What an awesome week of rugby and what an awesome game to end off with.

The Cheetahs surprised all in sundry by klapping the Hurricanes at the Cake Tin in Wellington after trailing by more than 20 points at one stage!  That followed a stuttering but ultimately good enough showing by the Sharks to finally bury the Canberra hoodoo by klapping the Brumbies.

The Lions were all guts but unfortunately no glory as they went down to the Crusaders but it was all set up for a wonderful North v South derby at Newlands between the Stormers and ‘Pink’ Bulls.  Forget the colour of the jersey however, this was anything but soft as the two teams went at it hammer and tongs with some bone crunching hits.

In the end, the Stormers held their nerve to seal a 3 point victory 3 minutes from time, and the happiest guy under the sun at the final whistle must have been ‘Pokkel’ who was out by a single point predicting a 19-17 Stormers victory (they won 20-17).  Although some okes got the margin spot on, Pokkel’s score was the closest which makes him a WINNA WHENA!

Congrats Pokkel, drop me a line on email and let’s get those Oakley’s off to you buddy!

For the rest of you, stick close – there will be more coming very soon!

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  1. Hey a pleasure dude and well done

    JT has probably sent okes with leather jackets and sunglasses and shaved heads to your house and work already though…

    He doesn’t take kindly to losing…