The Culinary Currie Cup


Seeing as most of you are more than content with the sheer boredom being dished up mainly by South African teams in their quest to “not lose”, let me change the subject to something a bit more spicy.

Article by Brenden

Last night I made what must rank as the 4th best Bunny Chow EVER made. Now considering I live in the Freestate – a good 4 hours away from the spiritual home of the dish – this Bunny is likely to be the best ever made in this province. And this is me being modest.

Got me thinking though…

The ‘colored’ people of South Africa have this great mass produced culinary treat called the “Gatsby”. I have never tasted one but the way they rave over this you’d swear its food heaven. At Newlands you are not allowed to drink, eat, fart or even talk about rugby – but next time I am in the vicinity I am sure to look up a place where a Gatsby can be had.

The Durban Indians ‘manufacture’ the abovementioned “Bunny Chow”, with an Engen Garage close to Umkomaas being said to make the best ‘bunny’ in the province. Word on the street is that you have ‘spuitpoep’ all the way back into Durban but that it’s worth it!

Then the boere weigh in with that national favourite – the boerie roll. From Odendaalsrus to Ermelo, tannies of all ages (these days 14 year old Afrikaans girls also dress and talk like tannies so you never know) for some reason just understand how to assemble the perfect boerie roll. Not too much butter, a good dollop of home-made tomato and onion relish and then they shout: “pappa, is die worsies reg?”

Luckily pappa was just about to top up his Klipdrift so he readily jumps up to take the worsies to mamma. Or in the East rand he might shout back: “ja die goed is reg kom haal – en bring sommer vir my nog `n bier!”

This leaves us with the soutpiele and the darkies. What is the mass produced favorite ‘phakisa’ dish of these ‘peoples’ of our land? A friend reckons the Xhosas will say it’s a “smiley”, which is a sheep’s head. I have heard about the ‘walki talki’ but I don’t know what this is? These chubbie girls in the townships are said to live on a diet of the “kota”, which is a revolting polony-and-cheese type bread-majiggie. Then there is the mamma’s chicken you can buy on street corners in the township. In once on my way into Cape Town took a taxi from Gugulethu and sampled some of this fine braaikos. I was however too inebriated to recall what it tasted like.

So seeing as the maul is perfect, the scrums are a joy to behold, our centre’s are just line- breakers extraordinaire and the props in our backlines are pure poetry – lets maybe discuss the Curie Cup of South African food cultures?

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  1. Chakkalakka is pretty lekker

    There is a Thai restaurant in Rosebank which has Barbie and Ken dolls swinging from the roof dressed on Bondage clothes and in obscene positions called Cranks

    Best Thai in Johannesburg…

  2. Never had a gatsby

    Had a Greek cafe Dagwood and Blondie

    Poison to the cholestrol but great tasting stuff to poison yourself

    Almost every town has a Greek cafe (dwindling in number these days) which makes the best Dagwood or Blondie

    Ours is the Panos in Alberton or Funorama Road House

  3. Reply to DavidS @ 11:29 am:

    Viennas and chips…then there is Toni’s Pizza in “Die Moot”, Frates Rd, just two blocks away from me.

    She has never done any sort of advertisement, it is all word of mouth. She makes the best pizza……EVER!!!! :respek:

    If you ever found yourself in Pretoorsstad, look up Toni’s before hand, as you need to book a week in advance to get a table. But it is worth it. (Sunday’s and Monday’s closed)

    And she is good looking too….

  4. Reply to Deon @ 12:55 pm:

    Midrand, just outside Corporate Park where the shops are, look for Bojangles.

    Best burger joint in SA. Menu has over 45 burgers you can order from. Patty’s are made to order (rare, medium or well done) and you get 3 sizes, regular, large and super – the super burger feeds a family of 4 I shit you not.

  5. Schwarma – I think. Greek style spitroast lamb with some cucumber sauce in a roll.
    Used to get it at Tygervalley Centre, but I suppose it’s commonly available.

  6. Reply to Boertjie @ 1:13 pm:

    best I used to get in the Strand at Bakaroos – not sure they are still open, also made a nice Samosa.
    Then again I was pretty drunk when I went there, usually around 4am so anything would have tasted good… :oops:

  7. Dan is daar natuurlik vetkoek met kerriemaalvleis,
    by enige kerbasaar.
    Onthou net die Rennies.

    I’ve given up on all the pies – “homemade” or not.

  8. Reply to Boertjie @ 1:44 pm:
    I might be the only one but i dont experience heart burn from pies, is it really a problem or is it just a urban legend. We have great pies in this area, they were made in Lydenburg, was also called that. Now they do it more commercially and it is called St Pies.

  9. Miskien herhaal ek nou kos hier maar lekker bobotie is my gunsteling.

    Nou die dag hier in Hoedspruit by n Pakistani brejani gekoop maar daai was nie lekker nie, die reuk was natuurlik nog great, niks soos lekker Indiese kos nie.

    O en dan die altyd betroubare sosaties. Net nie lekker volstruis nog gekry in my lewe nie, te droog.

  10. Reply to Morné @ 1:59 pm:

    Some of the best South African cuisine is in the Pasella kookboeke, absolutely brilliant food, and among others the nicest Bobotie I’ve ever eaten.

    Those books are truly something to be proud of, it competes with the best cuisines in the world.

  11. Reply to Morné @ 2:07 pm:

    Jissie bru!

    Lekker krummelpap met botter en suiker with a mug of moerkoffie out in the bush there in Namibia! Hulle roep hom woestyn poeding, it’s magic man!

  12. Hoessit Tjops.

    Nou praat julle kéffiekos of kos wat by die huis gemaak word? Lyk my dis sommer so ‘n stukkie van alles! Ek het juis nie mirragete gehad nie, ai…

    For a quick bite here the German influence is very noticeable. A kassler or schnitzel brötchen for lunch is devine. En dis brötchens nie blerrie buns of rolls nie!

    And why no mention of braaivleis!?!? Morné, amongst others, will no doubt testify that suidevleis is the best. Karoo se m**r, kon nie eers naby nie! Darem min dinge soos ‘n rugtjoppie & ribbetjie soos net my pa hom kan braai nie! En dis alles lam, niks blerrie ouooivleis – slag hom voor hy eers tande wissel.

    Dan is daar my ma se rys, vleis & aartappels in die stoompot. Het op skool half g@tvol geraak daarvoor maar nou lek behoorlik die bord uit as ek die slag weer daai eet!

  13. Just the other day I thought about what had happened to the RW Recipes threads. Long time since we’ve had one of those, where’s ou Methos when you need him!

    I have some to contribute, for the bachelors/singleton section. Is there still such a thread and is anybody even interested?

  14. Reply to Morné @ 3:32 pm:
    Nou check your mail! But it’s about RR.

    I’ll see what I can throw together and drop you an email then, thanks.

    Reply to JT @ 3:31 pm: Kassler, gherkins and cheese on that brötchen, njam!
    ‘Salt roll’, pretty descriptive. Does kassler mean something else then, or why is it different in Austria & Germany?

  15. Reply to Provincejoulekkading @ 3:37 pm: Yep, “escargot”, “baguette” and other stuff where you don’t pronounce half the word. Hope at least you get the whole thing!
    Did you check his pic with Chabal?

    Reply to Morné @ 3:48 pm:
    No Quade Cooper but I played touch against none other than JP Nel the other day. Apparently he has business interest here in Nam and joined a local team in a league touchies tournament.

    Na die game met die bladskuttery toe tune ek hom, “Ek het jou darem amper ge-round!”

  16. so tjops are we closer to finding the cafe food stuff most loved by the souties and the houties?

    suppose fish and chips for the souties are standard fare?

  17. Reply to superBul @ 1:51 pm:

    I’ll check, can’t remember seeing St.Pies. Big Joe, Mama – they all suck.

    Reply to superBul @ 1:57 pm:

    Wie ook al nie van bobotie hou nie het seker ‘n kak resep beet. Myne kry ook rosyntjies in.
    En dan is daar natuurlik my legendariese skaapnekbredie.

  18. must say the “kebabs” as they serve them in UK, especially the donor etc is the stuff of legend.

    fokkit dis lekker mamma.

    province how can you never have tasted a Bunny? Nee fokkit ou what if a truck hits you tomorrow and this small detail is mentioned at the funeral? people will walk out in disgust!

  19. Reply to Boertjie @ 4:01 pm:

    boer as ek weer in kaap is nooi ek myself na daardie skaapnekbredie ete.

    Ek is `n GROOT afval man. Love dit. Hier in Bethlehem maak die fancy hotelle so een Sondag per maand `n afval dan kom die ou boeremense van die hele kontrei af netjies aangetrek om oe te kom uitslurp.

    Ek heelvoor!

  20. Reply to Ollie @ 3:35 pm:

    You must just have the right sauce with it, Boet.
    Onion and tomato, whatever.

    Ja, let’s start the recipes thread again.
    On one condition: No recipe with 27+ ingredients like the ones Ras posted.
    I want to make a meal, I don’t want to spend an hour shopping before I can start.

  21. Bobotjie is is not nice at all :tpuke:

    Now that Cape Velvet recipe would be nice, tried to make once but was nothing like Cape Velvet and didn’t taste very nice.

  22. Reply to Boertjie @ 4:07 pm:

    I tasted it made with some tomato & onion sous at some braai run by staunch boer farmers. Wasn’t bad, just not something to write home about.

    Meat was lekker (massive steak from SW hind quarter that had been vacuum packed and maturing for some time)

  23. Reply to the cheetahs are pumas! @ 4:04 pm: Reply to Ollie @ 4:07 pm: Mense, mense – ‘sosaties’ assblief! And they’re no good with this cheap-stuff out the bottle marinade sh!t – laat lê ‘n dag lank in kerriesous met baie uie!
    He he

    Reply to Boertjie @ 4:07 pm: Myne is kort en maklik – wil self nie lank sukkel met my kos nie. Ander ding wat lekker werk – as mens hom reg gebruik – is ‘n slow cooker. Daar lê juis nou ‘n bladjie met aartappels, uie en butternut en prut vir vanaand! :vryfhanne: :leklippe:

  24. Reply to Treehugger @ 4:07 pm:

    Bobotjie is is not nice at all
    Maybe not when YOU make it.

    However having a finely chopped onion and tomato salad with vinegar and salt
    with it is a prerequisite.
    And a good merlot.

  25. Reply to Boertjie @ 4:16 pm:

    kerbasaar bobotie is altyd `n wenner.

    my ierse vrou kan nie verstaan dat jy pannekoeke net by kerkbasaar en skoolatletiek kan koop – en tog staan jy dan in rye van 100 mense vir die goed!

    East Gate Checkers make
    pancakes for R2.50 all day. The 6 people waiting in line are all probably freestaters!

  26. my special ingredient thesedays is fish sauce.

    Try it instead of salt.

    gives that bite you find in take away Thai/chinese food

  27. oh I know!

    At Wits all the pommies used to much chelsey buns during lunch!

    A great sticky chelsey bun is great value maar daar is nie vleis in nie.

    Still better than a hot cross bun with its fooking raisins. Why make the best bun int he world and then spoil it with warm raisins?

  28. Reply to Boertjie @ 4:19 pm:
    Ek sal dit nie ‘n resep noem nie, is meer ‘moer by’:

    Het vanoggend die blad speserye gegooi (sout, swart peper, asyn/suurlemoensap, worcestershire sous as jy wil) en saam met daai groente in die slow cooker gesit. Koppie of so water, anders raak al die vog weg en die affêre ‘brand’ of raak droog. Dis nie heel dieselle as in die oond nie, maar dis (ge)maklik vir as mens heeldag werk, sport het daarna en nie baie tyd vir kosmaak nie.
    Maak skaapboud ook só – doeksaf val-van-die-been-af!

  29. hmmm namboer ek kan doen met `n slow cooked dingetjie nou. Ons is geklukkig genooi vir ete na my tjom wat se vrou van Maleisie afkom en sy maak kos so ek kan lekker kak praat want nou nou sit ek aan tafel en smul.

    Die Asiers skop lelik gat as dit by kos kom!

  30. to summarize so far:

    Deben Indians: Bunny Chow
    Kaap visvoete: Gatsby
    Boerkind: boerie rolls
    Soutie: Chelsey Buns

    Now we need to sample some darkie foods and come back to this forum!

  31. Okay I think that settles it…

    I will ask Deon to add a recipe menu on top, will post all there!

    Please, keep the recipe semi-rugby related. i.e. to make just before or just after a game – not interested in what you made jou kind on Valentines day… and simple, this will be recipe’s men can impress their wives with on weekends…

  32. I have an Outdoor Cookbook with a whole bunch of rugby personalities listing their favourite recipe’s, mostly braai stuff, can start off with some of them even.

  33. Darkies


    No matter how it is done… just cheekehn…

    Preferably with some sort of chillie sauce chakkalakka thing… and that is all…

    I recall once as a clerk going to serve documents at Ike Motlaung (the oke who defends the high profile celebs like Jub Jub and the soccer player who raped the teenage girl) and he and his staff were all devouring a dead roasted chicken in the front reception area in what appeared to me to be a barbaric mutilation… with their oily fingers and lips… sorry but I felt like retching…

    Put me off roast chicken forever…

  34. Manne julle soek n lekker darkie dis, hiers hy Stywe pap with Gods gifts, Mopanie worms, braaied with tomato and onion , i like it well spiced and some spinach, to end the meal, (sadly only around Des-Feb) real African maroela beer. ice cold.

    Mopanie worms are loaded with protiens and you can survive on them, if you are really hungry:grin:

  35. Reply to Boertjie @ 4:16 pm: Hi Boertjie, have never made it, had it in a Cape Malay restaurant and at friend of my dads in Cape Town, still remember i had to lie and say i was dieting when i only dished up a tablespoon of it lol, was aweful, i couldn’t have any of the desserts because of that and i loooovvvvvvve pudding. :?

  36. Reply to Morné @ 5:51 pm: Wonderful, thanks, please let it be in time for me to be able to drink it when i celebrate the Sharks beating the Stormers at Newlands :pot: :whistling: :mrgreen:

  37. Reply to Treehugger @ 7:44 pm:

    Ja, well . . . I suppose there are also people who don’t like biltong.
    Still to meet one though.
    Must say I’ve also tasted terrible bobotie made in some shops. Ditto samoosas.

  38. You ain’t had a kebab until you’ve been to Melbourne and had a souvlaki…

    White wine, garlic, Greek oregano marinated lamb rotiseried ( sic) over mallee root coals and served on fresh pita with salad, chilli sauce and tzatziki and rolled up to order…

  39. There is a schwarma restaurant here in Kempton that does the soft lamb on the rotisserie

    Effing awesome

    But they’re scummy Israelis… probably run it as a front for something… also do a nice thing with chickpeas…… can’t recall what it is called though… but basically a schwarma with chickpeas…. quite delicious for a vegetarian I should think… I mean even I liked it!

  40. Oh, and by the way Brenden, a Walkey Talkey is the chickens head and feet cooked up on the fire.

    Used to sell them at the P’nP in Bhisho

  41. Reply to Ollie @ 4:40 pm:

    Hehehe. The chef at our inhouse cafeteria always referred to a “walkaway and a fly away” when you order a chicken drum
    stick and wing.
    The only two parts I can actually taste.

  42. Howzit buggers

    Popped in for a while and now I see you guys want recipes…

    I am doing basically everything here in France – Biltong, koeksisters, boerewors, karoo oesters and all the good stuff – even found a shop in Bordeaux that sells pap…

    Only thing that I am missing is potjie kos – can not find a drie been pot here in France – making a potjie on the stove in a dutch oven isn’t really a potjie.

    My one friend is coming to visit in a months time and I asked for a potjie so we will see what happens.

    A friend of ours who lives here goes to SA once a year and brought us back some Cape Smoke – no PJLD it is not what you are hoping it is… It is eikehout saagsels for smoking meat – they make the barrels here in France – export them to SA – we mature our wine in them and when we are done with them we grind them up and smoke stuff with them – bloody awesome.

    Rugby here is going well. But I’m in too much of a Friday mood to get into it right now – at the moment it is 35 degrees – I finished work this morning at 10 – the French have 35 hour work weeks and have taken the wide to the zoo AND brought her back and am now into my second beer – we played a friendly last night and only got home at 11 and I scored a try (2’nd in 2 weeks) so I will pop back in later. Next week sometime. Got training camp tomorrow – 3 hours canoeing, 1 hour fighter pilot simulation and introduction to close combat by military instructors…

    So see ya laters


  43. Boertjie

    Hierso koop Jy die Goed in meeste winkels vir ñ appel en ñ ei. Amper meter by meter vir 2€. Dan via Jy net die slagter om die lewer te maal en dan is Jy reg zoos ñ roer.

    Het Jy al facebook?


  44. Hierso het elke winkle ñ slagter. En hulle Ken hulle Goed. Jy via vir iets en dan as hulle dit nie dadelik het nie se hy vir jou wander Jy dit kan kom haal.

    Kry facebook Oom. Dis 2011;) en Gaan moreoggend skaapland toe en gaan via vir R20 se chilli hoender biltong. Dis vrek Lekker as hy mooi dun gesny is en baie baie goed droog gemaak is. Dis regtig nie so kak soos wat jy Dink dit is nie. Het nou die aand gedroogde singaporian squid geeet. Met fkn suiker op. Dit is wel taamlik kakka…


  45. PS, we have a lot of guys on here in lands far from the beautiful SA – so however you managed to concucted some stuff to give it a taste of SA will be welcome too!

  46. Guys I will be scarce this weekend, believe it or not, its my boy’s birthday tomorrow…

    I remember the day he was born and spending the night on this site, because we did not have a TV in Namibia at the stage just a PC with a shit cool leased line connection which we got for free!

    And yes, I am broke now thanks to this #%^&@@ party tomorrow morning…

  47. Whoops a daisy – “the French have 35 hour work weeks and have taken the wide to the zoo AND brought her back”

    Let me correct this quickly before I get bashed to death in my sleep for the wife sometimes reads on here – it is the wiFe and not the wiDe…

    Désolé mon amour… je me suis trompé avec cette putain de clavier française…

    If I don’t post on here in about 3 or 4 days time please show this post to the gendarmerie


  48. I am home sitting on the window sill enjoying HC rugby ( Stade v Montpellier) with a beer. I love the spring weather here :wave: