Win AMAZING prizes with RuggaWorld and the Rat Race!


It is with great excitement and pride that I can announce that RuggaWorld will be giving away some magnificent prizes in our own tipping competition, the Rat Race!

So here is the deal.

After all Deon’s hard work in giving RuggaWorld a truly wonderful facelift, including our very own tipping competition the Rat Race, we felt it is worth celebrating all of this properly.

RuggaWorld approached a couple of sponsors with the view of giving them advertising space on our website in return for sponsoring a couple of goodies we plan to give away in the Rat Race competition.

The wonderful people at ****** (see below), NT IT Solutions and EvolveAV answered our call and has given us some magnificent prizes that will be up for grabs during the whole of the Super 15.

Before we get to the prizes, let’s just recap on the Rat Race and what it is.

Rat Race Tipping Competition

The Rat Race tipping competition is a score-prediction competition where registered users on RuggaWorld simply have to enter the scores of all the games to be played during the Super 15.

A complete overview of how all this works, can be found here.

The most important thing however, is that anyone registered with RuggaWorld can join us in the Rat Race and stand a chance to win one of 7 great prizes.

How it works

As all of you will be quite aware, we are already entering Round 3 of the Super 15, but don’t worry, we have designed the competition so everyone starting today, and even in rounds to come, can walk away with a prize.

In the spirit of the new Super 15 format, RuggaWorld will also have 3 conferences namely; ‘The NT-IT Conference, The EvolveAV conference, and the ****** Conference’.  Don’t worry, our conference system is much easier to understand!

Each conference will run over a pre-determined number of Rounds (5 rounds each) and at the end of each conference window period, the associated sponsors prize will be up for grabs.

As an example, Rounds 3 to 7 will be known as the NT IT Conference, Rounds 8 to 12 the EvolveAV Conference and Rounds 13 to 18 (and the finals) the ****** Conference.  At the end of each of these conferences, the best performer in the Rat Race over that period (or conference) will walk away with the associated prizes up for grabs!

This means that no matter how badly you performed in (or for some reason missed) any preceding conference, you still stand a chance to win something in another!  No Grand Prizes or Winner Takes All scenario, with us, everyone can win at any time.


Okay now I am sure you cannot wait for me to tell you what you can win…

NT IT Solutions, whose conference will run from Rounds 3 to 7, have kindly sponsored a Samsung 2.5’’, 250GB, White Box External Hard Drive.

EvolveAV whose conference will run from Rounds 8 to 12, have given us a Sony DSC-W350/Black 14.1 Megapixel camera which will go to the winner of their conference!

Mystery Sponsor. Well it is not that we are trying to be funny because believe me we are itching to tell you who our mystery final sponsor is, but due to committments they have made to another organisation which expires on 16 March, we cannot say who they are just yet, and what they sponsored as prizes.

Be assured however, that is something every single rugby supporter, irrispective of the South African team you support, male or female, young or old, would die to have.  Stay tuned to RuggaWorld specifically around the 16th of March when we will announce them, and the prizes on offer in the last conference, and in the finals stages of the Super 15.

Another thing we can confirm is that all of these magnificent prizes are worth over R 10 000!

Excited yet?  Well get off your ass and if you have not yet registered with RuggaWorld, do so now and join in the fun!


The full list of terms and conditions will go up under the Rat Race menu soon, but most importantly for now, register with RuggaWorld if you are not a registered user already, invite your friends and family to do the same, and simply pick the winning scores in the Rat Race every week, starting this weekend!

It cannot be simpler.

A Final Word

As a final word from RuggaWorld, we would like to thank all our kind sponsors for the truly magnificent prizes they have given for this competition, not forgetting the excellent and hard work Deon has put in with the site and competition which I am sure he will have to pay back to Tafelberg (his wife) in kind (times 10) over the next couple of months!

But most importantly, all of this was done for you guys, our loyal readers, contributors and followers that has made RuggaWorld the truly unique Rugby website we have become over the last couple of years.  Our statistics are actually quite amazing and all of that is down to you!

But enough from us now, it is time you repay all of us for a change and get all your friends and family to come join in the fun.  We will have weekly articles updating the competition and where everyone stands to ensure you are kept in the loop!

Good luck, and have fun!

**Important notice for new users: If you are registering with for the first time, please ensure you enter your first name and last name in the relevant fields, THIS WILL NOT BE VISIBLE ON THE WEBSITE TO ANYONE (Your display name is the only information that can be viewed online). approves all registrations first in an attempt to avoid bots and spammers joining the site.

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  1. Deon has put in with the site and competition which I am sure he will have to pay back to Tafelberg in kind (times 10) over the next couple of months!

    Thanks for thinking of me

    Think he already payed me back more than 10 x 10 in kind. :lust:
    The tummy is getting BIG again, so in a few months he’ll be paying back in sleepless nights and nappie changes.

  2. Congratu-bladdy-lations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Deon jou Donner

    Why keeping it a secret!

    No. 4 hier kom ons!

    Mine has had a snip snip done so although I can still breed her days are over…

  3. oh so when the cheetahs could not elaborate on the name of their sponsor all hell broke loose but its ok for ruggaworld?


    Ag fok let me win this thing…

  4. Excellent job, thanks for the sponsors and all involved!
    :respek: :wave: :job: :applause: :applause: :applause:

  5. In contrast to the Cheetahs our deal with our OUR sponsor is signed sealed and delivered and, shall we say “other obligations” of our sponsor prevent us from announcing it right now…

  6. Bryceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee where are you ????

    Just received a sms saying i have won R1.2M in the GMA awards held in the Uk, with a ref number and who to contact.

    Have no idea what GMA awards are, so what scam is this ? oh and T&C applys what ever that is.

    Really wish there was some one i could report this to, i got my hopes up there for a few seconds, and thats how they spelled applies.