IT’s BACK!!! And here’s the prizes!


Yes the Super 15 kicks off in less than 14 days and Ruggaworld again brings you the RAT RACE.

It is a no brainer that we want this one to be way bigger than last year. So get your friends and foes (and even the in-laws) together, for what is going to be a long and interesting ride.

For the new guys, and the no so new with short memories (the bulk of the old guys), here is a run down of how it works:

How to play

Log onto Ruggaworld and click on the link “Make predictions” at the top of the right sidebar. You will be able to see the next 7 games and be able to load the predictions for those games. (We call it predictions and not tipping as there is a bit more involved than just picking the winning team and margin)

You will have to predict the score for each team in the game. Once you have entered the score click on the “Save” button and all done.

Should you wish to change your prediction sometime later before the game starts, just go back to the “Make Predictions” page and overwrite the score you wish to change and hit “Save” again. Due to the fact that we allow this, you will not be able to see other players’ predictions until the scores have been tallied after the game.

That is it. Locked and loaded, sit back and enjoy the game.

Scoring system

The Rat Race scoring system is split into 2 levels, the base points & the bonus points.

The base points are allocated as follow:

Predict the winning team and exact scores of both teams = 5 points

Predict a draw and actual result is a draw = 6 points

Predict the correct winning team = 3 points

Bonus points are allocated for:

Predicting the correct score for a team = 2 points

Predicting the exact points variance = 3 points

Predicted points variance is 3 or within from actual variance = 2 points

Predicted points variance is > 3 but < 8 different from actual = 1 points

Should you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask. We realise the calculation of points are difficult if you played in the forwards or anywhere outside the Cape province.

The Admin stuff

The Rat Race log will be updated each Monday morning. It might happen earlier, but the exception will not become the rule.

You can track your own progress by clicking the “Your Rat Race” link at the top of the sidebar.

For a quick view at the log, you can click on the “RAT RACE Log” tab in the sidebar.

Get those predictions in. Tell the friends, mates, gatgabbas or whatever you call them, to register and let the GAMES begin.


Right people I am sure you all want to know what is up for grabs for this competition!

I am ecstatic to confirm that the usual suspects were SUPER supportive of our site and competition again so please help us to welcome back and give a HUGE shout out to Oakley SA, Gilbert SA & Evolve AV!

We have also managed to convince a few new partners to come on-board so you will soon see some images of a company called ‘Glovebat’ on the site – keep an eye on this one, it is very cool!!!

Also, as RuggaWorld always aim to help our fellow rugby buddies from all corners, there will be plenty of surprises along the way like ticket give-away’s, a coaching clinic or two you might win for yourself (or your laaitie) and plenty more!

We will not be doing the conference thing like last year – it is too confusing and takes way too bloody long.  Instead, the main prizes from Oakley, Gilbert and Evolve will be up for grabs for the top Log finishers but throughout the Super 15 we will give away weekly spot prizes, announced every Monday prior to the weekend’s games.  Conditions for these spot competitions and prizes will be related to the Rat Race and specific performances for that week only to make sure we make you guys winners more often, and keep the competition fresh and exciting throughout!

Help us make this fun this year folks, invite all your friends and let’s make this the biggest Race yet!

PS: Conditions for the competition is the same as always neh! Prizes are awarded at out discretion, cannot be exchanged through us OR the prize sponsors and we will deliver, but ONLY in SA – after that, costs for shipping is on you!

So finally give our prize sponsors a follow on their Twitter and Facebook pages, visit their sites and help us say thanks yet again for making this competition awesome!

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  1. It takes the c**nt seven years to find 20 pictures of Afrikaners who look like inbreeders…

    Then he publishes it and pretends it represnts Afrikaners as a whole…

    What a doos…

    He’d have been better off touring back country Australia… wold have finished hgis book in one town… and in the US just a drive around Arkansas would have done the trick… there they still vote Democrat because they think the Democrats oppose that slave freeing b@$tards Abraham Lincoln…

    And of course a tour of our squatter camps would have produced results in 30 minutes of a similar ilk… but he would have lost everything up to his designer socks doing that…

  2. Ag please dont waste time, just send me the prize. I have it on good authority that all my predictions are correct. Just ask the witch doctor to throw the bones

  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is going to be the first year I dont watch Super Rugby.

    I have watched live games in Sydney, Brisbane, Newlands, Kings Park and Ellis park.

    I have watched Super Rugby on telly in Malawi, Mozambique(on Cahora Bassa nogal), Egypt, Zambia, Swaziland, Zimbobwe, England, France, Spain, Australia, South Africa(all round the country), Namibia, Indonesia(that took long as every one shows GAYFL), blah blah…

    Thanks to you Bryce(the ref) you p@#$ and your cheating ways I wont watch Super rugby again. How can you penalise a scrum for dangerous play before they even engaged. You Ch#@ting knob face and you have been doing it for years.

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its going to be kak. The worse thing is “now honey that you dont watch rugby you can come do things with me. Lets go watch chick flicks :tpuke: , lets go to the play/musical, there are so many things we can do toghere now :bangheadt: .”

    F@ck I hate you even more now Bryce(the ref).

  4. Yes honey Im coming…yes lets go visit your mom…no I am not on that website…whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Let this be a warning to you all… :censored: :Rule 9: :Rule 9: :Rule 9: :Rule 9: :Rule 9:

  5. BTW a big issue for me that was not discussed on here (IIRC) is the white card BS that will be in place this season!

    IMO a cop-out card where the ref does not give a YC or RC and can give a white card for the citing commisioner. Let’s see how that is used this season and which teams get the rub of the “white” :?

  6. Reply to Deon @ 11:17 am:

    I make my preliminary picks and then fine tune them the more I know about the teams playing, the ref, the weather and what the players had for dinner. :mrgreen:

    If I forget to change I at least have a pick made already. Unbeatable system! :whistling:

  7. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 11:17 am:

    I read this in the media, but was too busy to post here. I think it might work. At least it will hopefully eliminate the guess work from a ref that didn’t see the incident and have to rely on touchies that were half asleep.

    Less chance of a team being disadvantaged by poor foul play decisions. Now if only the captain can have a white card to use against the ref.

  8. Great tackle on Sackey by that Armitage guy… but an opensider ending up scoring a try at wing… out of position… Toulon proving money can buy a team though…

  9. Reply to Deon @ 11:21 am:

    the problem is that players will have more advantage to commit foul play now because the ref will surely use the white card instead of the red card in a big game.

    For example a player from the Blues injure a Saders player tomorrow in an act of foul play. The Blues player gets a white card but the Saders player needs to leave the field due to injury!? No justice

    The referees will take this as a cop-out and you will hardly see cards for foul play! only YC’s for proffesional fouls/repeated infringements.

  10. What’s the WC system JT… Sorry for being dof… local admin is having everyone hysterical at the moment.

    Poor Bakkies in that situation was innocent and retaliated.

    Maybe Frans Steyn wants to come home because of the internal issues at Racing Mtero. Problem is if you make a team of prima donnas they will expect to be treated as such.

    Reminds me of Chealsea anbout seven – ten years ago. All stars and nothing in the cabinet…

  11. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 12:16 pm:


    white is the colour of chicken feathers…

    Can you see how SANZOO’s antipodan referees are going to abuse THIS one…

    Ali Williams punches Elton Jantjes and gets white card…

    After the game three biased Kiwi lawyers in their ALL Black garb decide that Jantjes was probably asking for it with that hairstyle and that baby face which looks like it never shaved and they’ll hand Jantjes a three week ban for letting his face get in the way of Williams’ fist.

  12. Reply to DavidS @ 12:33 pm:

    I won’t bite with that conspiracy theory :mrgreen:

    My problem is that weak referees will lose control of a game very quickly. If a player clearly fouls another and ONLY gets a white card (cop-out of weak ref) the players WILL deal out justice!! BAKKIES KOM TERUG!!! This is made for him!!

  13. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 11:31 am:

    I don’t think the ref will hold back if he saw a clear transgression. The impression I get is for stuff that happens that he didn’t see, but a player complains of foul play against him. That obviously will open a can of worms with the hookers and scrummies permanently complaining, but at least it won’t influence the game.

    Lets see how it works before we start critisising and talking about how the CIA killed JFK and Bush orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.

  14. OK I am in!

    Best wishes to everyone!

    May aLL your teams have an injury frEE SuperSeason!

    And fair treatment by the refs aCCording to the Laws of RugbyUnion!

    Eish- could as weLL have wished for advanced notice of the Second Coming, or Saturday’s LoTTo Ticket!

    :Boertjie normaal:

  15. Over here in France we have a white card as well. You get them for technical offences – ie if you collapse the maul twice etc. You still leave the field for 10 minutes but you can get more than one white card per match with out turning it into a automaticic red.

    Also here in France – 2 yellows in a 60 days period equals a red card and thus a 10 day suspension.
    White cards don’t matter and don’t count towards something like that.

    Yellows and reds are mostly for dirty play and fighting – which over here is rampant…


  16. Nothing personal, but I’ll sit this
    one out. My interest in and knowledge
    of the SS15 is just too limited.
    But it will be fun to watch the race
    from the luxury of my PC.
    Good luck to all!

  17. Boertjie

    My missus is also in the game – and she is not up to date with S15 rugby at all – me neither in fact. But it is fun.

    So get your arse in gear and make your predictions.

    Every weekend we have players who can’t play because off suspensions etc. Works better than the system we had in WP rugby. 2 reds in one season is 30 days etc. I myself got one red this season. And one white. and 3 yellows. And a few stern talkings to from the ref.


  18. Boertjie

    Hy is beter. Die pupil maak al bietjie toe en als. Dink nie hy sal ooit weer 100% wees nie maar is darem nou weer so dat ek kan rugby speel.

    Luister – wat is jou email adres? Wil gou iets by jou verby hardloop, as jy nie omgee nie.


  19. Ollie 29
    BlueBallas 28
    Amethyst 27
    Sean 27
    Aldo 27
    Tafelberg 26
    DavidS 26

    All of you are bgetting letter bombs in the mail except the guy at Pos #7.. he is ultra cool..

  20. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 2:09 am: thanks Bryce, I will do.

    Can you recomend on-line sites I can watch rugby (Not Super rugby) as I threw out my TV, last year after the RWC and ditched my Fox subscription in protest to match fixing, and not watched tv since then.

    Would love to have watch the 6 nations though. Man its hard not watch rugby.

  21. Listen, what is this Glovebat?? I’ve been wondering since it was first mentioned and thought the suspense would end after I saw the link today.
    After clicking it though, Jootjoep says ‘the clip was unfortunately removed by the user’.

    What is up??? :what:

  22. Reply to Ollie @ 1:27 pm: Ta – that makes for a little easier reading. Looks like cross between cricket, tennis & volleyball and you wear the ‘bat’ like a [wait for it!…] glove!
    Interesting, is this a Rugrat’s business or how did you come across it?

    On another note – I see there’s a Rasputin in our SBru pool – is it the mad monk of old???

  23. I screwed myself out of 3 points by changing my Force prediction – thought the Hurricanes would be jet lagged and all and a home game advantage. So yeah

    Played yesterday – against the log leaders at theirs – We held them well for the first 25 minutes and then conceded a penalty. Then the next 15 minutes went for shit and they scored 3 tries before halftime. Was down 22-0 at half time – would have been 24-0 if I didn’t charge down a conversion. Turned around at half time and played with the wind – we scored 10 points in the second half and they didn’t score at all. Finished 22-10. We played really well and it was individual errors that costed us the game – centre forgetting his arms at home, scrummie having a kick charged down etc.

    Had a big fight 20 minutes into the second half. Blocked a shot from other lock and had my thumb injured – black and blue today. Did get in a beauty of a straight right into the jaw of a guy beating the crap out of our flanker – guy lost his will to fight right around the time he sat down on his arse. Got 2 blue eyes – one from a cheap shot while on the ground, other from tackling with the head – pretty sore overall but had a great time. Not fun to lose of course but had freedom from coaching staff to play as we wanted – not like the very structured games as normally. Even tried a chip and chase – would have worked as well if the one bugger didn’t hold me back by the jersey and a crappy bounce for our centre.

    Fun and games boys.

    Ollie – they had their centre missing – guy plays international for Belgium – you know him perhaps? He plays for Agde here. Apparently he is a unit of note.