Enter Tahir and Faf


Cricket South Africa on Thursday named two new caps in the 14-man Proteas’ Standard Bank squad for the five-match MTN ODI series against India. Jacques Kallis was not considered because of injury.

The newcomers are Francois (Faf) du Plessis from the Nashua Titans and Mohammed Imran Tahir from the Nashua Dolphins.

The 26-year-old Du Plessis had a huge impact on the Titans’ MTN40 campaign this season making 567 runs including 3 centuries. He had an average of 81 and a strike rate of 98. His aggregate was more than 100 runs better than the next best in the competition.

In addition to his core batting skills he is a highly-rated fielder and a part-time leg-break bowler.

Together with AB de Villiers and JP Duminy he filled the key positions of 3, 4 and 5 in the South African under-19 side that went unbeaten through England in 2003. He also gained county championship experience with Lancashire for several seasons.

Tahir, a 31-year-old leg-spinner, who was born in Pakistan, recently completed his eligibility qualifications for South Africa. He took 15 wickets in the MTN40 competition at an average of 17 and also picked up a five-wicket haul in the final of England’s equivalent competition for Warwickshire.

“The absence of Jacques Kallis leaves a big gap in the side but at the same time it must be seen as an opportunity for somebody else,” commented selection convener Andrew Hudson.

“Faf du Plessis has grabbed his opportunity this season as Colin Ingram did the previous season. Both he and Tahir had outstanding campaigns in the MTN40 and we are looking forward to see how they take their games up to the next level.”

Du Plessis and Tahir will be the 101st and 102nd player to represent the Proteas in the ODI format.

Proteas’ Standard Bank ODI squad:
Graeme Smith (Nashua Mobile Cape Cobras, capt), Hashim Amla (Nashua Dolphins), Johan Botha (Chevrolet Warriors), AB de Villiers (Nashua Titans), JP Duminy (Nashua Mobile Cape Cobras), Faf du Plessis (Nashua Titans), Colin Ingram (Chevrolet Warriors), David Miller (Nashua Dolphins), Morne Morkel (Nashua Titans), Wayne Parnell (Chevrolet Warriors), Robin Peterson (Nashua Mobile Cape Cobras), Dale Steyn (Nashua Mobile Cape Cobras), Imran Tahir (Nashua Dolphins), Lonwabo Tsotsobe (Chevrolet Warriors).

Wednesday, 12 January: Sahara Stadium Kingsmead
Saturday, 15 January: Bidvest Wanderers Stadium
Tuesday, 18 January: Sahara Park Newlands
Friday, 21 January: Axxess DSL St. George’s
Sunday, 23 January: SuperSport Park

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    “Harris is a modern day Clive Eksteen. Utterly useless and devoid of spin.”

    and the classic:

    “Harris can’t turn a tap.”

  2. Reply to Boertjie @ 6:24 pm:

    Duidelik mense wat fokkol weet van spin boulers…

    Ek wonder of hulle dieselfde kak so uiter oor Hugh Tayfield, Denys Hobson, Anil Kumble en Daniel Vettori… wat die bal ook net soos Harris gedraai het…

    Ek raai maar in jou geval is dit maar soos gewoonlik omdat hy verlangs iets met Pretoria uit te waai het en omdat cab soos gewoonlik fokkol weet

  3. Reply to DavidS @ 8:03 pm:

    Nee, my respek is vir ‘n man soos Warne, wat ‘n bal op glas kon draai.
    En Muttiah Muralitheran.

    Harbajan vat sewe.
    Harris vat ‘n dag later fokkol.
    End of argument.

  4. Reply to Boertjie @ 9:22 pm:

    Hugh Tayfield

    37 toetse

    1949 – 1960

    170 wickets

    5WI 14 keer

    10 WM 2 keer

    Beste boulwerk = 9/113

    Ave = 25

    Hou die rekord vir die bouler wat die meeste opeenvolgende dot balls geboul het (119)

    Beste boulwerk was teen 1949 Aus (Invincebles) 7/23

    As hy vandag gespeel het sou hy ‘n legende met 400 plus paaltjies gewees het

    Die batsmen wat hy aan flarde geboul het was oor die algemeen Aus en Engeland – ons het nie teen die res gespeel nie en in elk geval was hulle kak

    Dink aan name soos die


    Daardie ouens mag maar gefokken bat het

    En Tayfield het hulle knaend opgefok…

    Nee wat

    die idee dat mens moet die bal draai om ‘n goeie spinner te wees is stront…

  5. “…en omdat cab soos gewoonlik fokkol weet”

    wat probeer jy eintlik se?

    ja maybe i dunno anything, but how come muraliteran, warne and kie spin the ball a mile and are the biggest wicket takers?

    looks to the scoreboard Dawie.

  6. Reply to Boertjie @ 6:24 pm: Reply to cab @ 7:48 pm:

    Interestingly though Clive Eksteen was NEVER ranked the 15th best bowler in the world… and currently above Kallis, Sreenath, Sharma… whether he spins the ball or not!

    South African fans are buffoons of the highest order at times…

  7. Good article relating to our conversation about why can’t our hundreds of thousands of ex-pats and nationals come up with a similar organised outfit like the Barmy Army… this with a nation of awesome african anthems and singing… and the best we can come up with is “ole ole'”…

    The current scenes from Sydney are awesome… it’s like an English home game… I can see why so many are choosing to play for the Poms… this team ‘and’ their fans are something special!

  8. And for the record… is Tahir really the future at 31 with a 1st class batting avg of only 14 and bowling avg only slightly better than a Paul Harris at 1st class?

  9. Brilliant 3-1 win against Aus, first time since 89′ the Aussies have lost 3-1…

    This ‘current’ Pom team would wipe the floor with the Proteas…

  10. Boertjie…

    On why the Army are so rampant…

    “Laurie listens, but he reckons I’m overthinking it.

    “I think it’s as basic as the fact that wherever we play in the world, there are always English fans,” he says”

    Ditto to RSA expats… one look at the Barmy Army website show they are a multi-million Pound entity…

    Anyone up for starting a Protea’s version?

  11. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 3:10 am:

    Not me thank you

    Maybe South Africans lacks the capacity( not necessarily the craving) to be part of something “biGGer” than the “overinflated self” siTTing/shiTTing on the couch, where DSTV can profit handsomely from the Eulogised “Superfans”.

    That said- a DSTV subcription does provide you with a “front seat” or rather then the “pound seat” to an awesome amount of “choice” when it comes to watching worldwide sport. The pound might not be the same force it was in 1910- as so proudly polished by Mr George W Banks in Mary PoPPins, but it stiLL outweighs most.

    What is true though is the South African reality that the cuRRency and the economic situation for most is a huge baRRier to a South African Supporters Army. Would like to know if the various tours to RWC 2011 is OverbOOked or not, the tours to CWC 2011 might even aTTract le$$.

    The saFFa expats stiLL have huge iSSues with the way sport is governed in SA and maybe they wiLL be beTTer served by just completing the process they have started with – full aSSimilation.

    But then a suNNy afternOOn, a couple of cold ones and a group of grEEn glad strangers might just drum up a baTTalion song or two, caNNot guarantEE that Ole Ole wont feature-Bryce .

  12. Reply to WiLLem @ 8:11 am

    Always plenty of Saffa’s at the cricket but yes they are mostly ex-pats… and agree somewhat with ‘full assimilation’ in Perth awhile back I was asked if I was on holiday in Aus but a bunch of ex-pat Aussies next to me who were horrified to find out I’d been here longer than them and still supported the Boks…

    I asked them what soccer teams they supported… some answered ManU… I said ‘exactly’!

  13. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 8:49 am:

    If you suPPort the boKKe and Proteas it is your choice Bryce :Bakkies: to anyone that wants to impose their values.

    The fact that you are an SA Expat does not erase your history or the half a lifetime as a South African.

    To my opinion a Barmy Army Supporter imposes his choice on others aTTending the same game- mostly within acceptable vocal and physical boundries.

    Again I caNNot sEE the reason for Expat SaFFas to be part of such a group and that it wiLL benefit the individual on the long run. If I ever becomes an expat, I would, in order to make it bearable for me- adopt a policy of neutrality between SA and the adopted country and suPPort Sa and the said adopted country against the Poms and the AB’s :roll:

    I was merely coMMentating on the Barmy Army and the plausibility/po$$ibility of a SA version.

    PersonaLLy I dont think it is poSSible- cause the Poms and SaFFas are fundamentaLLy diFFerent.

    Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 8:49 am:


    Most ManU suPPorters are “arsloch”‘s anyway!


  14. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 3:01 am:

    Not so sure

    A stronger Pommie team toured here last year and in five tests it was 1-1 BUT in two of the drawn tests the Poms spent the last hour or so of matches batting to save test matches…

    Not sure you are right.

    Current Proteas are stronger than Aus.

    In the next to previous test between Vroteas and Poms at Wanderers there was the usual three groundsmen, a dog and the Barmy Army watching SA start the last day on some thing like 116/6 chasing 400 to save the game…

    Unfortunately my friends and I got into a fight with them after the game… can’t say I like them… same with Lions fans in 2009… full of whingeing and whining about our refreees and how they were unlucky… like All Blacks…

    Remind me of All Blacks fans in New Zealand who are just as poor a bunch of sportsmen…

    Aussies are “good sports” though… always have been…

    If you beat them it’s “fair dinkum on ya cobber”

    And they celebrate wildly when they win and will commiserate with opposing fans too even gracious in victory.

    Saffas are NOT good losers and I count myself amongst them too… and like Kiwis we are also poor winners… most ungracious… “Ja we told you not to bring your kak here because we’d klap you stukkend…. Hahahahahah!”

    Still don’t like the Barmy Army

  15. Hoessit Tjops.

    Regarding Harris – yesterday during SS coverage a list of 2010 top (presumably) spin bowlers came up and Harris was also on there, albeit last. Now I don’t know much about cricket, but I thought that should be good and warranted his inclusion. Then only did I notice the averages/strik rates/run rates or whatever bowlers are measured on to the right.

    Guy at the top (Swann, I believe) was something like 57 and Harris was 120. So much for being good, I guess!

    Don’t really have a problem with Harris, seemed to take a few important wickets. Not flash with the bat though. Why is Botha never included in tests? And why not Roelof van der Merwe, he’s a spinner and much better batsman right?

  16. Reply to Namboer @ 9:37 am:


    Wont pick tOO much aLL rounders for test cricket

    Great if a bowler can bat- but he must stiLL be able to be picked as one of the 4 frontline bowlers, with the fith bowler the acknowledged aLL rounder – wicky and 5 specialist batsmen( would be great if some of them could be decent bowlers as weLL.

    KaLLis is luckily( for SA) stiLL there, there McLaren have hardly a hope in heLL for playing.

    Just to compare- Nicky Boje was agreat aLL rounder- but hardly a firstline spiNNer-

    who would you pick to replace HaRRis- Boje at his best- or Harbadjan Singh?

  17. Reply to DavidS @ 9:22 am:

    Barmy Army and Lions fans IMO are the best ‘Huge’ group of fans I have come across in my travels and at home… in every way… friendly despite being paralytic, jovial, knowledgeable, willing to engage with locals and organised and their unwaivering support for their team right down to the end… impressive stuff… 99′ Lions tour, 2003 Lions tour, 2006 Ashes, this Ashes…

    Proteas have never managed a 3-1 win against Aus at home… Poms now have 4-5 performing bastmen to our 2-3… they have 3-4 performing bowlers to our 2… their attack is more varied their tail bats longer… take out Adams and (for arguments sake) Strauss and they would not blink… take out Kallis and Steyn and we’d be forked… it would be an interesting game but I would not be surprised to see them leap-frog the Proteas in the next few tests…

    Proteas simply cannot dominate teams other than the Windies and lower…

    And you can bet both Aus and the Poms will finish higher than the Proteas this impending world cup…

    Reply to Namboer @ 9:37 am:

    Supersport shouldn’t be comparing him to the top 3 spinners only (just so happen those 3 rank far higher than some of the best altogether… but ALL the form test bowlers in the world…

    Current World Test Bowling Rankings…

    1 897 D.W. Steyn SA 897 v India, 03/04/2008
    2 814 G.P. Swann ENG 858 v Pakistan, 26/08/2010
    3 761 M. Morkel SA 768 v India, 16/12/2010
    4 752 Zaheer Khan IND 752 v South Africa, 26/12/2010
    4 752 J.M. Anderson ENG 756 v Australia, 03/12/2010
    6 738 Mohammad Asif PAK 818 v England, 29/07/2010
    7 730 M.G. Johnson AUS 825 v England, 08/07/2009
    8 664 Harbhajan Singh IND 765 v New Zealand, 12/12/2002
    9 648 Shakib Al Hasan BAN 640 v England, 04/06/2010
    10 645 Mohammad Aamer PAK 658 v England, 26/08/2010
    11 635 P.M. Siddle AUS 635 v England, 26/12/2010
    12 622 D.L. Vettori NZ 681 v Australia, 11/03/2000
    13 613 S.C.J. Broad ENG 697 v South Africa, 30/12/2009
    14 603 D.E. Bollinger AUS 666 v India, 01/10/2010
    15 585 P.L. Harris SA 705 v England, 16/12/2009
    16 584 I. Sharma IND 597 v New Zealand, 20/11/2010
    17 569 C.S. Martin NZ 643 v England, 24/05/2004
    18 563 J.E. Taylor WI 717 v England, 04/02/2009
    19 552 B.A.W. Mendis SL 572 v Bangladesh, 03/01/2009
    20 551 S.T. Finn ENG 557 v Australia, 03/12/2010
    21 535 Umar Gul PAK 627 v West Indies, 27/11/2006
    22 524 J.H. Kallis SA 742 v England, 21/08/2003
    23 523 H.M.R.K.B. Herath SL 542 v India, 24/11/2009
    24 520 D.J.J. Bravo WI 540 v Australia, 16/12/2009
    25 518 Danish Kaneria PAK 723 v England, 12/11/2005
    26 509 F.H. Edwards WI 590 v England, 06/05/2009
    27 505 B.W. Hilfenhaus AUS 560 v India, 09/10/2010
    27 505 S. Sreesanth IND 577 v England, 09/08/2007
    29 500 S.L. Malinga SL 546 v Bangladesh, 03/07/2007
    30 489 K.A.J. Roach WI 494 v Sri Lanka, 23/11/20

  18. Reply to WiLLem @ 10:00 am:
    Was gonna say Harris is no good at batting at all and, based on that 2010 spinners comparison, not at all good at bowling either.
    But seeing Bryces list, puts it into another perspective – Harris is above Kallis on there.

    But how do those ranking work that you posted Bryce? Seems like the bowler’s best figure and not an average or overall one? Like I said, I don’t know all that much about cricket so esscuse if it’s a dumb question! :clown: :oops:

  19. Reply to Namboer @ 10:40 am: And still, why does Johann Botha not make the test squad? Bryce’s figures are for tests only so if one doesn’t play in test, he won’t be on there. Is Botha that bad a bowler in ODI?

  20. A bloke walks into a brothel and says:
    “I’m a bit kinky, how much for total humiliation?”
    The madam replies $60.
    “Wow, what do I get for that,” he says.
    She says: “A baggy green cap and an Australia shirt.

  21. DAWIE:
    The difference between ‘Toey’ Tayfield and Harris – whether they spun the ball or not – is that Tayfield took wickets and won matches: including 14×5 and
    2×10 in tests @ 26 runs per wicket.

    White Saffas have never been a singing nation.
    Shosholoza has a catchy tune, but dies down after the first line. Getting guys to sing words they cannot even pronounce does not work.
    Maybe it will work if someone like Willem translates it into English.

  22. Ja nou gaan die kak grappe begin!

    Virgin wanted to offer Cricket Australia a sponsorship of their national team but they turned it down saying they couldn’t accept it in good faith knowing the Aussies get f–ked every test match…

    Little boy in custody battle gets to decide who he should be awarded custody to…
    Judge: Your mommy?
    Boy: No she’ll spank me
    Judge: Daddy?
    Boy: No he beats me
    Judge: Granny?
    Boy: No she smacks me
    Exasperated judge: Well who then?
    Boy: The Australian cricket team
    Judge: Huh why?
    Boy: Because they don’t beat anyone



    Since readmission we haven’t played a five test series against Australia.

    Australia only plays five test series against England and West Indies (and even that not any more)

    We have only played five test series against West Indies, England and ONE against India…


    We are never going to beat Australia 3-1 in a test series… whether in Australia or anywhere else in the world…

  23. Reply to Boertjie @ 12:14 pm:

    According to Cricinfo and Wikipedia Tayfield’s secret weapon was… line and length bowling that stopped runs coming from one end and eventually forced the batsmen into trying to take him on and getting out…

    Pretty dead stock standard stuff for a South African spin bowler… post the WW1 era*

    Can you believe that pre WW1 we INVENTED the flipping Googly! In pre WW1 tests it was not unusual for SA to go into a test match with FOUR spinners!!!!

  24. janee, yesno, how a spinner like harris can take wickets is beyond me, interesting stats posted above, maybe i should give cricket a skip, but whats the point of having a spinner who dont spin it and who cant klap it?

  25. in fairness to harris he sounds to be quite a decent chap signing autographs for the littluns and not such a grootkop, but mein godt where is the draai ffs? i’m still waiting to see one turn…

  26. Reply to DavidS @ 12:25 pm:

    Well technically speaking that is not correct because the Proteas had the opportunity to play 6 consecutive tests against Aus the last time they met… 3 away then 3 home but they fluffed it after leading 2-1 in Aus then let Aus come back 2-1 at home…

    Reply to Boertjie @ 12:14 pm:

    Yep the only time I’ve heard Shosholoza done consistently was at every Baby Jake fight… lol it always fizzles out after a round or two (hell I’ve never known the rest of the words either lol)…

    This is the sort of stuff a fan-squad could sort out… much like the ‘war cry committees’ at high school and I can still remember some of our Zulu ones…

  27. Two great test series’… but fork… I’m over it… bring on the rugby updates…

    Off to see what the Rebels have got against the Tongans in a few days… thankfully!

  28. Harris is supposed to beat batsmen with flight and bounce, not spin – right?

    Of which we saw zilch in the latest series – right?

  29. Reply to Boertjie @ 12:53 pm:

    And yet he still took a wicket and gave away only 1.96 runs an over in 60 overs for the test… yes 1.96 runs an over…

    Compare that to Tsotsobe who took 1 @ 2.9 an over…

    Tell you what… the two Japies looked super-buff a few weeks back at the Rebels first practice… same as Mortlock…

  30. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 12:39 pm:


    People who concede a lackl of knowledge should realize that this is also the foundation of opinions expressed…

    As I said

    Anil Kumble was such a kak bowler he couldn’t turn a ball if it were shaped like a spinning top…

    Thank God nobody ever gave him a chance as a cricket player because heavens above knows what his lack of turn would have done to world cricket… he would have embarrassed India which renowns itself on its ability to produce spin wizards.

    Oh shit I’m wrong

    He is India’s top wicket taker of all time and third highest ever in history…

    619 wickets in 132 matches at an average of 29

    Only these two no names called Muralisomething or other and some floppy blond headed fat Aussie whose name escapes me have taken more sticks than this ridiculous fool who couldn’t turn a ball…

    Eat the STFU until you learn a bit more… rather let’s talk about the merits of the Lions chasing after Beast when they let Heinke VD Merwe go at more or less this time last year and then did the same with Willie Wepener… maybe they should have gotten a decent tight head prop when we had a decent loosehead and hooker…

  31. Hey ouens!

    Happy new year to you’s all!

    blou bul ondersteuner innie kaap stop by gatiep langs die pad.

    Hy vra “hey gammat, hoe kom ek vinnigste by die waterfront hiervanaf?”

    gatiep: “skies meneer, ma ry djy of loep djy”

    “Ek ry man!”

    “Naai, dis seker die vinnigste meneer”

    :applause: :applause: :applause:

  32. Winning tests is about taking 20 wickets, not just containing batsmen.
    How many wickets did Sree and Steyn and Singh take in the series, and how many Harris?

    Anyway, even Warne struggled vs the Rietkappers, who shows disdain for leg spinners.
    So let’s see how Tafir does.

  33. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 1:10 pm:

    JP du Plessis
    Height: 185 cm
    Weight: 92 kg
    Date Of Birth: 29/04/1991
    Place of Birth: Kroonstad, Free State


    Jarrod Saffy
    Blindside Flanker
    Height: 191 cm
    Weight: 106 kg
    Date Of Birth: 24/10/1984
    Place of Birth: Benoni, South Africa

    South African born Jarrod was the first NRL player to join the RaboDirect Rebels, finishing with St George Illawarra Dragons to do so. Jarrod started his career in rugby union representing the Australian Schoolboys, Under 21s and the Australian Sevens, as well as playing for the NSW Waratahs Academy and Sydney University. Jarrod is excited to be returning to his first code with the brand new club.

    The guy is a Beast in person… as solid as Schalk if not more athletic looking…

  34. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 1:37 pm: The Du Plessis kid is made out as ‘a prodigy by his coach at Paarl Gim, I see. Apparently the son of the current skills coach of the Lions, home scooled until age 15 and never been in a gym.

    Maybe this is exactly what many SA schoolboys need…
    Some time in Aus in League to develop skills as it’s not fucussed upon here alot. And is League not softer on the body also, maybe a clever idea to get some experience/BMT/miles under the belt and not get injured as easily.

  35. Reply to Namboer @ 3:13 pm:
    Eh, the Du Plessis chap has signed for the Rebels too, without completing his 3 year stint in NRL.
    So much for my great revelation about getting some experience/BMT/miles under the belt and not getting injured as easily!!! :shake:

  36. Reply to Namboer @ 3:13 pm:

    Skills and he has put on 7kgs in pure muscle… Rugby League guys know exactly how to work their players in the gym for maximum power and speed as well as to minimise the brutal rigours of making so many tackles…

    Saffy has had a full two seasons for the Dragons too… he’s huge but athletic… there are some pics of him next to Wendel Sailor and they hardly look any different… in size…

  37. JP du Plessis
    Height: 185 cm
    Weight: 92 kg
    Quite a giant compared to the Ndunganes, not to mention Aplon.

  38. JP Du Plessis is probably too … ahem…. pale… to play wing and be successful up to the highest level in SA

    We have Habana and the Ndunganes and Mapoe and Basson and Pietersen and that Zulu to make up the spaces and fill the places and keep the wings lekker dark… and make the politicos heppie heppie eisj broe

  39. Reply to DavidS @ 10:16 pm:

    His preferred position is 13… he’s too quick, steppy with acceleration and excellent hands to be left on the wing… so yes he’s too pale still once JF moves on anyway…

    Mortlock is the only thing keeping him from being closer to the action…

    I’ve only seen a bit of league footage and a practice run with both the above so it will be interesting to see what happens next week against Tonga in their first game…

    Saffy was awesome in 7’s (his size/power is seriously needed with the Blitz-Orks… and don’t tell me we don’t have more in the ranks in RSA albeit too pale)…

    St George fans still bemoan his leaving… he’s a Juan Smith (with a bit more handling/stepping skills)… he’ll be a Wallabie imo!

  40. Orcs still aren’t learning their lesson… no players over 100kg and over 190cms… when Aus, England, Fiji, NZ, Samoa all have them…

    This is why we contest the plate finals these days and cannot buy a win against Aus who we once dominated…

    Time for Treu to move on…

  41. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 1:49 am:

    At least someone appreciates it

    Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 1:51 am:


    I am astounded by the number of tackles the Orcs fall off during the group matches against teams with big okes in… and tackling is something we pride ourselves on.

    I am interested in how Tim Noakes marries Paul Treu’s “success” at professional levels with his adherence to the Tim Noakes religion.

    Treu is an out and out racist coach on all levels. But he is excused because he is “black”

  42. Reply to DavidS @ 2:15 pm:

    Selection aside (and I don’t ‘really’ buy into your racist jibe)… Treu has had some excellent success at stages of his career on many levels… but that success graph has plateaued and the Orcs have stagnated and are now contesting the plate on a regular occurrence for a number of obvious reasons…

    Time for new blood in the coaching dept and more visionary too… Treu appears to be a structured, hard task-master with a good grasp on tactics… but the game has changed the past 3 seasons from the size of players and the shift to a power and not just speed game…

    See you later… well done… thank you for coming…

    Perhaps a stint in the VC…

  43. Now back to the cricket…

    What a beautiful sight the MM stadium is with the sprawling beaches, Durban Country Club and Beachwood golf course in the background…

    But FFS… the pitch is oblong, not round with ludicrously close boundaries and this in a T20 game!

    She ain’t a cricket ground’s arse… not nearly the same atmosphere either!

    They replace Harris, a left-arm orthodox spinner with a lower ranked, equal aged left-arm orthodox spinner with a terrible FC average (who also holds the record for going for the most in a test match)… I wonder why????

    Where is Tahir for the added leg breaks then?

    And then they bowl both Duminy and Botha simultaneously who both bowl offies!

    Awesome catch by Ntini right on the boundary rope… he’s lost none of his grit in the field…

  44. Can not see what David Miller offers (on paper) as a batsman… nothing flash in his figures… must be able to belt the ball?

  45. Hehe… T20’s shite enough as it is… before this joke of a pitch and poor selection circus… what am I doing questioning it… outa here… nighty night!