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‘There will be no merger’ – De Klerk


Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU) president Kevin De Klerk said the current five Super Rugby franchises met on Thursday to find a solution to the conundrum created by the SA Rugby Union’s decision to include the Southern Kings in Super Rugby in 2013.

“We’ve been mandated by SARU as the five franchises to look at the possible methodology how this will take place in 2013,” he said.

“We have met today, we’ve tabled communication to the president and he will comment on that in the next I assume 24 hours.”

De Klerk said the unions reached consensus, and the possibility of any of the franchises merging was out of the question. “It is sincerely a tough one, but I am sure that we will in the interest of rugby arrive at the right consensus.”

De Klerk was speaking after the Lions announced a new multi-million rand sponsorship deal on Thursday.

The GLRU, reportedly in a deep financial crisis, signed a three-year deal with Redefine Properties.

De Klerk said the signing of the sponsor will assist with “legacy issues” at the union.

“It will fall into the budget and we are projecting to have all these legacy issues sorted out in the very near future,” De Klerk said.

“We project to be cash flush in months. We are not saying that we are not [cash flush], but this has gone a long way in alleviating the situation at the Lions.”

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  1. “We project to be cash flush in months. We are not saying that we are not [cash flush], but this has gone a long way in alleviating the situation at the Lions.”

    You are either cash flush or you are not, if you project to be cash flush in months then you are not cash flush at this moment in time. :roll:


  2. Who knows where the Simonstown Suiplap is?

    Not answering sms and whatsapp messages.

    Nevertheless on topic get the iidea that Lions have sorted out financial issues and are going to maike a fight of going down.

    not just on the playing field.

    this issue highlkights the difference between pro and am arms of the unions. Amateur morons decide to include Queens… Don’t bother to consult pros and the cash cow salary paying sponsors.

    groot kak.

    I am thinking that this time all five S15 franchises are telling the amateurs that the Kings is not gonna happen…


    In particular the sponsors must be getting tense about the issue of ‘their’ three and five year sponsorship deals going leftfield at the end of 2012

    The Kings have still not achieved a fucking thing even at CC B level…




    At A level All the main S15 franchises share the distinction of havinbg performed outstandingly at CC level too, aside from the occasionzal loss to the Pumas or Griquas when without Boks.

  3. Reply to DavidS @ 1:53 pm:

    Die SSL is waar goeie Kapenaars
    hierdie tyd op ‘n Vrydag is:
    In ‘n verkeersknoop met dié wat
    vroeg uitgaan en dié wat laat inkom.

    Ek wonder presies wat is die prosedure
    as die Groot 5 hardegat raak en hul
    rûe styf maak?
    Ek hoop net al vyf staan saam.

  4. Fokkit

    As jy Vino Collapso sien vra hom om my te kontak.

    Hy weet waaroor.

    Dit het heel dag gereen hier so ek verwag Amanda by die huis 20h00 vanaand as Jhb verkeer reg uitwerk… ons weet mos nie wat dit beteken as dit reen nie.

    Gautrein nie meer ‘n opsie nie… die drywers strike soveel dat mens nie van dag tot dag weet of jy met die fokken ding kan ry nie…