Okay we are going to try something new on RW this Thursday! Let me introduce you to the ‘Almost Impossible Rugby Quiz’!

This is about having fun, giving each other shit and see who can walk away with a cool prize at the end of it! Almost like that monthly Poker evening which has nothing to do with who wins but the amount of beer and chips that gets consumed!

Now I cannot guarantee there will be a prize every single week (unless you folks sponsor a set of aromatic candles, a bottle of whiskey, a signed poster by Luke Watson!) but this is about having some fun!

I call it the ‘Almost Impossible Rugby Quiz’ because it will have 10 questions which will have at most six fairly easy rugby related questions with the rest being ‘almost impossible’ to GOOGLE!

Yes you geniuses, some of those questions will be UN-google-able as I will test them on the wicked search engine ensuring it gives you the WRONG answer!

The day is Thursday, the time is 20:00, the prize is a case of wine from Perdeberg Winery!

Here is how it will work:

  • At 20:00 CAT I will post 10 rugby-related questions.  Some will be of historical significance, some will be current, and some will be general knowledge.
  • Each question will be worth 1 to 5 points based on the question and answer. In other words, by getting part of a question right you might still get a point or two (as I doubt some will get the whole question right).
  • At 21:00 I will call time on the quiz, after which I will tally the results.
  • The person that scores the highest, wins! Simple as that. If there is a tie, the person who answered first with the most correct answers, will win.
  • Your answers will only be considered if given in a single post, meaning I am not going to scroll through 100 posts to find where you answered question 1 and then question 7, 9 posts later.  Your LAST post in the official format will be considered – so don’t come back to me later and say but my post 20 minutes back was more right so take that one!
  • The format of answer in a single post is simple:
    1. Luke Watson
    2. Kamp Staaldraad
    3. Etc…
  • If a question has more than one answer, just separate it  with a comma.

Okay that should be simple enough but I will obviously be online on Thursday to guide you through this too.

And as warned before, I will specifically add ‘Google’ questions knowing you will be pointed in the wrong direction! So have your ‘Oupa’ on stand-by for some of these questions!

And folks, it is about fun, so get as many guys to log on and play so if you don’t win the case of wine, you can at least be the main brain in your house, of your family or circle of friends!

See you then!

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  1. Okay so how do you answer? Send in an email, or what? Otherwise we’ll just steal each others answers. But it sound promising, the reeplacement of an old favourite, brannasnacht. Those were the days.

  2. Impossible questions?

    Like in circket, with all it’s stats?

    “Who was the first foreign-born cricketer
    to score a century for England on a

  3. MARCH 4–As college final exams go, the test Jim Harrick Jr. once gave in his University of Georgia physical education class was a piece of cake. Until his resignation last year amidst allegations of impropriety in UGA’s basketball program, Harrick was an assistant coach under his father, Jim Harrick (father/son pictured at right). In addition to helping pop run the lay-up line, the younger Harrick taught “Coaching Principles and Strategies in Basketball” during 2001’s fall semester (click here to see course syllabus). The 39-student class was popular with several of Harrick’s players, since the coach wasn’t a stickler when it came to attendance, studying, or showing up for the College of Education course’s only test. Below you’ll find that test, a 20-question mockery that includes such brain teasers as, “How many points does a 3-point field goal account for in a Basketball Game?” Not surprisingly, each student got an A from Prof. Harrick. The test just surfaced in connection with a university review of rules violations in the basketball program. The school concurred with an NCAA finding that Harrick Jr. committed “academic fraud” and violated principles of “ethical conduct” in connection with his phys ed class. (6 pages)

  4. Reply to Deon @ 3:31 pm:

    He suffered an overdose of estrogen during the transit trip from South Africa to Brisbane when he was accidentally prescribed premarin instead of nausea pills for the flight, which has now caused a long term change in his sexuality and further complicated itself into an early onset menopause as the levels of estrogen drop in his body, resulting in unusual female like behaviour…

    The delusion of

    He is always right.

    Being one of the manifestations of this dread wrongness.

    As we all know chicks all believe that they are automatically right in any disagreement by simple virtue of taking a certain standpoint and making bitchy sleights upon anyone who disagrees with that standpoint…

    There JT

    Explained as easily as I could…

  5. Okay folks I have my questions all set out!

    10 questions, covering all aspects of SA Rugby! Join us at 20:00 sharp. Spread the word please.

  6. 1. Luke Watson
    2. KAmp Staaldraad.

    Wtf was the question? Name the ten most embarressing people/moments in Bok History?

    Hehe ek gaan verloor want die braaivleis is gaar en die merlot is lekker.

  7. lol aldo se hy is so gou klaar gebraai omdat mense in pta weet hoe om te braai. Blykbaar speel mense ini kaap met hul **** terwyl hul braai.

  8. I’m doing a stock take for Weighless…

    Putting kids to bed soon…

    My three are the Powderpuff Girls now