Rat Race log, Round 2


In a short competition like this with some obvious results on the cards, there is a lot of congestion on the log but we have one guy that has pulled well clear.

Methos has obviously lost patience with the Boks and bagged a full 4 points in the last round which now puts him well clear of the rest of the pack – if you can call 2 points well clear that is!

But things are about to get interesting I believe given the farce of second string teams is now a thing of the past.

This weekend the All Blacks hosts the Wallabies in Auckland in their Tri-Nations and Bledisloe Cup opening fixture and all indications are that it will be a classic test which can go either way.

So get your picks in folks, and try and catch Methos on the log!

Rat Race Log, Round 2

User Points
Methos The French Stormer Methos The French Stormer 7
Asteroth Asteroth’s Limping Lions 5
namboer namboer 4
JT_Proooooovince! JT_Proooooovince! 4
garyj1-Bulls garyj1-Bulls 4
Morné Morné 4
Boertjie Boertjie 4
DJMager DJMager 4
Ollie_ Shark Attack Ollie_ Shark Attack 4
Aldo Aldo 4
Deon Deon 4
logan logan 4
Tafelberg - Stormers Tafelberg – Stormers 4
bryce_shark_in_oz bryce_in_oz 4
Last_of_the_Breed Last_of_the_Breed 4
onerb onerb’s RAGING BULLS 4
Peter "i started a joke" Divs needs our support! Peter “i started a joke” Divs needs our support! 4
Jacques(Bunny)Bokke!!! Jacques(Bunny)Bokke!!! 4
keg keg 2
Native Native 2
DavidS the sort of hopeful Lion DavidS 2
craigyt craigyt 2
Pokkel_Sharks Pokkel 2
molly molly 2
Faffavn82 Francois 2
Kietie_Lions Kietie_Lions 2
xiron xiron 2
Stukkie Stukkie 0
CapeBok CapeBok 0
football_lover football_lover 0
Thomas_Bulls Thomas_Bulls 0
Wayne KaPain Wayne KaPain 0
JohanV JohanV 0
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  1. I picked a big win for the AB’s last weekend. I must have forgotten to save my prediction. :bangheadt:

    Oh well now I just need to predict one perfect score and I’m right back in the game.