Oakley Rat Race results, Round 3


It has been a most interesting Round in our Oakley Rugby Union Rat Race conference!

We had some folks who had absolutely magical rounds, some folks whose fights in their specific logs got even tighter, and some folks who seemingly forgot to post their scores on time!

Whichever category you fell under, it made for a most interesting round in our Oakley Rat Race Conference for this week.

The Lions and Sharks tables seems to be the most consistent at this stage of the race, with the Bulls and Cheetahs conferences being as tight as ever, but it was in the Stormers log that we saw the most movement this week.

JT having won the week on individual scores made a massive jump to unseat last week’s leader, Namboer.  Treehugger also had a great chance to unseat Sharks log leader, Ollie, who scored only 8 points, but lucky for him, so did she!

There nothing to seperate garyj1 and onerb on the Bulls log who are still locked on equal points, as-well as Willem and Timeo on the Cheetahs log.  Number 12 consolidated his position on the Lions log, but his lead has been cut.

This week will see another massive weekend of rugby with a couple of teams suffering massive injury crisis and local derbies that can go either way.

Can’t slip up now, remember to get your picks in guys, and good luck for this weekend.

Here are your logs:

Oakley Rat Race Weekly Log, Round 3

JT_Stormers 12
DavidS the gloomy Lion 11
garyj1-Bulls 11
onerb’s RAGING BULLS 11
TheGame101 – LIONS 11
Timeo want those Cheetah glasses 11
WiLLem suPPorts ChEEtahs! 11
Asteroth’s Limping Lions 10
jm 10
Kietie_Lions 10
Morné 10
namboer_STORMERS! 10
Thomas_Bulls 10
Jacques(Bunny)Stormers 9
Number12_Lions 9
Tafelberg – Stormers 9
Boertjie 8
Deon_Stormers 8
GRiN_Sharks 8
Ollie_ Shark Attack 8
Pokkel_Sharks 8
Shawn1414_Stormers 8
Treehugger-shark 8
bryce_shark_in_oz 7
Methos The French Stormer 7
GCBrown 6
Ghecko_stormers 2
Miles_Sharks 2
Watte 2
the cheetahs are pumas! 0

Oakley Rat Race Team Logs, Round 3

Table 1
Bulls Log Cheetah Log
Pos. Player Points Pos. Player Points
1 garyj1-Bulls 28 1 WiLLem suPPorts ChEEtahs! 25
2 onerb’s RAGING BULLS 28 2 Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes 25
3 Thomas_Bulls 24 3 the cheetahs are pumas! 7
4 Bluebird – Bulls 11
5 Aldo 10
6 Cosa – BULLS 6
Table 2
Lions Log Sharks Log
Pos. Player Points Pos. Player Points
1 Number12_Lions 29 1 Ollie_ Shark Attack 25
2 Asteroth’s Limping Lions 24 2 Treehugger-shark 23
3 Kietie_Lions 23 3 GRiN_Sharks 21
4 TheGame101 – LIONS 23 4 Miles_Sharks 18
5 DavidS the ashamed Lion 22 5 bryce_shark_in_oz 17
6 Jm 16
7 Pokkel_Sharks 15
Table 3
Stormers Log Lonely
Pos. Player Points Pos. Player Points
1 JT_Stormers 27 1 GCBrown 6
2 namboer_STORMERS! 26
3 Deon_Stormers 23
4 Tafelberg – Stormers 22
5 Methos The French Stormer 21
6 Boertjie 20
7 Jacques(Bunny)Stormers 19
8 Shawn1414_Stormers 17
9 Watte 15
10 Ghecko_stormers 14
10 ice007 10
11 Stormersboy 8
12 Stoffies_Stormers 8

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  1. I’m going to need huge amounts of luck in this competition going forward……geez I really suck at this.

  2. Reply to JT_Stormers @ 9:44 am:
    It’s a slim lead you got there Gov’ner…ask me, I know! And the rest of the pack are not that far behind – next two rounds will be interesting!

    Morné het nou weer tipiese Kaapse kleinmannetjiesindroom,
    “JT having won the week on individual scores made a massive jump…” JT was tweede en hy het nou twee punte meer om in eerste plek in te skuif…massive jump my arse! :roll:

  3. You know, it’s because us Lions watch every bloody game, hoping, just hoping that sharing in another team’s win will make us feel whole again!!! (So we are good at predictions!)