RuggaWorld and Oakley join forces in the Rat Race


We promised you a great competition, and we delivered.

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RuggaWorld and Oakley have joined forces to make the last conference and Finals round something really special.

As you should know by now, the very kind folks at NT-IT Solutions have given us our first conference prize, with EvolveAV also answering RuggaWorld’s call to give us a spectacular prize for the second conference.

So with RuggaWorld and the Rat Race we tried to cover all the bases.  In the first two conferences we will give you the chance to win the NT-IT Samsung External White Box Hard Drive and the EvovleAV Sony DSW Digital Camera to capture and save all those special rugby moments.

But we still could not give you a means to show off to your family and friends just who you actually support?

That is when we asked the very cool, and very kind folks at Oakley South Africa if they would not mind to help us out – and boy did they help us out!

RuggaWorld and Oakley now gives you the opportunity to win one of 5 pairs, yeah you read right, 5 pairs of stunning Oakley Antix sunglasses worth over R7500!

But these aren’t just normal sunglasses, Oakley have recently released a range of The Rugby Union Limited Edition Antix, available in the colours of your favourite team, The Sharks, The Cheetahs, The Stormers, The Lions and the Springboks

RuggaWorld together with Oakley will give away one pair from each of these teams in our Rat Race tipping competition.

Click on the image to read more about the Rugby Union Antix range

Bulls supporters would have noticed that their name is missing from the Antix range, unfortunately, as Oakley said, the Bulls rugby union currently has an agreement with another eyewear company and is therefore unable to release a Bulls Antix range of sunglasses at this stage.

But that should not stop our Bulls supporters on RuggaWorld to join in the Race, the folks here at RuggaWorld have decided to make available a 2011 Bulls Super Rugby supporters jersey and of course, you can still win the Springbok pair of Oakley’s!

So in the Oakley conference, which will follow the EvolveAV conference, 4 pairs of Oakley Antix together with the Bulls jersey will be up for grabs to the best performing supporter from that team in that conference!

As an example, the best performing Cheetahs supporter in the Oakley Conference of the Rat Race will walk away with the Oakley Cheetahs Antix, the same goes for the rest of the teams and their supporters with the best performing Bulls supporter walking away with a 2011 Super Rugby Bulls jersey.

This of course leaves us with the pair of Springbok Oakley Antix

The Springbok Oakley Antix will be up for grabs during the Finals rounds of the Super 15, where the top 6 teams will slog it out in the last 3 weeks of the competition.

So what do you need to do?

It cannot be simpler!  Ensure that you are registered with RuggaWorld and once that is done, simply join us in the RuggaWorld exclusive Rat Race tipping competition which runs every week!  It does not even matter if you join late, each conference, which runs for 5 Rounds (weeks) during the Super 15, is treated as a competition on its own.  So even if you now missed the chance to win in the current, NT-IT Conference, you can still win in the EvolveAV Conference which starts from Round 8 of the Super 15, and the Oakley Conference which will run from from Round 13 to the end of the Super 15.

Unsure what the Rat Race is all about?  Well learn all you need to know by clicking here.

Want to get a quick glimpse of the magnificent prizes on offer?  Click here!

All that is left for you to do now, is tell your friends about the best tipping competition on the web today, and join us in thanking NT-IT Solutions, EvolveAV, and Oakley South Africa for making it all possible!

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  1. Critically cool sponsors and critically cool prizes..

    Enter and win people

    There are so many prizes anyone can win and the format is so that you can win no matter where you start!

  2. Bulls and springboks are the same thing in anycase I will wear my bulls supporter jersey and springbok oakleys with pride!

  3. :job:

    Great stuff – dankie Oakley, Ruggaworld en almal wat betrokke is om hierdie reg te kry! Two thumbs up…ag, sommer three!

    Awesome prizes – the shades, kamera & all!

    Pappie, ek gaan darem ekstra lyk met daai brille op!…

  4. “Your world of South African rugby”…

    Why limit your great site… there are not many outlets for the Aussie Union fans!