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Warren Whiteley – the Shark that became a Lion


According to everyone Whiteley is a revelation this season… but he was once a Shark…

Okay so did you know he is a Glenwood old boy who’s folks came to Joburg for work and then sent him back to the Sharks academy to play for them?

Neither did I, but this is his story as told to the guys at Rugby 365.

So young Whiteley is a born and bred beach bum boy from Durbs whose folks sent him to Glenwood. Then the folks come to Joburg to work and he first stays there to finish school, then comes to go and study Graphic Design at Potch… and then goes back to harks Academy… breaks into the Sharks and ends up end 2009 playing a few games for the Elephants before a certain DOR gets appointed at the Lions… you know… the one who allegedly “coaches” according to uninformed sources.

So said DOR apparently recalled that this kid has talent and contacts Whiteley and invites him to the Lions 2010. From there he is spotted by one J Mitchell (an actual coach)… and the rest is history…

Whiteley formed a superb young loose trio with Derrick Minnie and Josh Strauss towards the end of 2010 as the Lions appeared to regain the form that had eluded them in previous seasons with Mitchell placing his trust in the young players. So much so that great guys like Wickus van Heerden have changed to become locks and Cobus Baywatch Grobbelaar are now not assured of starting spots.

Whiteley only turned to loose forward play at age 16, having started his acreer up to Under 16 as a flyhalf before going open side and then only at the Lions being sent to the 8 spot… and he reckons he’s not as good as he could be yet…

Bad news for overseas teams who think the old time Saffa loose forward factories have closed down. He reckons Kankowski and Keegan Daniel are his favorite players along with Lem… and enjoyed playing with and against the Natal loose forwards.

But as for going back?

Ja you lot of chequebook team buying buggers can maar screw it… Whiteley reckons

“The Lions have done so much for me that I want to stay here for as long as they want me.”

So he’s here for a while and good on him… at 23 he’s got a few years left and if his work rate keeps climbing the way it is, he will be second in line after Willem Alberts for Bok 8… and in contrast to Alberts… he CAN play any side of the loose trio on the scrum… and kick a fair bit… as we saw last Saturday when he launched a giant up and under and trapped Robert Ebersohn in possession.

Okay so now I’ve had my Lions moment… we’ll get back to real news shortly…

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  1. I like the last bit.

    Lots of loyalty being engendered by the people in Jhb in their new team.

    Especially since Natallers have a way of going home and so do the Capies we Lions turn into stars for them to screw up.

    I’m glad Mitchell and Muir have managed to instill a loyalty in the franchise.

    Great work.

  2. “Ja you lot of chequebook team buying buggers can maar screw it”

    Is that the Lions and all their talk of we’ve only been using the credit card until now, we will break out the chequebook soon” you are talking to?


  3. Reply to Sharksmart @ 6:03 pm:

    You have no talent of your own…

    Your midfield consists only of imports

    Your wings half

    Your fullback

    Your 8th man

    Your whole frontrow

    You have almost no talent of your own and Whiteley proves you are incapable of maintaining your own talent and prefer to break out the chequebook and buy buy buy…

    :Rule 9:

    Any other dof remarks

  4. Reply to CSB @ 6:45 pm:

    HEY OU Daggaroker!

    How are you????

    Was in Amsterdam and Rotterdam about nine months ago and thinking of you… but thought the coffee shops looked too seedy for a straight laced 40 year old Afrikaner

  5. Reply to DavidS @ 7:45 pm:

    Disagree on the ‘no talent of your own’… there are countless players coming and having gone through the Sharks Academy whether Durban is their birth place or not…

    On the ‘not being able to retain them’ you are 100% correct…

  6. “and in contrast to Alberts… he CAN play any side of the loose trio on the scrum”

    Another Dawie comment…

    Alberts is a retreaded lock to 8 that is currently playing 7…

  7. Alberts… as good as he is… is the newer model of Danie Roussouw… he does have a few limitations we have yet to see… which will get exposed if in the incorrect loose-forward combo… just like Danie…

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