Oakley Rat Race Log, Round 4


What a weekend of upsets, and not only did it turn the Super Rugby log upside down, but so too the Rat Race’s!

It was a weekend of amazing upsets in Super Rugby and it reflects in our Rat Race log where there was a lot of movement on the log.

The Bulls log sees a new leader, the Sharks log is still as tight as ever and in the Stormers and Lions logs, there has been a lot of movement with players seemingly out of it a week ago, now back in contention.

Ollie, JT, Watte and Treehugger capatilised this weekend where they still scored 10 (Ollie 11) for the Round which given some results, is actually quite amazing.  With the majority scoring between 8 and 4, you will find a lot of movement below the leaders in each log.

It again seemed that some players did not make their picks in time, or did not save it, please ensure that you make your picks on time, and that you save the picks by clicking at the bottom on the ‘Save Predictions’ button

Weekly Log, Round 4

Ollie_ Shark Attack 11
JT_Stormers 10
Treehugger-shark 10
Watte 10
Asteroth’s Limping Lions 9
bryce_shark_in_oz 9
DavidS the gloomy Lion 8
Deon_Stormers 8
GRiN_Sharks 8
Morné 8
Number12_Lions 8
onerb’s RAGING BULLS 8
Shawn1414_Stormers 8
Pokkel_Sharks 7
WiLLem suPPorts ChEEtahs! 7
garyj1-Bulls 6
Kietie_Lions 6
namboer_STORMERS! 6
Tafelberg – Stormers 6
Boertjie 4
GCBrown 4
Jacques(Bunny)Stormers 4
Methos The French Stormer 4
TheGame101 – LIONS 4
Thomas_Bulls 4
jm 0
Timeo want those Cheetah glasses 0

Overall Standings by Conference, Round 4

Table 1

Bulls Log Cheetahs Log
Pos. Player Points Pos. Player Points
1 onerb’s RAGING BULLS 36 1 WiLLem suPPorts ChEEtahs! 32
2 garyj1-Bulls 34 2 Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes 25
3 Thomas_Bulls 28 3 the cheetahs are pumas! 7
4 Bluebird – Bulls 11
5 Aldo 10
6 Cosa – BULLS 6

Table 2

Lions Log Sharks Log
Pos. Player Points Pos. Player Points
1 Number12_Lions 37 1 Ollie_ Shark Attack 36
2 Asteroth’s Limping Lions 33 2 Treehugger-shark 33
3 DavidS the ashamed Lion 30 3 GRiN_Sharks 29
4 Kietie_Lions 29 4 bryce_shark_in_oz 26
5 TheGame101 – LIONS 27 5 Pokkel_Sharks 22
6 Miles_Sharks 18
7 Jm 16

Table 3

Stormers Log Naughty Log
Pos. Player Points Pos. Player Points
1 JT_Stormers 37 1 GCBrown 10
2 namboer_STORMERS! 32
3 Deon_Stormers 31
4 Tafelberg – Stormers 28
5 Methos The French Stormer 25
6 Shawn1414_Stormers 25
7 Watte 25
8 Boertjie 24
9 Jacques(Bunny)Stormers 23
10 Ghecko_stormers 14
10 ice007 10
11 Stormersboy 8
12 Stoffies_Stormers 8
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  1. See JT is getting a nice lead going there. I for one will not be fooled by this log. More things have happened in the past to veer my thoughts away from those glasses….for now.

  2. Reply to Morné @ 10:55 am:
    Must be some strong drugs and helluva mistake, I could have sworn I was waaaaaaay ahead for those Stormers shades!!

    Good going JT, but watch your back…I’m coming to get’cha!

  3. Reply to Ollie_ Shark Attack @ 11:40 am:
    Damn, never even paid real attention to that!!! Keeping my eyes on those Stormers Oakleys and didn’t even bother about the Boks ones…though they were for the Twitter thing and overall log is for bragging rights only!

    Is there someplace I can see the Oakley conference log, can’t seem to find it?

  4. For clarity, the Bok Oakleys will be given away following the Round Robin matches (there are two rounds still left).

    It is for the play-offs alone, so no matter how you do here, you can still win the Bok Oakleys in the final 3 weeks of the Super Rugby when the play-offs take place.

    There will be 5 matches only, so I predict one hell of a dog-fight for that!

    Overall winner for the finals matches wins the Bok Oakleys.

  5. Reply to Ollie_ Shark Attack @ 12:01 pm:

    One pair only.

    With the current conference you are divided into seperate logs according to the team you support, so following that (Round Robin matches completed, two rounds left, this week and next) we announce the winner of the franchise winners where you will win a Stormers, Sharks, Lions, Cheetahs or Bulls pair of Oakleys.

    Then it all starts from scratch again, everyone on zero points for the finals conference.

    There is a total of 5 matches taking place over a 3 week period.

    Week 1 team 3 plays team 6 and team 4 plays team 5.
    Week 2, you have the two semi-finals
    Week 3, the final.

    One log, one winner, and that guy or gal, will win the Bok Oakleys.

  6. In Superbru I am smoking too

    Leading in two conferences

    Into the Top 20 in RW

    And #3 in an Aussie run one that pits ONE fan from each team against the rest…. its called F15TEEN

    Geez I also went from last to third in line for the glasses…


    You can score like 13 points on a round!

    And I’m just playing for fun… I’m not eligible…

    Stay in there dude!

  7. Military Intelligence is not a misnomer it is an oxymoron…


    Competent CIA

    Efficient African Government

    Nice Muslim Fundamentalist

    Honest Israeli

    etc etc etc


    I cannot compare myself to you… you’re some sort of precsient genius expert… I’m just a layplonker… on SB

    Tell you what though… let them have a quiz about WW2…

  8. Reply to DavidS the gloomy Lion @ 7:58 am:

    Surprisingly, this year is the first year I am not taking predictions as seriously, or rather, as analytically as I did in the past!

    If it takes me 1 minute to make predictions its a lot.

    Of course, reading just about every single news article on rugby from all over the world sort of gives you an advantage in making a call…

  9. Same here

    Picking on gut feel… which is why I did crazy things like call a Chiefs win over the Blues and a Lions win over the Highlanders… just a feeling… If it takes a minute out of my Thursday afternoon it’s a lot!