Bryce ‘rewarded’ by SANZAR


In a move which will stun most South African fans, SANZAR has included Bryce Lawrence in their merit panel of referees for next year’s Super Rugby series.

SANZAR has finalised its referees for Super Rugby 2012 with five new names added to the team.

SANZAR Game Manager: Lyndon Bray has confirmed that Angus Gardner and Andrew Lees (AUS), Mike Fraser (NZ) and Lourens van der Merwe and Stuart Berry (SA) have been selected into the team for the first time.

The newcomers will join a strong line-up of experienced referees on the respective SANZAR Merit and Reserve panels.

“We plan to give our Merit Panel referees around 80% of the games in Super Rugby, next year, with the Reserve Panel picking up the balance.  Our aim is for the best referees to be refereeing the most rugby. The Reserve Panel will operate in a similar way to a rugby team’s reserve bench,” explained Bray.

“It is inevitable that we need reserve referees performing in the middle because, like players, referees can suffer from injuries and loss of form. In addition, it is vital that we continue to develop and grow our talent for the future, which cannot be achieved overnight.”

“The five new referees will gain valuable Super Rugby experience in 2012 and will join three other referees on our Reserve panel. This will help us maintain the growth of our team, with up to five referees potentially leaving the team by the end of next year.”

Four referees from 2011 will not be involved in the 2012 tournament – Stuart Dickinson has retired, whilst Vinny Munro, Pro Legoete and Nathan Pearce were not selected for 2012.

“Stuart had a very celebrated career in the top flight for many years and he will be sorely missed by our team.

“Knowing that we are likely to lose some more referees from our team next year, it was important to balance the new guys selected for 2012 with some maturity and experience.  We believe we have a strong team of referees for Super Rugby 2012 Super Rugby and some new competition will be healthy within our team,” Bray said.

The full SANZAR Referee Team is:

Merit Panel:

Keith Brown (NZ), Marius Jonker (SA), Craig Joubert (SA), Jonathan Kaplan (SA), Bryce Lawrence (NZ), Mark Lawrence (SA), Jaco Peyper (SA), Chris Pollock (NZ), Steve Walsh (AUS) & Garratt Williamson (NZ).

Reserve Panel:

Stuart Berry (SA), Mike Fraser (NZ), Angus Gardner (AUS), Glen Jackson (NZ), Andrew Lees, (AUS) Ian Smith (AUS), Lourens van der Merwe (SA) & Jonathon White (NZ).

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  1. Wat weereens verklaar hoekom SARU so genee was om die Vaseline Borgskap te aanvaar…

    Hulle het geweet ons GAAN weer genawe word en sal dit eerder aanvaar as om dit te keer!

  2. lawrence was no worse than 80% of refs out there. you belive some fans and there are suddenly no good refs out there apart from the ones where you happened to win the game.

    This tabloid style victimisation of refs belong in soccer.

    Sad that the average rugby fan is now suddenly an expert in all laws and referees fair game for their armchair critique.

    Blame IRB and the laws, NOT the individuals.

  3. Reply to its a 15 man game – embrace it! @ 1:20 pm:

    Like it or not but Bryce Lawrence has left a sour taste in the mouths of South Africans which will have repercusions for years to come. There is now distrust and bitterness.

    If Lawrence had been South African he would have been heavily sanctioned if New Zealand had been on the receiving end of a suspect loss at the quarter-final stage. The New Zealanders would have had revenge and in grand style. South Africans just capitulate and wave the white flag like the cowards we are.

  4. No suprises for me, especially after the Sharks/Saders game of made up penalties. Danegerous play before the scrum engagages. Really that was just made up on the spot.

    Dont bother me as I have ditched S15 rugby and RWC as farces and wont watch them again.

  5. …. at least we will be able to vent our own brand of vitriol on this clown …. hope he referees Reds VS Bulls at Loftus …. :Rule 9: