Bulls dismiss need for apology


The Vodacom Bulls will not agree to a demand from Crusaders coach Todd Blackadder that they need to apologize after no evidence of eye-gouging was found by Sanzar’s judiciary system, High Performance and Media Manager Ian Schwartz said on Monday.

Blackadder told a post-match media briefing in Pretoria on Saturday that he expected an apology from the Bulls – a statement he repeated to the New Zealand media – should the allegations proved to be false.

According to Sanzar, no evidence on the matter could be sourced via video material available.

SANZAR CEO Greg Peters said there was no evidence to substantiate the claims after it was fully reviewed by the citing commissioner (Freek Burger) and the video evidence did not support any further action being taken.

“The Bulls are not interested in getting into a public spat with the Crusaders, as we always had the greatest respect for them and a very cordial relationship,” Schwartz said.

The Bulls are standing their ground on claims made by the players.

“The rules are clear and we applied them 100 percent correctly. We had the right to raise the matter with the referee and we accept the fact that there was no video evidence.”

He stressed that the Bulls’ players’ integrity is above reproach.

“I just want to say that our players’ integrity is just as important to us, as the Crusaders’ players integrity is to them. I feel the players will not make unfounded accusations unless something has happened.”

No apology will be extended.

“For them to suggest we must now apologize, just because there is no video evidence available, would mean we have lied. It is ridiculous to suggest that every time there is a citing and there is not enough evidence, the other team should apologize. It is a pity they have raised the matter through the media, as our doors of communication with them has always been open for a direct approach. We would have followed the official and appropriate channels.”

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  1. Ian Schwartz: can your dick touch your arse?

    Blackadder: yes mate, of course!

    Ian Schwartz: well then go f..k yourself!

  2. Bulls media men have dealt with this perfectly… albeit I’d have shown the picture of Flip’s mauled eye further…

  3. Reply to Americano @ 5:32 am: lol – yet some in NZ are saying its what the Bulls are wearing that’s causing the whole circus. They should have dropped the pink outfit for away games – they are showing their soft side already.

  4. It is a bloody circus and I think Todd did the right thing demanding the apology on Saturday in Pretoria. He was confident that his boys were innocent and this way he gets to gain the upper ground as there was never going to be an apology from the Bulls management so he can now put it behind him and concentrate on how the hell they beat the Stormers on Saturday. The Crusaders only flew into CHC late last night while the Stormers have been taking it easy after their impressive win down the road in Dunedin.

  5. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 6:39 am: No Bryce, the poor guy did suffer an injury. Rugby is a hard contact sport, especially in the forwards and injuries happen. I had to have stitches put in my eyelid after a schoolgame but it certainly wasn’t caused by eye gouging. One of the players from a touring side strangely enough from Pretoria was just overeager to rip the ball off me and he happened to make contact with my face. No hard feelings – these things happen.

  6. Reply to out wide @ 6:57 am:

    Doesn’t explain why two Bulls players would then claim eye gouging and show the marks…

    Flip and Chilli are hard Bulls boys… Flip especially is a hardman..

    It is highly unlikely a player like him would claim to have been eye gouged and lie about it…

  7. Reply to out wide @ 6:57 am:

    He vehemently stated he was gouged… and there was the mark quite evidently…

    Bulls handled this perfectly and need not apologise in the slightest (if you read the full article)…

    Compare this to when Adam Byrnes personally was called out by Tom Carter… then proven innocent… yet no apology from Carter for a potential career-ender…

    Anyway time for all to move on (albeit I’d probably be looking into the footage further if ‘two’ of my players felt so strong about it)…

  8. I’ve noticed there is far more ‘neck/head-crank’ style tackling this year when a player drives head first into another (and in the rucks and mauls)… this is more than likely where these calls of gouging are coming into play IMO…

  9. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 8:37 am:

    I have not seen the game, only the video clip on the Chilli incident (eye gouging alligation) on super rugby website…

    The kiwis are livid how dare anyone think they would ever do such a thing, they are demanding the Bulls be fined or penalized for false allegations :cuckoo:

    all I can say is : bigfinger:

  10. Pollock is going to have his hands full this weekend:
    Super Rugby Match Officials Rd.8

    Match No .49: Blues v Sharks
    Date Friday 13 April
    Venue : Auckland
    Kick Off local: 19:35
    Referee: Steve Walsh
    Assistant Ref 1: Jonathon White
    Assistant Ref 2: Nick Briant
    TMO:Bryce Lawrence

    Match No .50: Force v Waratahs
    Date Friday 13 April
    Venue : Perth
    Kick Off local: 19:10
    Referee: Glen Jackson
    Assistant Ref 1:Ian Smith
    Assistant Ref 2:Julian Pritchard
    TMO:George Ayoub

    Match No .51: Crusaders v Stormers
    Date Saturday 14 April
    Venue : Christchurch
    Kick Off local: 19:35
    Referee: Chris Pollock
    Assistant Ref 1:Vinny Munro
    Assistant Ref 2:Mike Fraser
    TMO:Kane McBride

    Match No .52: Brumbies v Rebels
    Date .Saturday 14 April
    Venue : Canberra
    Kick Off local: 19:40
    Referee: Craig Joubert
    Assistant Ref 1:James Leckie
    Assistant Ref 2laughamien Mitchelmore
    TMO:Steve Leszczynski

    Match No .53: Cheetahs v Chiefs
    Date Saturday 14 April
    Venue : Bloemfontein
    Kick Off local: 17:05
    Referee: Jonathan Kaplan
    Assistant Ref 1:Sindile Mayende
    Assistant Ref 2:Stefan Breytenbach
    TMO:Shaun Veldsman

    Match No .54: Lions v Bulls
    Date Saturday 14 April
    Venue : Johannesburg
    Kick Off local: 19:10
    Referee: Garratt Williamson
    Assistant Ref 1:Keith Brown
    Assistant Ref 2:Christie Du Preez
    TMO:Johann Meuwesen

  11. Reply to out wide @ 6:33 am:

    Blackadder could have simply said he has full confidence that his players were innocent and let the investigation run.

    Instead his holier than though attitude, “how dare they suspect us” was a little pathetic.
    Rugby’s Untouchables?

  12. Reply to Timeo @ 12:37 pm: No, it would have been a holier than though attitude if Todd had claimed his players innocence without have seen the video which is probably why he said he was ‘bemused’ at the allegations and demanded an apology IF they were found to be incorrect.

    You have to live in Canterbury to understand the pride and professionalism in everything rugby here and it is not for nothing they they have won the comp and reached the finals more times than others. These accusations do attack the integrity and achievements and you only have to look at some of the comments here and the filth on another badly policed sa rugby blogsite to see where these accusations can lead if left unchallenged – the Crusaders are cheats, Richie cheats, the All Blacks cheat. Just as there are those with hatred in their hearts in SA there are a few here who cannot forget the Saffer misdemeanors on the rugby field and of course we as Saffers here have to be reminded of those indefensible events in the pub and at the workplace. As a colleague reminded me, the Bulls accusations are a bit rich coming from the team that last year fielded the head-butting Bakkies. Enough said and time to move onto the Stormers v Crusaders game.

  13. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 11:53 am: Dont think there is the tension going into this game that there was v the Bulls. The Crusaders always receive a warm welcome at Newlands and the Stormers are pretty astute tourists and know how to get the locals on their side. Jean de Villiers running over to shake Jimmy Cowans hand when he came off the bench to play his 100th game did not go unnoticed. Mooi Jean.

  14. Reply to out wide @ 1:37 am:

    Did they ever get that apology from Wayne Barnes? Or perhaps Michelak should apologize for throwing the forward pass. I’ve heard pro Legoete has decided to apologize to Carter.

    It’s all laying it on a little thick, is it not?
    What does your colleague have to say about Tana Umaga and Brian O’Driscoll?

  15. Ali Williams never apologized for punching Albert VD Bergh in the face in 2006… instead he pleaded that “it wasn’t a hard punch” as a defence…

    Sorry I agree with Timeo…

    Professionalism means all things professionalist, including, to quote your own Richie McCaw… pushing the edge of the laws… i.e. cheating.

  16. Reply to Timeo @ 12:54 pm: No Wayne would not have apologised but he did one better and came and reffed some ITM games in NZ in which he performed very well and was well received. No lardasses running on the field to punch him, no booing just a respectable acceptance and lets all move on attitude from both sides. I wonder if our crowds would be mature enough to accept Bryce like that?