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Bryce Lawrence won’t ref Super 15 in SA


Arch enemy Bryce Lawrence has been snubbed by SANZAR refs for games in SA

Seems SANZAR’s Kiwi and Aus partners have a modicum of decency somewhere though seeing as on publication of the game schedules this dork has been allocated no games to officiate in South Africa. Ostensibly at the request of SARU , which apparently says their players need to focus oin the tournament and not Bryce, have asked him not to officviate in SA… a request SANZAR Granted.

Following his match fixing in the RWC quarter final, Andre Watson publicly unleashed hell on Bryce Lawrence… who was rewarded for his efforts by being named New Zealand referee of the year 2011 (understandably seeing as he saved New Zealand from facing the Boks).

Lawrence himself says he would have wanted to come to SA because he would want to try and resolve things and put this behind him was not allowed a say and when Sports 24 tried to contact SANZAR ref boss Lyndon Bray he was unavailable for comment.

If you want my view I say I say good on Oregon Hoskins who has weaved some political rope pulling behind the scenes with Andre Watson… and about time too. SARU needs to flex its muscles in SANZAR.

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  1. Piece in Die Burger, wherein
    he admits that he made
    Add his name to that of
    Clive Norling (1981).

  2. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 5:11 pm:


    This time it’s like India in cricket… we’re flexing our financial muscle…

    The fact that the union has managed to exact this undertaking from SANZAR indicates a realization at highest level that this twat should not be reffing…

    Kiwis forgivable sin: Cheating
    Ungforgivable sin: Turning down lewd advances of non white drunken women

    Yeah bruce

    Makes lots of sense…

    SA media:

    Unforgivable sin: Andre Markgraaf racism

    Forgivable sin: Jacob Zuma being corrupt

  3. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 5:11 pm:

    SoRRy Bryce but here you are woefuLLy out of tune!

    Piet van Zyl and the local braNNasBrigade was/is?and wiLL be a fixture of the SA Rugby landscape

    Always moaning about “die ref het gekroek” and that is the only reason why their team had lost

    I mean no one wiLL ever convince me the paSS from HelgAArdt to Jan Harm van wyk in ’97 was anything but flat- If I, based on that do harm to Andre Watson then surely the Piet van Zyl sticker is deserved…. *

    But Eish Chief What Bryce Lawrence did ‘ OversEE” “Managed” in that game wasnt an almost forward paSS either not sEEn or blown – it was consistent disregard of the RugbyUnion Laws governing the game- in order to ensure a fair and sporting contest.

    It is also known as matchfixing!

    Most likely the AB’s would have won anyway against the 2011 team- they mostlikely deserved to anyway BUT it was not for Bryce Lawrence and his handlers to facilitate!

    WeLLdone SANZAR!

    * Eish if it wasnt for andre watson how long would WP now have gone without the CC? :weed:

  4. Reply to Oranje Orakel @ 8:38 pm:

    Yes have to agree with you.

    The most telling admission from Bryce was how he decided to ‘manage’ the game prior to kick-off, and how he decided NOT to be too technical…

    How can we give refs that type of power? Why the hell have we got laws?

    Laws are not there to be ‘managed’ how YOU see fit, they are there to be applied. Simple. How he is allowed to ref again given that is beyond me.

    And for the sticklers – good refs manage the players/personalities. What Bryce did is ‘manage’ the laws and interpret them the way he saw fit or felt most comfortable with which quite simply means he is out of his league.

    It illustrates rather nicely what is wrong with this game…

  5. Reply to Morné @ 8:45 pm:

    Can it be fixed by giving the assrefs
    more say when they see mistakes the
    ref is making?
    Or will that just slow the-game-with-the-most-laws
    down to a trot?

  6. boor
    13c., from O.Fr. bovier “herdsman,” from L. bovis, gen. of bos “cow, ox.” Re-introduced 16c. from Du. boer, from M.Du. gheboer “fellow dweller,” from P.Gmc. *buram “dweller,” especially “farmer,” from PIE *bhu-, from base *bheue- (see be). Original meaning was “peasant farmer” (cf. Ger. Bauer, Du. boer, Dan. bonde), and in English it was at first applied to agricultural laborers in or from other lands, as opposed to the native yeoman; negative connotation first attested 1560s (in boorish), from notion of clownish rustics. Related: Boorishness.

  7. Personally I have quite an affinity for the plentiful “clownish rustics” of our tribe.

    Great fun to be around.

  8. Reply to Boertjie @ 8:58 pm: Nah, Boertjie, you’re normally the voice of reason but here you are deluding yourself. The Boks were gonners from their first game in Wellington where they were lucky to beat Wales to the last one at the Caketin where with all that possession they could not break down an awesome Wallabies defence. The Bryce Lawrence excuse is just tiresome and all this power to SARFU stuff is a smokescreen – Bryce Lawrence said himself in Oct 2011 that he would not be going to SA in 2012.

    Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 5:11 pm: Have to agree with you – this is a more of a poor reflection on South African crowd behaviour than a blight on Lawrence. Wayne Barnes was similarly blamed for “costing” NZ the game when France bundled them out of RWC 2007 yet 6 months later an independent review found lack of game time by key players -they were stupidly withdrawn from the S14 games, weak opposition in preparation games and the the pool stages, the performance of the referee and under-estimating rivals France were behind the All Blacks’ failure to win the quarter final during World Cup 2007. Barnes was subsequently forgiven and reffed several games in NZ last year.

    The question is: when is the SARFU independent review of the Boks failure at RWC 2011 coming out and will the supporters who weren’t at the game in Wellington ever be able to forgive, forget and move on?

  9. Reply to out wide @ 4:27 am:

    Just wait for the provincial moans when a South African ref calls a game between two RSA teams because there is no ‘neutral’ ref…

    Id don’t see the Welsh still creating social media hate pages and posting death threats due to their red card and I don’t see the French doing the same when Joubert afforded the AB’s ‘multiple’ infringements he missed (or allowed in the spirit of keeping the game flowing)…

    Bok’s were their own worst enemy that day going into a game with only Brussouw the answer to Pocock and co, zero counter-rucking and zero protecting their own ball, zero taking of points when on offer with all that possessioon… and if they haven’t learned to ‘adapt’ to a ref’s interpretation/style come the second half of the tests this season expect more of the same…

    Pure Piet Van Zyl mentality channelling everything towards the ref when the real guilty party namely Paddy O Brien (and his league) sit on their chariots unscathed and still in the job…

  10. Its pure bullocks. The guy made mistakes on the day. South Africa made a million amateur mistakes on the day. Both cost us the game.

    Its childish and does make SA look like a backwater that we still create no-go areas.

  11. Bryce don’t talk nonsense.

    In the very first ruck Pocock is off his feet competing for the ball… and it does not end. His best trick being to lie on top of the ball carrier and then using his hands to hold the ball in a hug round the ball carrier’s waist thus not only slowing it down but giving Bryce the break to call a penalty for not releasing which he does on three occasions whilst SA is on the attack.

    One does not counterruck a breach of rules. One expects the referee to apply the rules of the breakdown which clearly state the competer must be on his feet to compete and must allow the tackled player to place the ball.

    Don’t blame the South African team for expecting to see the rules applied…

    And the same applies to people who expected the Boks (like Naas for instance) to set aside years and years of conditioning to obey the laws (because of the way we are penalized) and in one game break them …


    Your bleating and those of others is dishonest. You are trying to smooth over a deep rooted error in the game called Bryce Lawrence.

    In any normal game where a team had the possession South Africa had there should have been a thirty point spread.

    Due to the rules breaches and the way in which it was “managed” instead of applied allowed it to be a close game.

    To blame the Boks because they did not manage with a dishonest referee is smoothing over and condonation of corruption.

    Right does not have to be silent for the benefit of the majority’s fantasies.

    And you Timeo can keep your little insults to yourself too. Insisting on the application of rugby rules is only boorish for the types who condone match fixing.

  12. Damn, now we will have nothing to bitch about. Just imagine how he can anil the SA teams in Aus. And don’t expect any sympathy from the Aus.

  13. Reply to Deon @ 11:34 am:

    Still two sides to the coin:

    1. Boks should have adapted to create a score.
    2. Ref should have been fair and competent.

    We won the Tri-Nations despite Snor.

  14. Starting hate social media sites, numerous death-threats, telephone harrassment all centred on one ref (when there were a few including the hapless Joubert) whilst no other country (France and Wales are doing the same)… nope mate you’ll never sell me that that is not a Piet Van Zyl stereo-type!

    The IRB reffing is rotten at the core and it’s from the top down… if Japie fans were really after ‘justice’ and not a witch-hunt akin to a town-ship vigilante stoning… then they’d at some stage taken some ‘intelligent’ mass action directed at Paddy O Brien…

    2 miss penalties, zero playing to traditional strengths and taking numerous points on offer in the 22 cost the Boks that game… as did missing 3 from 5 for the Welsh… there’s always going to be contentious ‘reffing’ decisions at a RWC but ironically every one of them could still have been neutralised…

    Ask the Kiwi’s and their 2007 forward-pass debacle… Henry refused to take points on offer with the boot (just like the Boks)…

  15. Can’t remember: Were those decisions
    not to kick made in the last 30 min.
    when the guy who was only in the
    side for his captaincy had left
    – or before that?

    Either way it bombs down on the
    “coach” and the captain.

  16. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 2:23 pm:


    Cannot blame the team for “not taking chances” when the ref is corrupt.

    SARU has tried to address and engage Paddy O Brien but he just ignores us so where to now?

    No bud somewhere someone has to take a stand on rotten refereeing.

    And if you don’t like the game where it started or the ref in question why not select a game and ref in question?

    Just because everyone else accepts injustice (Wales and NZ) means we have to… or we have to accept it because we made poor tactical decisions on the day…

    What a kak set of excuses…

    So no justice because

    1. Nobody else is complaining

    2. You made the wrong decisions on the field

    3. If you do you come over as boors (Admittedly Timeo’s originally)

    Holy crap Bryce!

    Can you even believe you made such suggestions?

    Are you serious?

    So let me use a historical analogy

    Jewish people in Kiev get told to report to Babi Yar by Nazi Extermination Squad called Einsatzgruppe. Most do and 36000 men women and children get murdered en masse.

    By Bryce logic

    Well that was just a fucking stupid thing to do… reporting to a Nazi Death Squad on request when you’re Jewish… just for that you get zero justice…

    See how that comes over?

    I hope so because by your logic this is exactly what you are suggesting…

    I suppose you think girls who wear miniskirts and get raped were asking for it too…

  17. even with his controversial reffing
    we were still winning
    up to the point Danie gave the AB’s
    a fkn penalty in front of the posts.
    Get real.
    pathetic reaction by saru

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