Are the Lions in more trouble?


The ANC’s newspaper, the New Age reports that Super 14 franchise money is also now adding a heap to Lions troubles.

I recall a movie about a trucker starring Kurt Russel in my youth. It was called Big Trouble in little China. Anyway so Kurt Russel runs into a very pretty Chinese girl whom he helps escape some ruffians. But things are not what they seem and he lands up getting deeper and deeper into a weird supernatural war that had not planned for in his life. Eventually the whole lot ends happily though.

The point though is that the Lions a again the subject of a financial troubles rumour mill.

And it seems that the more people dig or listen the more trouble is boiling out from a huge pot. The newest one comes courtesy of a the New Age, the ANC’s newspaper who reported this story last week whilst everyone else in the rugby world was trying to guess who Heyneke Meyer’s assistants would be. This shows you how out of touch New Age is with rugby but that there.

Seems that when the Lions and Cheetahs split, the Lions franchise held onto two feeder unions as franchise partners, namely the Pumas (which the Lions own in any case) and the Leopards. And for the last couple of years the franchise has not even held a directors meeting of franchise owners. And worse… the Lions have not paid over their share of the franchise broadcasting fees earned from SARU to either the Leopards or Pumas…

The two smaller unions have understandably been somewhat demanding of their share given the small resource base they have and on the day the rest of the rugby world found out that Heyneke Meyer would be Bok coach the two smaller unions also laid their cards in front of the SARU presidency.

The result is that part of the decisions taken on that Friday the worst kept secret was announced was that SARU had to step in and avoid the conflict between the Lions and Pumas and Leopards from escalating to a court room battle.

Kevin De Klerk has earlier said that he regarded this as “old inherited problems”…

Nevertheless New Age could not reach him for comment and when we at RW asked the union for comment they did not respond either.

The question now is whether there really is big trouble at the Lions or not… it seems every time Kevin De Klerk puts out a fire a new one pops up… but why on this occasion have the Lions not moved with their slick public speed to placate a worried fan base and shareholders and other stakeholders.

As a Lions supporter I would dearly love to see this sorry mess behind us and a future bright and roaring arise.

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  1. Why did it take so long for the
    claims of the Leopards and Pumas
    to become known?
    How far back does the franchise
    broadcasting fees go?
    Last year, or since the split happened?

    Well, it seems De Klerk can claim
    historic baggage, just like the DA in
    the Cape, who now sits with the
    Chapman’s Peak debacle going back
    to when the ANC governed.

  2. The New Age are pushing the Kings, sorry ANC agenda to get an EP team in the S15, ready or not. This typifies so much about South African life today.

    Looks like the Lions and Cheetahs are fighting for thier lives. Wonder if relegation would work?

  3. Reply to Kevin_rack @ 4:22 am: you have to love how this is all slanted as coming from an “ANC newspaper”, if this came from the Rapport or Die Burger or Sunday Times which political parties would you be aligning the reports with?

  4. All you get is this response from Kevin:

    Dear Supporters
    Just a few lines to say thank you again for the wonderful support you have given me and the Golden Lions Rugby Union over recent weeks.

    Unfortunately one cannot control what sometimes goes out in the media and more precisely, how it is presented.

    As per my statement a few weeks ago, we at the Lions will defend any actions that are brought against us and I wish to give assurance that we will come through the negativity as we did in 2011 and we will become serious contenders in this 2012 Super Rugby competition.

    With the introduction of the new equity partners, we have been able to offset many issues that bedevilled the Lions previously. Some of the issues are legacy issues that have been outstanding for some time and are currently being resolved. Other issues are current which are basic to any business that runs from day to day.

    We are moving ahead extremely positively on the business front and we will remain resolved and ultimately become the leading brand in South Africa and in world rugby again.

    Two years ago we spoke about a redesign of our winning culture – a powerhouse of rugby, a centre of excellency that will embody the very essence of innovation and performance that is our vision and belief. I spoke about us specializing in winning the season and I said the skills of the legendary warriors of the Golden Lions would reverberate once again. I said that our force would be felt on every field and in every clash and that opponents would feel our metal and know our strength.

    And indeed it has.

    And once again I say let us never lose sight of where we’ve come from. May we never lose our faith or our humility. May we continuously learn as we grow from strength to strength. May we never forget the importance of standing together.

    Our unity has become our strength. It is this strength that will carry us through the next season and onto greater glories that we dare to dream as we face the Super Rugby.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable support and for standing behind us through the good and the bad. Without you, we would not be facing a future so bright.

    Thank you.

    Kevin de Klerk
    GLRU President

  5. Reply to CooleyHigh @ 2:31 pm:

    He was also the Bakkies Botha of the early 80’s…. and is a successful millionaire businessman leading a group of ex Lions players.

    He is correct in that he has inherited many issues going back as far as Andy Turner’s days.

    Nevertheless what exactly should he tell the union’s supporters and players?

    It is a bit annoying that he has not responded to our requests for a statement though.

    Reply to CooleyHigh @ 9:47 am:

    The New Age is owned by the ANC… and was launched for exactly the reason that they wanted to “balance” the media view of the ANC. I.e. punt the ANC party line. At the time the New Age published this story they totally ignored the big rugby news which was the Monday Heyneke Meyer media conference…

    Think for yourself

    Qui bono?

    Why focus on that story when bigger rugby news was breaking?

  6. Reply to DavidS @ 2:41 pm: i don’t assume to know what every newspaper reporter’s angle is for printing a story, seemingly you do :roll:

    you haven’t told me which partyline Rapport represents

  7. And of course the additional question is pretty much suggestive.

    The ANC top executive is pretty much isiXhosa from the SEC…

    In fact internally they are called the Xhosa Nostra.

    What is gained from the political party which has its top leadership based in the SEC to secure a lucrative rugby contract for their region…

    The Qui bono is as usual


    The logic is flawless…

  8. Good one I picked up from a friend
    who saw the interview.
    Snor saying Heyneke must be his own
    man, he must not try to be Peter de

    I think it goes without saying.

  9. Reply to CooleyHigh @ 3:18 pm:

    I am not into fanciful leaps of disjointed logic so stick your assumption where it hurts you the most.

    Nevertheless it is safe to DRAW A CONCLUSION BASED ON PAST OCCURENCES that the SARU Presidents Council is under pressure from the ANC and its extension … the government… to allow access to rugby by the Spears, Kings or whatever no matter what their results, because the Eastern Cape is “the cradle of black rugby”

    Do you somehow extracts pleasure from coming here and getting incessantly intellectually spanked by me and Timeo and Boertjie?

    It’s a bit of a sick obsession don’t you think?

  10. Reply to DavidS @ 8:51 pm: bwahahahaha “intellectuals” hahahaha delusions of grandeur anyone?. :whatever:

    so you mask your daft assumptions as “draw(ing) conclusions” suit yourself.

    “whilst everyone else in the rugby world was trying to guess who Heyneke Meyer’s assistants would be. This shows you how out of touch New Age is with rugby but that there.”

    it seems you are wrong again mr DavidS, if this article in the non-ANC Sunday Times is to be believed, they carried the story of the Lions owing its franchise partners too in the week following Heyneke Meyer’s appointment. they even went further than the New Age in interviewing Andre May.

    who are you going to “draw conclusions” that they pander to now, the IFP? :whistling:

  11. Reply to CooleyHigh @ 9:38 am:
    More like you having delusions of adequacy Cooley…

    I suppose it is easy to act the way you do online because if you had to chat to someone like that in my dojo you’d be dead…

    In any event.

    Note the date on your Sunday times piece as opposed to the Heyneke announcement. Then note the New Age articel.

    Let me add a little hint.

    Sunday Times article happened before Heyneke Meyer’s first interview.

    New Age happened afterwards.

    Thanks for playing.

    Next time bring your brain.

  12. Reply to DavidS @ 3:17 pm: hahahahahaha internet warrior? your dojo? now i’ve heard it all

    geez dude, let go already. the lions owe their franchise money, it doesn’t matter if it was reported in the rapport or die burger or the cape times!

    heyneke meyer being appointed coach was NOT the onlt decision SARU made that day and reporters are at liberty to publish all the stories coming out of that executive meeting regardless of how namby pambies like you who’d rather believe everything is honky dory @ the GLRU think..

    “ooohh it’s the ANC” are you for real? :roll:

    maybe the ANC made the GLRU not honour it’s obligations to its franchise partners and SARU has been ordered by Luthuli House to dissolve the GLRU bwahahahahahahaha :applause:

  13. Reply to DavidS @ 3:17 pm: what are you smoking in your dojo? :weed: i want some!

    “Sunday Times article happened before Heyneke Meyer’s first interview.”
    Sunday Times article
    Golden Lions and friends fall out
    Craig Ray | 31 January, 2012 00:21

    “New Age happened afterwards.”
    New Age article
    <b<Jan 30 2012 10:09AM
    Golden Lions can lose even more



    On MONDAY 30 January or TUESDAY 31 January…

    At least try and make it competitive


    Lambton Physique Gym Saturday morning from 10h00 or Thursday night at the Benoni Universal New Life Church 19h00…

    See you there…

  15. DavidS: you must be going senile mate

    now you’ve lost the concepts of before & after’ but it’s cool though i’ll leave you with your ‘anc consipracy theories’ goodness knows some south africans feel better blaming everything on politics than facing reality that their counterparts are incompetent and useless!

  16. Reply to DavidS @ 8:22 am: you must be daft, craig ray works for Avusa, they have a TimesLive website it is updated daily…the SUNDAY TIMES is the main paper, THE TIMES is the weekly newspaper…the article on the lions was in THE TIMES hence

    Golden Lions and friends fall out
    Craig Ray | 31 January, 2012 00:21

    skrik wakker

  17. Reply to CooleyHigh @ 8:54 am:

    No you are

    You said Sunday Times…

    Now you say The Times

    Make up your mind…

    Which lie do you want to tell… which do you want to stick too?

    Or do you just want to glibly change your mind as you go along?

    Make your mind up…

    But again…

    New Age Story = 30 January
    “The Timnes” / Sunday Times / [Insert newest fantasy here] = 31 January…

    Thanks for playing…

    Not only shoot yourself in the foot but sommer both… at the same time… with a machine gun…

  18. Reply to DavidS @ 10:03 am:
    um, remember this?

    ” Sunday Times article happened before Heyneke Meyer’s first interview.

    New Age happened afterwards.

    and yet the New Age article was posted a day before The Times article :roll:

    tell us David, whose mouthpiece are the Times DA, IFP?
    :dead horse:

  19. Reply to CooleyHigh @ 9:38 am:

    it seems you are wrong again mr DavidS, if this article in the non-ANC Sunday Times is to be believed, they carried the story of the Lions owing its franchise partners too in the week following Heyneke Meyer’s appointment. they even went further than the New Age in interviewing Andre May.


    How about YOU catch a wake up and read what you wrote.

    So tell me Cooley… deesappointad that Comraid Julias hes bin saspendad…


    Maybe lay off the naupe a bit

  20. You know what the sad thing is, I couldn’t even be bothered to go and check which article was posted when as it’s just not worth the effort


  21. Reply to CooleyHigh @ 11:37 am:

    I’ll take the reference to the Julius Malema slant as you ungraciously accepting defeat.

    As I said right at the start…

    Thanks for playing.

    Hey Ollie


    You’ve missed an entertaining meeting of sorts man vs moron… but luckily the moron has now accepted defeat…


    I see my boet is taking some strain… must say… I have zero sympathy…

  22. JT

    Here it is -8 in the morning. It is fkn freezing. River has frozen in some spots. Training has been canceled because there is no running water at the club house. Everything is frozen…

    Suits me – got hit on the eye in our last game. Solidly on the eye. A huge hit in a general fight. Thought the eyeball exploded. Played on for 5 minutes hoping it would get better. It was completely dark in the right eye. Subbed myself. About 2 hours after the game I could start seeing light etc. Went to the doc the next day and he looked at it. Had blood inside the eyeball and seemed to have torn my pupil muscles. My one pupil is much bigger than the other one – It might or might not recover again. Went back to the eye doc yesterday. Pupil is responing a LITTLE bit to light. Quite kak, headaches when I work on computer, read or watch TV.


  23. Jis, onkel D, jy praat nou nes ‘n prokureur. Ek wou jou juis sê, ek was anderdag daar in jou domain (hof) om te getuig in saak oor card cloning en daai tipe bedrog.
    Verkieslik ‘n ondervinding wat ek nie wil herhaal nie, die verdediging doen hulle level best om jou soos robbies te laat lyk en voel. O.a. was die verdeding se een opmerking/vraag (is mos juis nie altyd duidelik of dit ‘n vraag of stelling is nie en spesifiek deel van die strategie om mens te diskrediteer!) oor my, “So, your work is useless!”

    En jy is nog ‘n ERT wat MMA – arem Cooleyhigh!

    Reply to Methos The French Stormer @ 2:16 pm: Sterkte, klink nie na iets wat mens dik van die lag maak nie.
    That would be a reason/example of why I quit, even if it didn’t happen to me – just not worth it. And I can see it also being an example of why JT is so vehemently opposed to dirty play.

    Hoop rerig dit word beter, voorspoed!

  24. Reply to DavidS @ 1:46 pm: look, clearly you get a hard-on posturing on the net as some sort intellectual, that’s your thing

    so genius, which partyline do the Sunday Times/The Times punt, since they also reported on your lions?

  25. Reply to Methos The French Stormer @ 2:16 pm:

    Hope you get better soon boet – here we have the same thing regarding training and playing! All sessions cancelled for now and the -15°C evenings will be around for at least another week according to the weather reports, day temp will be around the -8 to -2°C for the same time… No chance of anything getting defrosted soon!

    Hence – up the mountain we go You and your Boet must come over for a skiing holiday at some point and help me coach my boyz for a session or two :whistling:

  26. Reply to CooleyHigh @ 3:41 pm:

    Did someone fart?

    Actually compared to you it just looks like that… it is clear you are incapable of debating on issue, preferring to obfuscate and use one ad hominem after the other to try and “win” points… and now that you’ve been driven into a corner and soundly thrashed you try to laugh it off by suggesting I get a hardon from beating you. More like you get a hardon from this sick intellectual internet S&M game you keep playing (as I earlier suggested so even there you are not being all that original)….

    Stay on topic or … or… whatever… do whatever…. you are mildly entertaining me…