Inconsistency all around


Brenden Nel’s report on South African referees, Craig Joubert and Pro Legoete, being in hot water over their shocking decisions to red card Waratahs lock Pat O’Connor does little to ease the growing public sentiment that SANZAR’s referees body has lost the plot.

On Tuesday SANZAR referee’s boss, Lyndon Bray, publicly criticised the decision of South African duo Craig Joubert and Pro Legoete for the incident over the weekend which saw Waratahs lock O’Connor red carded in the 69th minute of the match against the Bulls for an apparent head-butt incident.

Video evidence however showed nothing of the sort and the O’Connor case was rightfully thrown out.

Given the context of the decision where the Waratahs were in the middle of an amazing fight-back with a great chance to snatch a victory and strengthen their position for a play-off spot, it was nothing short of shocking.

The decision deserved the public criticism it received, and perhaps if it was an isolated incident, the wrath of SANZAR and SANZAR referee’s boss Lyndon Bray.

“We reviewed the game on Monday night and clearly the decision was wrong,” Bray said. “There are two aspects which are frustrating. The description of the event was not very accurate.

“The process between the referee and the assistant referee was not good. It never fleshed out the details of the incident.”

Bray said he had held a conversation with Joubert on how the incident should have been handled.

“I’ve spoken to Craig Joubert about how he could have handled it better, to get better information on which to base his decision. Craig was very disappointed he ended up with that decision.”

What I find extraordinary however is that in two weeks of absolutely shocking performances by referees in Super Rugby, only this decision prompted Bray to make a public statement.

Games in recent weeks which included the Reds/Crusaders match, the Hurricanes/Lions match, Cheetahs/Sharks match to name but a few, also included some shocking refereeing or assistant refereeing decisions which directly influenced not only the outcome of the match, but the play-off aspirations of teams involved in these matches.

Even more extraordinary, is that some of the matches mentioned, actually saw SANZAR backing the referees in question defending their decisions!

In a day and age where public support grows by the week for technology to play a bigger role in the game, and where the consistency in referee decisions and SANZAR disciplinary processes are continually questioned, Lyndon Bray’s public utterances might actually be worse than some of the actual on-field refereeing decisions.

I mean seriously, how can we expect consistency by on-field officials when their governing body is as consistent as the recent weather patterns in Cape Town?

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  1. Absolutely shocked that he defends Dickheadson but crucifies the Saffa refs.

    The call was wrong, but a yellow would have been required for dangerous clearing of a ruck.

    Fuck I hate these Kiwis. Between Paddy and Bray they will do their best to discredit South Africa in any way possible.

  2. how can we expect consistency by on-field officials when their governing body is as consistent as the recent weather patterns in Cape Town?
    Very inconsistent. Horrible May, rain predicted for 3 days, then the Southeaster starts blowing.

    It must have been extremely obvious if Sanzar had the
    guts to critisise.
    Shake up needed.

  3. Reply to onerb’s RAGING BULLS @ 7:52 pm:

    It’s a Kiwi thing to denigrate anything South African. Their finest day is still the ’81 Tour. It gets rehashed on TV every year……along with ear-biting and head-butting by SA players.

    More than anything else, I want to see the Boks beat the AB’s this RWC. :soek:

  4. Both the IRB and the KiwiRB are as bad as each other… as was ‘Pros’ decision… I was embarrassed there was a red card for that at such a crucial time… it took the tarnish off that very good win!

  5. Bryce

    Joubert was told


    If that was correct it was a red cardable offence.

    He then told Pro “that is a straight red card and asked Pro to support and make a recommendation and Legoete said … “uhhhmmm……… yeah”

    BUT to say it was a no chage offence is ridiculous… Bakkies’ cleanout on the Welsh oke and that little twerp Aplon last year was on the same scale… the idea that that blinded cow Jannie Lubbe then did nothing is as much a damning indictment of SANZAR refereeing and judiciary as the poor refereeing this past weekend and through the last few weeks.

    As I said on another thread

    It is not a regional thing as that ancient old plodding plonker Spiros Zavos would want to fantasize, it is all the referees in the Super 15…

  6. BTW

    If Andre Watson has the East Rand toughness he claims (being a fellow East Rander myself) he’d be in the media defending his people… who the f–k does Lyndon Bray think he is… he was a kak referee and now he’s a kak refereeing head…

    You know what one calls the talking of donkeys Lyndon? It is called BRAYing…

    It reminds me of Paddy No Bain loudly criticizing Marius Jonker last year when NZ lost a test against Australia but then by the same token turned around and stoutly defended Wynne Barnes and Nigel Owens for heir bizarre one eyed rule interpretations aimed at the Boks in the 3N…

    The truth is

    Get this SARU and especially you Andy Marinos

    To paraphrase Ali Bacher

    “Nice guys finish last”

    Stop being nice to the Kiwis and Aussies

    Now SARU and Andre Watson should come out and publicly castigate Lyndon Bray for interfering in affairs that are none of his concern and for being biased in criticism.

  7. Reply to DavidS the gloomy Lion @ 8:16 am:

    I’ve been saying for a while – ‘f**k the Aussies and Kiwis. Show them that we are happy to play in our own time zone and join the 6N’s, Heineken Cup, etc. They’d have to back peddle a bit coz all they’d have left is a Bledisloe Cup to play for………and a weakened Air NZ Cup, and maybe the PI’s they have so steadfastly refused to incorporate into ‘the big league’. Without SA, and their large share of the costs, NZ and Oz really have nothing. :pot:

  8. Reply to DavidS the gloomy Lion @ 11:36 am:

    Sure, a few days work if one disregards the politics. There is plenty of it here to.

    Bringing in the 5 teams could just create the same scenario as we have in the S15 now, too many games, too much rugby, player burnout.

  9. Reply to Ollie_ Shark Attack @ 11:38 am:

    Do you think we don’t have politics?

    Or that the amount of rugby and player burnout actually matters to the money masters?

    Sorry…. being very cynical about that.

    It’s as though the advertizers and television rights buyers wag the dog instead of the other way round.

    Nevertheless I think television might want to spend some cash to see the likes of the Bulls, Sharks and Stormers play HC…

  10. I cannot believe that Jurie Roux is so quiet about this, I thought he is a “rugby man”in the mould of Danie Craven. Although not his job I am sure he can tell that fence rider Watson to at least open his trap.

    Can’t ruggaworld ask Roux what his thoughts are? Maybe just pop him a mail?

  11. Maybe we should get Julius Malema to head up SARU. He’s a prick of note but will surely not take this. Why are these guys such softc@cks?

  12. FFS… just how far would RSA rugby survive without the S15 and Foxpsports money… nowhere… back in the dark ages of CC only!

    You think the HC or any other NH comp is suddenly going to incorporate a few (and I mean no more than one or two) teams from RSA, and that any RSA team can afford to send/relocate 30 odd players for 3months (because there ain’t no way they’re sending their players down Africa)…

    Every ref across the board has been shite… and no more than ‘Oxymoron’ Legoete!

  13. why are we angry at NZ and Oz now? Refs spykered the Tahs and the Cheetahs and the Lions and the Crusaders.

    Its individuals doing this, not countries.

    There needs to be be more accountability for bad decisions, and captains referrals during the game. Simple as that.