SA Sports Illustrated: Ruggaworld’s their July 2011 blog of the month


So the guys as SASI reckon we’re their sports blog of the month for July 2011.

Okay so I was reading with some smug enjoyment that 55% of SASI readers had voted that Luke Watson was the person they least wanted to see on the cover when my eye caught this heading: Blog of the month: Ruggaworld –

Okay so I read it and was surprised to find a quite kickass description of RW…

Finding a bona fide well run and well informed sports blog in the South Afriucan online sphere can be quite tough. Some have been brilliant but now display outdated posts…

Ruggaworld, on the other hand, has been going strong since December 2005 and amassed a bunch of loyal readers whose comments are strewn throughout the site. The blog itself is run by a merry band of self professed rugby enthusiasts – David Spohr, Morne Nortier, Deon and Boertjie.

Over the years the site has managed to establish itself as an almost official news outlet, but still maintains tat quintessential blog feel.

Cool huh?

Thanks SASI for recognizing the hard work the lot of us put into RW and in particular its readers and my fellow “Board Members” who have done so much to keep RW going since Christmas 2005 (geez has it been that long??)

Okay now congratulate us…

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  1. At least SA Sports Illustrated is a decent read, Unlike SA Rugby magazine which is an extended arm of http://www.I‘m-an-arsewipe(keo)

    Thanks ruggaworld for a great blog. I haven’t been that active here lately, but still find it a great place for reason and banter regarding rugby matters, but the best is that we’ve been able to differ without getting into eachothers characters, accept between DavidS and Morne of course, but that was kind of cool anyway!

    Keep it up guys!

  2. Congratulations Ruggawolrd and all involved in making it the amazing, welcoming and informative site that it is!!!!!

    You guys deserve a drink!!!! Or many……

  3. :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Well done RW and glad SASI spotted it! Always good to get recognition…and seems we have few celebs now!

  4. Congratulations!! :respek:

    I happen to agree with SASI.

    Long may it continue!!

    PS how about some tickets for the semi at Newlands??

  5. Nice to see this.

    A lot of this has to do with the intelligent
    and informed posts contributed by guys like JT,
    Morne, Brand and others.
    Ross Tucker comes to mind.

    And of course all the guys that comment here
    and the communication and debate between bloggers
    – none of the hit-and-runs by all and sundry like
    on most of the other blogs.

    Even the banter is in a class of its own.

    Let’s keep it up!

  6. Congrats guys!!

    Difficult to believe that is has been nearly 6 years!!! I remember getting an invite from Davids to come to this site like it was yesterday! (After all the shit gargling from Voldemort’s site!) :noshake:

  7. Reply to Boertjie @ 12:51 pm:

    thanks for that – when you wrote this you have not read the posts on the best bok thread

    I got invited way back by Rasputin from a mailing site called SArugby on yahoo groups which is still going but very slowly…


  8. This says as much about our readers and contributors in the last 6 years as it does about the guys working on the admin side of things. You helped this site get to where it is! Thanks.

    I think congrats all around is in order!

  9. Congratulations – Morne, Deon, Dawie en Boertjie !!!

    (Ras en Nelius in absentia)

    I always say I joined 4 years ago – after invite by TG – but it must have been 5 – mid-2006.

    I always thought – pen-friends (pen-vriende) were a weird bunch – but have not enjoyed and appreciated a bunch of people, even though I have never met them in person – as much as I have the friends made at RuggaWorld !!!


    SASI – recognition is well deserved !!!

  10. Congrats to aLL involved!

    Start up da Valiant

    vrOOOm vrOOOOM!


    congrats with the number 4?

    eish TV not that gOOde in Oz?

    Yip it does sEEm like a lifetime, we had some sad and preTTy much YEAH moments here…

    Thanks for the platform you 4.

    Much aPPreciated.


    I stiLL think that the paSS from Helgard to Jan-Harm wasnt a forward in the ’97 domestiCCtiFF final!

  11. Geluk aan almal hier op Ruggaworld. Omdat ek so besig is op R-T kom ek nie gereeld genoeg hier om te praat nie. Maar dit belowe ek julle ek kom byna elke dag loer wat jul kundige menings is. Morne is n gereelde besoeker daar en ek het sommer die voorbarigheid gehad om julle daar geluk te wens en DIE artikel daar geplaas. Hoop nie die baas daar neem eksepsie nie maar ek voel dis die regte ding om te doen.

    Nogmaals geluk :respek:

  12. My Rugby IQ increases ever so slightly everytime i jump onto these boards, so kudos to all the bloggers and administrators! :applause:

  13. Desember 2005. Brings back memories. I last night accidently stumbled on some old archive files on Ruggaworld, when googling something.

    Laughed my arse of at some of the shit we said and did. Brings back memories, fills the eyes with a wee bit of tears. Great werk julle board, but never boring, members