Rat Race Log, Round 5


We have a new leader!

The unexpected win by the Springboks over the All Blacks last weekend threw the Rat Race wide open going into the final round.

Garyj1 hailed Methos in to take the lead by one point with a host of players only 2 points adrift as we head into the Tri-Nations decider this weekend.

Tomorrow the All Blacks and Australia will go head-t0-head in Brisbane to determine who will be crowned the Tri-Nations champions for 2011.  The All Blacks are back to full strength with Carter and McCaw returning to the mix but the Aussies are never easy beats at Suncorp.

This week will be who gets the winner right I believe, and not so much how close you will be to the winning score.

Get those picks in now ladies and gents, and good luck – we will announce the winner next week before we launch our RWC Rat Race competition!


User Points
garyj1-Bulls garyj1-Bulls 10
Methos The French Stormer Methos The French Stormer 9
Last_of_the_Breed Last_of_the_Breed 8
JT_Proooooovince! JT_Proooooovince! 8
DJMager DJMager 8
Tafelberg - Stormers Tafelberg – Stormers 8
namboer namboer 8
Boertjie Boertjie 8
Pokkel_Sharks Pokkel 8
logan logan 8
Morné Morné 8
Asteroth Asteroth’s Limping Lions 7
bryce_shark_in_oz bryce_in_oz 6
Deon Deon 6
onerb onerb’s RAGING BULLS 6
Aldo Aldo 6
Jacques(Bunny)Bokke!!! Jacques(Bunny)Bokke!!! 6
Ollie_ Shark Attack Ollie_ Shark Attack 6
Peter "i started a joke" Divs needs our support! Peter “i started a joke” Divs needs our support! 6
molly molly 4
Kietie_Lions Kietie_Lions 4
keg keg 4
DavidS the sort of hopeful Lion DavidS 4
Thomas_Bulls Thomas_Bulls 4
Faffavn82 Francois 4
Native Native 2
craigyt craigyt 2
xiron xiron 2
JohanV JohanV 0
Stukkie Stukkie 0
football_lover football_lover 0
CapeBok CapeBok 0
Henniek Henniek 0
Wayne KaPain Wayne KaPain 0
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