Oakley Rat Race, Round 5


Oh boy! Did we have an interesting Round!

And no I am not only referring to the actual games which saw two draws, and (for some) a somewhat surprise result at Newlands, but also the movement on the Rat Race log!

One log is seemingly decided, but as far as the remaining four go, it’s still anyone’s game!

A little slip up by Ollie saw our resident lady close the gap on the Sharks log to only one point going into the final round!  Grin and Bryce also played themselves into contention with some brilliant individual weekly scores.

The Bulls log remains as tight as ever, where the top three are seperated by 3 points only!  Oh and just so by the way, I got word yesterday that the Bulls Oakley’s landed in SA!!!

JT is still clinging to the lead on the Stormers log but is closely marked by Namboer, with Number12 opening up a 5 point gap on the Lions log.

There is one round left ladies and gentleman!  Next week this time, I will announce the winners of the magnificent Oakley Rugby Union Antix sunglasses for each conference!

Get your picks in on time, and good luck to all!

Oakley Rat Race Weekly Log, Round 5

bryce_shark_in_oz 13
Methos The French Stormer 13
namboer_STORMERS! 12
Thomas_Bulls 12
GRiN_Sharks 11
Number12_Lions 11
Asteroth’s Limping Lions 10
DavidS the gloomy Lion 10
JT_Stormers 10
TheGame101 – LIONS 10
Treehugger-shark 10
Boertjie 9
Kietie_Lions 9
garyj1-Bulls 8
Jacques(Bunny)Stormers 8
Morné 8
Ollie_ Shark Attack 8
Pokkel_Sharks 8
Shawn1414_Stormers 8
onerb’s RAGING BULLS 7
Deon_Stormers 6
Tafelberg – Stormers 6
WiLLem suPPorts ChEEtahs! 6

Oakley Rat Race Conference Logs

Table 1
Bulls Log Cheetahs Log
Pos. Player Points Pos. Player Points
1 onerb’s RAGING BULLS 43 1 WiLLem suPPorts ChEEtahs! 38
2 garyj1-Bulls 42 2 Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes 25
3 Thomas_Bulls 40 3 the cheetahs are pumas! 7
4 Bluebird – Bulls 11
5 Aldo 10
6 Cosa – BULLS 6
Table 2
Lions Log Sharks Log
Pos. Player Points Pos. Player Points
1 Number12_Lions 48 1 Ollie_ Shark Attack 44
2 Asteroth’s Limping Lions 43 2 Treehugger-shark 43
3 DavidS the ashamed Lion 40 3 GRiN_Sharks 40
4 Kietie_Lions 38 4 bryce_shark_in_oz 39
5 TheGame101 – LIONS 37 5 Pokkel_Sharks 30
6 Miles_Sharks 18
7 Jm 16
Table 3
Stormers Log Naughty Log
Pos. Player Points Pos. Player Points
1 JT_Stormers 47 1 GCBrown 10
2 namboer_STORMERS! 44
3 Methos The French Stormer 38
4 Deon_Stormers 37
5 Tafelberg – Stormers 34
6 Shawn1414_Stormers 33
7 Boertjie 33
8 Jacques(Bunny)Stormers 31
9 Watte 25
10 Ghecko_stormers 14
10 ice007 10
11 Stormersboy 8
12 Stoffies_Stormers 8
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  1. too close for comfort :? I have my picks logged in for the final weekend but will be double guessing myself all week and probably change the picks again and again :bangheadt:

  2. I must say that it is a helluva less stressful chasing the leaders than actually being the leader!!!!

    In one of the earlier conferences I was one of the leaders till the last round and then imploded spectacularly!!!! Quite beautiful actually.

    I’m hoping that happens with the leaders in the Bulls division…..

  3. Reply to WiLLem suPPorts ChEEtahs! @ 2:55 pm:

    hehehe – I usually do NOT back the Stormers: called a hedge bet but this season they have screwed me over to my pleasant surprise… but now the Oakleys are on the line!
    If I back them and they lose I have a double dissapointment! My team lost, I lost!
    If I back the Cheetahs I am happy my team won but I lost the oakleys! :bangheadt:
    Or I win the Oakleys and my team lost!? laughawie:

  4. Reply to JT_Stormers @ 3:04 pm:

    I think the Stormers are in for a loooong afternoon if the Cheetahs rock up and play they way they can play. But should the Cheetahs be slightly off their game, the Stormers should thrash them.

    I’m also not so sure about the Crusaders and the Reds having easy wins.

    this weekend is certainly not cut-and-dried!

    Those Oakleys are a long way off.

  5. Reply to Thomas_Bulls @ 4:03 pm:

    yep – Chiefs will want to finish off the season on a high and on their day they can thrash the Reds.

    Saders v Canes – SHOULD be a clear win for the Saders even without SBW.

    Tahs v Brumbies – I don’t trust those Brumbies and I hope they DO manage a win because that will open up the back door for a 3rd SA side to make the play-offs

    Bulls v Sharks – don’t care who wins, either way an SA side will go through – CAN’T WAIT because this is going to be one MOERSE fight

  6. Reply to JT_Stormers @ 4:19 pm:

    Saders v Canes – SHOULD be a clear win for the Saders even without SBW.

    BUT! and a BIG But! Guys like Nonu, Gear, Hore etc. etc. will be OUT to prove a POINT! Their last chance to show Henry they are good enough for the AB jerseys

  7. Reply to Thomas_Bulls @ 4:03 pm:
    Yes, good luck everyone…everyone playing for the Bulls shades, everyone playing for the Tjarks shades, everyone playing for the Lions shades and everyone playing for the Cheetahs shades!!
    The Stormers guys – did you lot not forget the stove on or need to go play kenntjie at Kenhardt?!?!?