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So the “Rugby Championship” (in contrast to the cricket joke called the Vroteas)  does have a sponsor. The fixture list is yet another Andy Marinos negotiated special however…

Okay so there is some good news. The tournament will be compressed into a simple home and away against each team fixture list instead of the ridiculous circulating nonsense we have now which sees us play two games against each other team alternating home and away.

The tournament is also paused with several “travel bye” weekends.

The biggest change however is that the tournie will see two games per weekend.

The Rugby Championship starts on 18 August 2012 and ends on 6 October 2011 which will see it start at the end of Super Rugby’s tournament and end as the Currie Cup ends.

This will mean shortened EOYT’s or maybe even the CC will move to a later time slot and finish late as the winter test window opens in Europe? A Global Season? It certainly looks like we’re heading that way.

So the way the tournament works will be

18 Aug – SA v Arg and NZ v Aus

25 Aug – NZ v Aus and Arg v SA

1 Sept – Travel bye

8 Sept – Aus v SA and NZ v Arg

15 Sept – Aus v Arg and NZ v SA

22 Sept – Travel bye

29 Sept – SA v Aus and Arg v NZ

6 Oct – SA v NZ and Arg v Aus

(home team first in each fixture). So for the Bokke we start at home v Arg, then travel to Argentina the following week, then a week off, then we meet the Nanny Staters, then travel BACKWARDS (well done Marinos) to meet NZ the following weekend before heading home to meet first Aus and then the baby Nanny Staters on consecutive weekends. For Argentina the fixture list starts them off in DSA moves them home, a week off, then they host NZ then off to Aus, then back home to host Aus and NZ on consecutive weekends. A far better deal than us.

At present the IRB internationals window for the Southern Hemisphere tests that allows Northern club players to be released does not extend the entire period of the Rugby Championship so it should be interesting to see how the IRB deals with release applications from SA and especially Argentina seeing as Aus and NZ still have a policy of not selecting non home based players and Argentina at the other end of the spectrum relies on its foreign legion in internationals.

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  1. You still end up with playing six games but staggered. Love how even August Pichot as a just retired international managed to negotiate a better fixture list for Argentina than we did, even though we have the biggest financial clout in SANZAR(AR?)

    NZ fixtures

    Aus, Home, Home, Home, Arg, SA

    Nice leisurely stroll around the southern globe


    Home, NZ, Home, Home, SA and Arg


    Home, Arg, Aus, NZ, Home, Home


    SA, Home, NZ, Aus, Home, Home

    Thank you Mister Marinos… assume the position Bokke…

    Corrected now…

  2. I’m glad for the Argies but this looks like more of a crock of horse shit than even next year’s S15. Why don’t just do away with tests against the puny NH altogether? And tours, and CC and sommer sell Loftus to the volleyball association while we’re in this daft mood?

    :noshake: :shake: :what: :bangheadt: :cuss:

    :im a idiot:

  3. Reply to namboer @ 12:13 pm:

    Moerig vandag, sien ek.

    Met die OZmob en die Kiwis so ver
    uitmekaar as die Kaap en Joburg
    sal die dobbelsteentjies altyd
    teen ons gelaai wees.
    Maar dan het ons darem die hoogte
    bo seevlak aan ons kant – as Saru
    nie al die toetse by die see speel

  4. Ek het nogals gereken as ons ons leg kan reel dat ons drie toete speel as volg:

    Week 1 vs Arg

    Week 2 vs NZ

    Week 4 vs Aus

    Dan sal ons redelik okay wees.

  5. Selfs die Argies met ‘n ex speler as negotiator het ‘n beter deal vir sy span beding!

    Al waaroor Andy omgee is om cool te lyk in sy nuutste Hugo Boss suit en Marcello skoene en Viyella das en matching sakdoek en Pringle sokkies met sy Armani hemp en natuurlik sy ubiquitous iPhone4S

    All about the look and not the substance… dai Hollywood Cowboy sets in die 40’s het mos goed gewerk… jy weet daardie wat soos ‘n regte cowboy dorp gelyk het tot jy agter die buitekant gekyk het en gesien het dat agter die voorkoms is daar niks nie…

    Dink eintlik maar net hardop…

  6. Reply to DavidS @ 3:42 pm: Yep that would have been a continual round the southern hemisphere globetrot as Aus and NZ have. After their respective trans Tasman flights (3 hrs each way), NZ will have to travel NZ/Arg/SA/NZ whereas AUS will travel the other way round the globe Aus/SA/Arg/Aus. Maybe SARU don’t know that there are 3 airlines travelling across the Pacific between South America and NZ/Australia? Now they are probably going to have the boks travelling SA/Arg/SA and then SA/Perth (game v Aus is there) and then Perth/Dunedin (game v NZ)then back to SA.

    Anyway maybe you shouldn’t be so hard on Marinos, David. Reading your article, you have a few typos and would have the players doing time travel

    “The Rugby Championship starts on 18 August 2012 and ends on 6 October 2011”

    plus you have really favoured the World Champions and have
    them playing Aus at home on 2 consecutive weekends:

    18 Aug – SA v Arg and NZ v Aus

    25 Aug – NZ v Aus and Arg v SA :soek: :pot:

  7. Reply to Boertjie @ 1:41 pm:
    Neewat, nie rerig moerig nie maar reeds nie besonder dik van die lag oor S15 wat al Jannewarie begin en 6mnde aanhou nie. Dan nou díé ook.

    Soos PapaPiepieMier sê – waar gaat dit stop?