about their little Anglo Saxon hegemony over international rugby (including the help from their refereeing friends onfield) from a South African… in fact secretly they believe that blacks should after all not be doing anything important in rugby… bets on that secretly the Kiwis are ticked off that after 180 years of  “racial equality” their national team still has not had a non white coach. Now when, to boot, you have an “uppity nigger” who is Afrikaans and not afraid to throw his unencumbered opinions around that cannot be tolerated. They must put the black man back where he belongs… the old colonial prejudices start to creep out… holy moly they hated the “Boors” and the “niggers” and here you have a cross between the two… telling them outright that they are cheating… “Well well well HQ won’t be having with any of that uppitiness old chap what what?”

Now faced with this out and out attempt to repress the truth and exercise their latent racism what does SARU do…

They close up shop.

At school we used to have our group of cool kids. Whenever a new kid came to school we’d invite him to sit with us. The kid would desperately want to fit in so we’d make little insider jokes that were actually designed to make him feel out.. but he’d be so desperate to feel liked in the new environment that he’d laugh along, and when he figured out we were laughing at him… he’d leave and sit on his own in sullen silence. Yes I know it’s cruel.. kids are like that. But so is the IRB.. and SARU are childish enough to fall for the trick, go back to their offices and sulk.

So here yet again they are as an organization leaving the national coach in limbo.

As I once said (I said it last year) the correct response to this is an all out media offensive against the IRB. I am a little surprised a good sports journo like Andy Calqhoun (a friend of RW too) has not advised his bosses to attack… to use the media. The SANZAR boys club secretly believe the media is there to masturbate the All Blacks after they win. Maybe SARU should have had an actual communications expert to dictate a proper media response to this. Closing up shop like the old Boere would draw a laager to “skiet die zulus” is the completely wrong response.

I believe that SARU was first asked to comment on what De Villiers said… the correct response would be now to open up.. tell us this is what SANZAR wanted to know.. then tell us what your response was… especially if it is positive and backs the coach and makes SANZAR look like the bigots they are… ask Bhutana Khompela and Makhenkesi Stofile to suggest SANZAR is biased against De Villiers because he spoke the truth and is black and Afrikaans… hell get Julius Malema onboard!

And for heavens sakes grow a pair of damned balls and back the coach… okay wait… change that… given the strong woman role models we have in this country like Helen Zille and Maria Ramos and Patricia De Lille and Cheryl Carolus (people never afraid to speak their mind and back their people to the hilt) maybe we should hope that SARU’s balls shrivel into a vagina… maybe some estroegen will give them the backbone to open their mouths and defend the national coach.. who after is an employee accused of bringing the game into disrepute…

A woman like Cheryl carolus would not be afraid to say:

“Uhm no.., tell you what… if Alain Rolland is next to Pieter maybe we’d consider his attendance but until then stuff off.” Bets on the little pink balls in the ou jockey koffie sakke of the old men’s cigar and brandy club at SANZAR would shrivel away and they’d be the ones sulking in the corner.

Bottom line


Open your damn mouths and defend your employees against cruel lies from an organization hellbent on “getting the Japies”… go on the offensive… flood the media with information… if you have decent analysts throw those analyses out there that back Piedter up… let us ask the question is the media… geez why are the IRB afraid of the truth?… How can the truth harm SANZAR?

I am off now to go buy my six year olddaughter a Ken doll to “marry” her Barbie… at least she has more spunk and courage to open her mouth than SARU’s Rob Alexander, Oregan Hoskins and ESPECIALLY Andy Marinos…


* I think people who believe that Pieter should somehow be held accountable for telling the truth are not real rugby supporters but pretenders who like liberal whites pretend that a half full glass is actually a completely full glass and will refuse to listen to things that interefere with their self created construct of a world view. Anyone who says the ref does not affect a team has never played a rugby match. Especially not with an openly biased ref… I have… a poor referee can lose you the game… when it gets to where you think… nothing we are ever going to do will win us this game… to the people who refuse to believe a poor ref alone can cost you a game… you don’t deserve to be commenting on rugby…

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  1. Back De Villeirs…

    Let me ask the naysayers this

    Do you believe that we were fairly treated by officials in all respects during the three games?

    There is no further discussion on the matter

    I want to make two points

    1. SARU must use their media department to go on the offensive and back the SANZAR cowards away into the corner.. WE not NZ and not Aus are the primary money spinner of SANZAR no matter what their numbers… We should be dictating not them…

    2. Ask Andre Watson to analyse the three games with a South African view… if he won’t get someone who will even if they choose to remain anonymous. Then publish it and show Pieter is right… and tell SANZAR punt klaar end of story… threaten them… remember people in our country MUrdoch makes the most cash.. we have the highest attendance of rugby matches.. our television rights are the ones that give SANZAR the most money… use the muscle…

    3. Fire Marinos…. hire a tough talking intelligent loud mouthed colored girl like Maria Ramos or Cheryl Carolus or even Patricia De Lille to shrivel SANZAR’s little mincy pink balls…

    I bet if we threaten the cash cow Murdoch will step in and take our side… play brinkmanship… after all… that is how India eventually broke the Anglo New Zealand Australian hegemony on cricket… India has the cash… they handed out the threats… We need to do the same.

  2. Reply to DavidS @ 10:03 am:

    It’s hardly as though the boks have been well coached, team selections were clever, and they played with intent and crystal clean discipline.

    I do feel that we still would have won had these above things been in place, and it would have been a far more appropriate time then to take them (SANZAR) on for their biased approach.

    As it is, even if SARU grow balls and oppose them, they’ll make their names more GAT than it is already, because their coach behaved like an idiot, and their team played like idiots. Nobody can dispute that.

    Go read the piece of Jean de Villiers, and see how he told them diplomatically what they were.

    Perhaps SARU and PdV should rather learn the art of good communication and diplomacy before they take on these guys, and make sure there are no fingers showing back at them, absolutely none.

  3. Reply to Morné @ 10:09 am: Andy reads RW Morne… you know that…

    Reply to Welshbok die Brandwag @ 10:24 am:

    I disagree Welsh… even if the team plays poorly that is still not an excuse for poor refereeing… they are mutually exclusive… in fact we do not know if the Boks may have played or performed differently if they had been subjected to a fair refereeing situations… therefore your contentions about poor coaching and playing are no more than conjecture… as I said if you have ever played in a game where you know the ref is out to get your team you’ll know how badly that affects the team… because it’s not justa one off thing… it is ongoing and incessant effect on team morale…

    Reply to Boet @ 10:25 am:


    They should chop the balls, and get some estroegen injections…. grow some ovaries… after all their balls are useless apendages

  4. Reply to Jacques(Bunny) @ 10:28 am:

    As I said

    If they didn’t have any balls we’d have girls and then we’d be better off…. no they’re ald men with shrivelled away little namby pamby liberal balls…

    We need a Cheryl Carolus or Patricia De Lille or Maria Ramos wannabe

  5. Reply to DavidS @ 10:34 am:

    yes, I take your point.

    I personally think (theoretically of course) that SARU would get so much further in sorting the problem out without all the fingers pointing back at them.

    At the moment the whole world is calling “sour grapes” and “bad losers”, which is simply adding insult to injury.

    With sweet grapes and good clean rugby, they might (only might) listen to us. With sour grapes, they certainly WON’T listen to us.

    Arguably the bad reffing causes the bad disciplined rugby, but bad reffing had nothing to do with stupid selections and out of form unfit players (unfortunately).

  6. Reply to Welshbok die Brandwag @ 11:02 am:

    Where I agree with Dawie to a large extent is that we are dealing largely with preconceived perceptions, and not actual facts.

    Or to put it another way, the Boks seemingly have a reputation and no matter what we do, it follows us.

    In a perfect world like you mention, all will be fair and situations judged in the moment and not with the history tag attached to it that we are born thugs because that is seemingly the case.

  7. Welsh I hear what you are saying

    However what we are seeing as as Morne says a self perpetuating problem.

    For instance

    Nobody recalls that in 2006 Ali Williams openly punched a Bok and got off scot free (one of the reasons was it was a ‘soft punch’) and got away.

    In the past two weeks SS showed a video shot of an AN openly klapping JF on the ground… noting happens

    Also Zane Kirchner gets tackled shoulder to neck and the Rene Ranger escapes scot free

    The problem is not that the Boks are dirty players… they are

    The problems is EVERYONE is dirty and the All Blacks as much as the Boks

    The difference is just that they get away with it.

    Jacques and I had this discussion after the first week where he pointed out the Boks got awarded 10 penalties vs the 9 of the AB’s to say that this would indicate the ref was fair… yes I see the stats but my problem, as with the dirty play issue is that how many penalties did the ref NOT award to the Boks that he should have? As I said then… I recorded a passage of play where the Boks started off in possession and ended with an All Black penalty (it included a turnover) where the All Blacks committed penalizable offences in eight consecutive rucks and got away with it.

    As I said in my piece too

    Do not confuse the issue of the Boks being “dirty” with what De Villiers said… that is precisely what the international media lead by Peter Bills and Spiros Zavos are trying to do… in the case of the two idiots, primarily because the former think rugby is a soccer game played with an oval ball and the latter has Alzheimers and suffers lapses of dementia…

    The question is not whether we were “dirty”… the question is whether, based on the three games… our coach was justifiable in questioning the balance of the referees.

    And the second issue… if the coach is right…. why is SARU not either trying to establish that he is right… and then telling SANZAR that he IS RIGHT and to take their summons and shove it…

  8. So SARU have two iSSues to tackle

    :Morne: standing up to SANZAR & HQ and

    fix what is wrong on the :boks: training fields

    coz you can spew spit as much as you like to the oFFicials- there are some serious iSSUes closer to home to be aDDreSSed as weLL.

    But then – this is 2010 the year of the SWC

    RWC is played in 2011.

  9. I watched the 2nd test against the All Blacks alongside a born and bred Aussie. We never watched the 2nd half really as he was so pissed off with the ref trying to screw the Boks out of the game.

    Even I didn’t feel that strong at that stage.

    I work with 2 Kiwi’s and both of them was extremely critical of the Rossouw YC.

    Even Fourie’s YC last Saturday was critisised by the local support as unnecessary.

  10. Man, we can all dream! I agree 100% with your sentiments and believe SARU has more than enough amunition to blow these poefters to hell! Just a few video clips where transgressions happened RIGHT BEFORE the ref, and he ignored it! You can take a snapshot of EVERY ruck and you will find the majority of Ozzies and ABs on the ground!

    But the sad truth is that our SARU management are all there for the money only (and the free holidays like varkface marinos had just now!). So all their enrgy is spend on backslapping and scoring browny points before upcoming elections – they could not care less what we think of them.

  11. Reply to Morné @ 10:09 am:


    Maybe I could mail him a pic of my soon to be new toy….

    Glock 19 Gen 4

    But certain RWers may swallow their tongues… like Brendan for instance… and Andy may call the cops…


    In case anyone thinks I’m serious I am not… just a joke… just a joke… it’s FRIDAY

  12. As for the estrogen. The lefties here thought the same a month ago to replace the PM with a women. No it seems to be backfiring big time.

    Let these guys just stand up for a chance. Let them choose: stand up or start wearing a dress.

  13. Reply to Deon @ 12:08 pm:


    I recall my anti Cape bias being you and me having a go at Morne because the Stormers didn’t get a bonus in a game where they should have…

    I actually want to say that am not that complex

    Brendan misunderstands

    I am black and white

    I am justice and injustice

    No matter who gets screwed.. wrong acn never be right and I always open my mouth when that happens

    As in I can’t say I have ever liked PDV and I think he was AA appointed but I think he is being poorly treated now…

  14. Reply to DavidS @ 12:25 pm:

    In any case, seeing that you mentioned the Stormers, I can see the same problems in the Boks.

    Stormers gameplan was very much based on kick & cahse for the backline and in most cases where they scored tries from something else was when the forwards (Bekker, Burger, Vermeulen & Louw) linked up and created unexpected space.

    The same way that Mc(I am a saint)Caw and Elsom is doing. That is where the big difference comes.

    Gary Gold has now proven himself useless and we all know the Dickster has always been. PdV needs to admit these mistakes and get Ludeke and Coetzee in as his assistants. I cannot see why this would be a problem seeing that Dickster coached the Lions.

    IMO the biggest problem is that those 2 have no idea what PdV actually wants. Not one of the teams they were ever invloved in, ever played the type of game that PdV has as his vision.

  15. The whole fracas surrounding
    the Yellow Cards and referee
    prejudice was handled in a very
    amateurish way.

    Snor should take a leaf from
    the way in which Jean de Villiers
    voiced his criticism in a polite,
    educated and civilised manner –
    all of which seems out of the
    grasp of Peter de Villiers and
    his cohorts.

    This should have been handled
    in an internal process, instead
    of voicing off in public.

    If you have such strong feelings
    – and proof – of referee prejudice
    you shut up, plan with Saru about
    the way ahead, compile your evidence
    ON VIDEO and then arrange a
    meeting with SANZAR and it’s
    referee panel, i.e. approach it through
    the right channels.

    Then you may get results.

  16. Reply to Boertjie @ 12:48 pm:

    If you have such strong feelings
    – and proof – of referee prejudice
    you shut up, plan with Saru about
    the way ahead, compile your evidence
    ON VIDEO and then arrange a
    meeting with SANZAR and it’s
    referee panel, i.e. approach it through
    the right channels.

    The problem is that in 2008 they did Boertjie

    PDV compiled a whole wad of video evidence and even got local refs here involved and went to see Paddy NoBrain about it… guess what happened…

    Paddy NoBrain backed the refs and then ZERO…

    Like always

    One has to be like the American revolutionaries

    When all the official doors are slammed in your face then you have to start kicking them down… and a grand synbol… ala Boston tea party… is important… you have to take a stand somewhere…


    The grandmother one


  17. Reply to DavidS @ 1:18 pm:

    Ja, and what has been
    We are the laughing stock
    of the rugby world:
    Whingeing on public platforms
    after being totally outplayed
    with an outdated approach.

  18. ========
    Now when, to boot, you have an “uppity nigger” who is Afrikaans and not afraid to throw his unencumbered opinions around that cannot be tolerated. They must put the black man back where he belongs… the old colonial prejudices start to creep out… holy moly they hated the “Boors” and the “niggers” and here you have a cross between the two… telling them outright that they are cheating… “Well well well HQ won’t be having with any of that uppitiness old chap what what?”

    :lame: :lies:

    Pathetic attempt at trying to create some controversy and hits for this ailing site.

    If you had stuck with them picking on Saffers then I would have joined the debate, but that was pathetic.

  19. ======
    You are attempting to log out of RuggaWorld

    Please try again.

    Yet another pathetic attempt at keeping us logged into the site. :poop:

  20. Reply to Sharksmart @ 2:00 pm:

    Eish – if you are as “smart” as your nick claims, loGGing oFF should not be tOO diFFicult

    But then to read the content of “this ailing site” you dont nEEd to be loGGed on either. Maybe you want to be sEEn making “smartaSS” coMMents.

    :noshake: & :Ollie:

  21. Reply to Deon @ 2:14 pm:

    Ag butibriZZ

    some monkeys just nEEds to be fed laughawie:

    I mean the oke is so delusional he now even refer to himself in the plural.

    Bt then, mixing the whole day with okes just worried about their fantasy leugue teams and how to postore as a reaLLy gOOde Sharks suPPorter must be seriously boring!

    hence the almost pathetic craving for even a bit of “negative” reinforment!

  22. Reply to Boertjie @ 1:56 pm:

    Boer my problem in this article is not the poor play and performance of the team

    As I said we must differentiate between that and the ongoing referees issues.

    Shame Sharksmart is having issues at sharksworld because he once disagreed with robdylan so got banned and now the best he can do is come here and hysterically whinge about RW…

    As I once said Sharksmart

    My contact details are on the site …

    Maybe you can come to my house and talk like that to my face… and I can file down your teeth and use you as the world’s first walking holster for my new toy which arrives soon…

  23. Reply to WiLLem @ 2:39 pm: Dankie.

    Het nog net eenkeer deur Bath en verby die rugbyveld gery maar voor Lukas daar was.

    In Wallis het ek nog net gaan rugby kyk.

    Bergklim is belsis nie vir my nie. :bulls supporter:

  24. Reply to Deon @ 2:40 pm:

    Terwyl MvS in Bath is kan hy mAAr vir MichealclAAsens se die Erasmii( yip dit is baie skerp vaNNie pankop dAAr neFFens sy Hedge) is iNNie kAAp en die res van ons Vrystaters wil grAAg he hy moet ‘n paycut vat en in Oranje 9 kom jol!

    Yip ek wEEt, mAAr ek kan drOOm dis vrydag miDDag!

  25. Reply to DavidS @ 2:31 pm:

    En my punt is jy gaan nie
    openbaar met sulke goed nie,
    veral nie as jy kaksleg aan
    die verloorkant is nie.
    Die pen is magtiger as die
    Daar is amptelike kanale vir
    sulke mouns – AS jy ‘n goeie
    saak het.

    Miskien wil jy weer my post
    lees – s-t-a-d-i-g.

  26. amen …….. tell them bunch of shackledragging, skAApsteeking soepse …. Dawie you da man :brownie: to SARU

  27. SA Rugby president Oregan Hoskins has labelled Sanzar’s imminent disciplinary hearing related to comments made by Springbok coach Peter de Villiers as “a declaration of war by Australia and New Zealand against South Africa”.

    De Villiers was expected to be called before a judicial hearing later this week after implying that Irish referees Alan Lewis and Alain Rolland had conspired in favour of the All Blacks during the recent Tri-Nations tests in New Zealand. “We are right behind Peter and will defend him to the hilt,” Hoskins said last night.

    Hoskins confirmed that, during a performance review earlier this week, De Villiers had promised to abstain from making controversial remarks about referees in the future.
    Continues Below ↓

    SA Rugby issued a statement in an attempt to convince Sanzar that De Villiers had been misunderstood.

    “In no manner did I ever suggest that the All Blacks were being favoured – by match officials or anyone else – because their country was hosting the Rugby World Cup next year,” De Villiers was quoted as saying in the statement.