Stormers v Bulls, Oakleys up for grabs!


Okay so we promised a couple of spot prizes during the Super Rugby competition and what better game to give away our first one than the traditional North vs. South derby this weekend!

We will give away a pair of Oakley eye-wear this week for the person that has the most accurate prediction in our Rat Race for the game at Newlands this Saturday evening.

It is simple; if you are not part of the Rat Race yet register now and simply get your score prediction in before the cut off time this weekend.  If you are already playing, just do what you have always been doing!

The individual who most accurately predicts the final score, wins the Oakleys! Simple!

Winner will be announced next Monday!  Good luck to everyone!

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  1. Except for you JT

    Your “betting” is clearly the result of contacts with Indian bookies and your rise from 18th to 5th this past weekend bears intensive investigation.

    It was a hard decision but Morne, Boer, Deon and I have decided to suspend you from further participation in RatRace pending the outcome of a Commission of Inquiry we have appointed with powers of search seizure and arrest into your nefarious activities with Indian bookies. If you are exonerated you may participate again but if there has been any activities we disapprove of then we will be handing a dossier to the appropriate authorities.

    In the meantime please enjoy Ruggaworld’s other fantastic facilities, like Deon’s selection of Afrikaans music videos in the old Brannasnacht threads…

    Have a lovely day.

  2. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 12:41 pm:


    When something is stuck to the end of his finger he considers it a winner

    More seriously though, don’t try and make your choices too far in advance, from a phone, while packing for a Transkei fishing trip with the boys. A slide down the log is a guaranteed result.

  3. okaay so far in ratrace logan has won the price for the most points in a game, with 12 points for lions stormers game, but i am ahead of her on the log. So do i choose her advise or stick to my picks? And ollie, ALL our predictions are from the phone. We hardly ever go through the trouble of starting up the laptop anymore.

  4. Folks remember ANY previous predictions or current log points means nothing here!

    It is a one game only deal – best prediction in this game wins!

  5. Ollie is in SA and has failed to arrenge a drink with any of us which is indicative of the fact his real name is OIlliehanidiranderee Ramchandarineree and he’s actually a leather jacket wearing Indian bookie from Mumbai…

    He’s just scared the beejaysus out of JT causing our poor Austrian German to strike out and confirm his guilt…

    I’m onto both of you!

  6. Vanmiddag te veel rooies ingekry, toe voel ek soos ‘n po3s.

    Nou is ek weer nugter, nou weet ek dis maar hoe die wiepies gewoonlik voel, ek sal fkn nooit vir daai fkn primate en hul groupies kan skree nie.

    Dit is lekker om meerderwaardig te wees. ‘n Mens verloor so 1 keer in 10 jaar teen die fokkers, maar jy bly steeds intakt.

  7. Reply to Boertjg slegte vet verloorie @ 7:43 pm:

    My oom, hoe, kan jy my nou weggooi?

    Ek leef net baaja eenvoudig deesdage, eet slaai, rook nou net 20 ‘n dag, maar het 2X ‘n week seks, drink wanneer ek wil, hoeveel ek fkn wil, het 78 kg slegte vet verloor, …….


  8. Reply to Boertjie @ 7:53 pm:

    Ek het deur ‘n swaar tyd gegaan, emosioneel EN veral finansieel. 27 jaar getroud.

    Nou is ek weer ‘n wenner!

    Die bloed bruis weer soos toe ek ‘n jong man was. Niks is te groot of te …… wat ook al nie.

    Ek sal jou so binnekort weer skakel, ek sal graag daar in die volgende tyd kom kuier. Wanneer is perlemoen en kreeftyd?

    Hoe gaan dit met die ploos? Het op FB met hom gekontak, maar hy is soos ek, …… kak kommunikeerder!

  9. Nou maar slaap julle manne maar lekker. Ek is op pad plein toe, wil kyk of die nuwe pienk BULLS jersey regtig die bulle soos wiepies kan maak!

  10. So it’s not an April fools joke?
    Baie dankie!
    The wife already asked if there are ladies ones available. :roll: