Lions MTN sponsorship deal signed


So now MTN and the Lions have announced that the cellular giant will replace A&G as well as Xerox as main sponsor for the Lions…

Result of course is that the Lions now have an even bigger chequebook to chuck around at players…

MTN bigwigs and Lions shareholder Robert Gumede made the right noises about being excited and delivering transformation to rugby.

Kevin De Klerk GLRU CEO says MTN’s cutting edge communications tech will now allow Lions fans interactive access to their favorite team…

Both say they want to use rugby to attract talent, make the Lions a “leader of the pack” and use rugby to transform SA…

The new jerseys were also shown off with the logos on… I’m interested to see these… Lions red and white with MTN yellow and blue… I’m sorry… I’m not convinced it will look pretty.

Nobody has so far said anything about possible repercussions from Vodacom, title sponsor of the local leg of the Super 15 and main competitor of MTN…

Anyway if it’s good for the Lions then I’m happy!

Below a pic of the new home and away Lions jerseys for this S15

Must say they look cool

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  1. Overall it’s much better developing players and broadening the national talent base, rather than buying established players.

    But I realise no franchise – especially not the struggling ones – has the time for that and are opting for quick fixes.

    On de udder hand, Darren, a successful team will probably serve as an impetus for young talent to develop and stay with the union.
    Especially if they are identified early and well looked after – like the Bulls do.

  2. Ja look at the Bulls of 2001 to 2004 more or less…

    They imported Heyneke, Anton Leonard and a host of players, including their super flyhalf Derrick Hougaard and several others and from the success of those grew their local talent.

    I agree 100% with you

    BUT the Lions have lost so many talented players in the past five years that they have to look elsewhere to replace players who are outstanding now for other teams…

    They do not have a “senior player” base or even excellent name players…

    The last two

    Andre Pretorius
    Jacque Fourie

    Left in 2009

    They NEED name players…

    As in Pretoria

    Local talent will emerge with local success

  3. Another day, another golden handshake.
    This time the umpteenth incompetent SABC boss walks away with a cool R30 million.
    :Rule 9:

  4. Reply to DavidS @ 1:13 pm:

    Firstly… who owns MTN (or who started it)… not the puppets sitting in the CEO seats… the person/group who started the ball rolling?

    Who owns the other 50.1% majority stake in the Lions?

    Andre Pretorius is back at the Lions…

    And finally just when are the Lions going to name their 2011 squad?

  5. I’d say that the Lions are going to remain the easy beats for a long time to come.
    Deep pockets or not, the road to sporting success is very different from the ways of their owners.

  6. Reply to Boertjie @ 4:24 pm:

    People tend to repeat the methods that worked for them before but I don’t think the methods in this case will result in rugby success.

    It will probably just corrupt the GLRU further and leave them weaker in the end.

  7. Reply to Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes @ 3:51 pm:

    I think you’re being a worried Bulls fan who knows that when the Lions rise the Bulls’ best player invariably trek south… and Lions strength is usually equated with Bulls decline…

    Bulls success started with?

    Oh yes

    Buying a coach
    Buying a skipper
    Buying a decent lock from Vereeniging
    Buying a good flyhalf from the Cape

    The Stormers started by

    Buying a decent DOR
    Buying a decent coach
    Getting a set of decent players
    8th man

    Sharks pioneered the system in the late 80’s

    The Lions are just following a time trusted method…

  8. stadskinders is inherent slapgatte.

    For this reason Lions might win some by buying in players, but its not sustainable.

    so sorry davidS. your kind might have the balls to klap the kid with the braces in school but should you ever be asked to load a mieliesak onto a tractor you cry for your human rights.


  9. Reply to DavidS @ 9:58 pm:

    waddiefok, julle klomp spore het in 1986 die laaste fokken klavier verkoop om nuwe bane vir die skylectric the bekostig.

    vandag se stadkind kom net naby `n cortina as hy die ding op sy xbox accessorize.

  10. Reply to DavidS @ 9:58 pm:

    en ja, by `n interskole in Linden die anderdag het ek wel gesug en gese : “jislaaik, die goed is kaksleg”. Stutte met shoulderguards en die works. Agterlyn almal ge-gear soos Earl Rose…..

  11. Ek moet se, ons spore is rerig swak.

    Hoe kan ons ons kinders nie groot maak om die vrou n klap te gee as die kos nie reg is wanneer jy van die velde af kom nie. Ek meen jy sweet die heel dag deur die werkers te misbruik sonder om hulle n salaris te betaal… Hoe kan sy nou nie die kos reg he nie? Leer haar n les en klap haar deur die bek…

    Gaan soek aandag op n ander plek. Jy het nie n idee waarvan jy praat nie.