Mbalula’s demands must be followed with cash help


SARU has pledged its coaches to help develop sports at school level after the former ANCYL leader whines about school sports.

Sports minister Fikile Mbalula

Our esteemed sports minister, having used his classically twisted special ANCYL trained reasoning to somehow blame apartheid for the current state of sports in schools and then insisting that sports codes should “do something about it” has elicited a positive response from just one rugby code… that’s right… rugby.

Mbalula wants to use schools to “transform sport”… so SARU has said it will help and even “audit” school rugby for the minister to help him.

Hoskins has said the problem is provincial where too few black players are selected.

I have said this before and i will repeat it as a parent with kids at school. Transformation is not the problem. Most of the schools desperately want to implement a transformation policy BUT that is extremely difficult to do when the Department of Education has effectively cut funding to former white schools. The school my kids attend receives 3% of its annual budget from government and the rest from the parents. Sports? Don’t make me laugh… there is no support whatsoever from government… nothing at all. It ALL comes from the parents who offer up their time and more especially actually fund the damn school sports.

I understand from black friends that this does not work the same in townships. There they simply don’t do sports. I’ve seen this with community social responsibility projects in our school. There is about 10% black kids in our school. I saw no black parents at the social responsibility organization’s volunteer evenings. And none in the sports volunteers evenings either. Can we transform? Yes of course but why should it be made the responsibility of parents who are doing the work at personal cost to themselves? And why should we neglect our own willing children to help kids whose parents do not contribute…

If government wants transformation at school level… how about some money to finance that… to quote a famous racist… screw your sense of entitlement…

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  1. Ja, sad hey. Our fields were under 5m of water 3 weeks ago. We lost all our equipment, all the equipment, fridges and the kitchen itself. Electricity is screwed up.

    What happens, everyone is pitching in getting it back together. We had sign on on Sat & Sunday, but there were fridges to keep the drinks and food cold that parents lent until we can organise new fridges, someone donated a new BBQ, other clubs have offered some of their surplus equipment. Everybody is helping. I doubt this will happen in any kind of school in SA now, never mind a club.

    I have said it years ago. You cannot force a kid to play rugby. It is still a choice. When we were at school some boys only played because of peer pressure. That discipline is not there anymore.

    This ANCYL clowns will never get this into their heads. One can’t even say their heads are full of air. At least then one will be able to get something in there. Theirs are more a case of solid :poop:

  2. He is not being as bad as i thought he would be when he took over, at least he is wanting rugby at schoolboy level, could be worse, but we will see how long it lasts, World Cup Trophy would be a feather in his cap in some way i would imagine, so another reason to win and get him on our side.

  3. This same thing was mooted by a previous minister five years ago. Total result: ZERO.

    They just don’t have the “capacity”.
    Children in schools are literally fighting for desks.

  4. Desks?

    They’re fighting to get into the schools!

    The headmaster of the local English High School told me recently that he wanted more funds from the GDE because seeing as his school is (like ALL English government schools) primarily black pupilled.

    The department told him his school was “in a white area” and henceforth in future her Merjestee the Ministah had decreed there shall be government funded and parent funded schools and his school was a parent funded school, so make peace with it…