Jean will be ready for Wales


Jean de Villiers should be fit enough to train with his Springboks team-mates on Tuesday said team doctor Craig Roberts after De Villiers missed Monday’s session because of a groin injury.

SA Rugby

De Villiers sat out the field session after feeling tightness in the area during Saturday’s 23-21 victory over Ireland.

“It is an acute muscle strain – not a tear – and it’s just a bit sore,” said Roberts. “We have to be clever in how we manage him and he should be fine to train tomorrow [Tuesday].”

Meanwhile looseforward Willem Alberts resumed running on Monday after missing the first week of training with a calf muscle problem sustained in the Absa Currie Cup final.

“It is a minor calf strain and he did some running today and I am really pleased with him,” said Dr Roberts. “We’ll continue to monitor him in the hope that he will be fit to play on Saturday if selected.”

Alberts was named in the squad for Saturday’s Test against Ireland but did not recover sufficiently in time to take his place.

Assistant coach Dick Muir meanwhile welcomed the arrival of Frans Steyn into the squad. Steyn joined the group from Paris on Sunday and immediately slotted in to Monday’s session.

“We miss him when he is not with us,” said Muir. “He covers a number of positions and gives us lots of options in selection, especially with so many centres currently unavailable through injury.

“He can play 10, 12 or 15 and like Jean de Villiers is pretty flexible. I could see them playing together in the centres but we’ll have to weigh up all our options in selection.”

The Springbok team will be named on Tuesday at 12h30 (14h30 SA time).

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  1. Old news… Steyn and JDV have already been bracketed together…

    The question is will JDV remain @ 12 (hope so), with Steyn slotting in for Kirchner…

    And then whether Kirchner will revert back to 15 with Aplon in for Basson… (I presume so)…

  2. fok i am tired of old sick note.

    average player at best yet we always have to wait for him to recover from some sort of ailment.

    Perhaps if he takes less contact with his monotonous bashing-up he might last longer.

  3. Reply to its counterrevolutionary to critique any decisions made by boks brainstrust @ 10:26 am:

    He was rated the best 12 out of all the test teams playing this last Saturday… and rightly so… defending like a trojan injured not too mention helping Kirchner out… he made some great breaks and had some deft touches back inside and out…

    Plenty of gas in the tank and Jacque Fourie would have it no other way with him on his inside…

    That was the major difference between NZ mid-field and the Boks in 2009 and 2010… the Boks did not settle on a combo once…

  4. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 10:37 am:

    and in 2009 its was adi who created most.

    Deft touches inside and out? Fok i think meyer Bosman has more deft touches in a game.

    Tell me when last did you see sicknote put his 13 into space?

    Or pass for that matter?

  5. Reply to Morné @ 10:49 am:

    I bet the 4 times he ran he had a man in space outside and the 5 times he passed was to a man in a worse possie than him?

    Have you seen how many times he gets caught with possession, and this season he added a new arrow to the bow: knock-ons!

    you guya are satisfied with so little! jean is a very good 11 I will start him above Habs and jpp anyday

  6. Reply to Morné @ 11:22 am:

    everyone rates him. as a player, so do I.

    He also seems like a really nice guy and a true rugby man.

    But as a 12 i do not think he creates enough.

    Its also worrying that in a game where our forwards dominate, our 10 only passes 9 times to our 12 in an entire game. I know its hard to simplify it like this, but it pretty much means our outside backs only received the ball 5 times in a game!

    You might be chuffed with this stat. I think its plain bloody sad.

  7. in contrast, Adi – probably due to his size, always seeks to make the clever pass that p[uts his mate into space – hence we created more of first phase when he played in 2009.

    jean hangs on too long – happy to take contact – which for a 12 is not very creative

  8. Reply to its counterrevolutionary to critique any decisions made by boks brainstrust @ 11:28 am:

    I dont know how many times Steyn passed to De Villiers specifically, but he passed a total of 17 times.

    I know which type of 12 you are referring to, but there are little to none of these type of players in the game let alone SA rugby, Oz probably coming closest playing Gittaeu at 12.

    We simple do not develop these types of 12’s.

    Also, backline creativity for me starts at 9 and 10, and the type of ball they give a 12.

    Also, do yourself a favour, check how many times the ball moves beyond the 13 in modern rugby from set moves… If you count more than 5 a match you are lucky.

    Backs in the modern game have been conditioned to become counter-attacking specialists, and effective counter attacking relies on a lot more than effective distribution.

  9. Reply to its counterrevolutionary to critique any decisions made by boks brainstrust @ 10:46 am:

    Adi did not (start) in the 3N where JDV and JF ‘owned’ both the Aus midfield, not too mention the all-conquering Nonu/Smith (although he did come on when JPP tweaked his hammie and missed two important tackles which lead to two tries at 32-13)…

    Who could forget JDV’s awesome break and pop-pass in tackle for RP to run over in the all important first win over the AB’s in that 3N?

    Sorry Shieldsy… centres (some bench spots and playing style are probably the only things I disagree with you on)…

  10. Reply to Morné @ 12:03 pm:

    Meng jou met die semels, dan vreet die varke jou.
    — Ou Afrikaanse gesegde.

    BTW re stats:
    How many metres did Beast gain?
    How many metres did Spies gain?
    I’m serious.
    And how many metres was each of them pushed back?

  11. Reply to Morné @ 12:00 pm:

    Thanks have that in the arsenal… but where did you get the passing stats?

    Reply to Morné @ 12:03 pm:

    It’s rare to do any research into any name (around the top of any sector) in RSA these days without there being dodgy BEE tenders/deals/share-swaps etc… it’s shocking…

  12. Heheheheheh

    Mteres gained

    Beast 21
    Spies 31

    Now Boertjie will claim the stats are wrong or that Spies gained 31 but got tackled back 42 or some nonsense like that…

  13. Morne I understand you re: the counter attacking development of players.

    One of the main reasons why rugby appeals less and less to me. I simply do not like the forwards dominated approach of phase play etc.

    Guess i should build a bridge…..

  14. Reply to Morné @ 12:03 pm: I metioned this guy a few weeks ago as well. I know him from even before his IT days when he was in contruction and there are things that was done which I will stay far away from.

    I also don’t hope that teh Lions gonna have the same kak luck as many did with having this guy involved in there business