Here we go folks! Our very first rugby quiz evening!

Thanks for joining us in what will hopefully turn into an institution here on RuggaWorld.

First rule; HAVE FUN! Grab a glass (or bottle) of your favourite drink – get some peanuts, popcorn or crisps and sit down and relax while you join some friends online to have a bit of rugby fun and banter!

Hell given this is one for the whole family, have your wife and kids on stand-by to help you with some questions or some research!

Apart from just having fun, we will ship a case of Perdeberg’s finest to the winner of tonight’s quiz! While on the subject, thanks to the folks of Perdeberg Winery for an awesome prize! Also, if you want to promote your company, product or brand for this weekly feature, drop me an email and we will slap your logo’s on the site as the sponsor for the quiz!

Now, just a quick reminder of how this works:

  • I will post 10 rugby-related questions (below).  Some will be of historical significance, some will be current, and some will be general knowledge.
  • Each question will be worth 1 to 5 points based on the question and answer. In other words, by getting part of a question right you might still get a point or two (as I doubt some will get the whole question right).
  • At 21:00 I will call time on the quiz, after which I will tally the results.
  • The person that scores the highest, wins! Simple as that. If there is a tie, the person who answered first with the most correct answers, will win.
  • Your answers will only be considered if given in a single post, meaning I am not going to scroll through 100 posts to find where you answered question 1 and then question 7, 9 posts later.  Your LAST post in the official format will be considered – so don’t come back to me later and say but my post 20 minutes back was more right so take that one!
  • The format of answer in a single post is simple:
    1. Luke Watson
    2. Kamp Staaldraad
    3. Etc…
  • If a question has more than one answer, just separate it  with a comma.
  • Okay and there is only ONE other rule – Rugby Journo’s are not allowed to take part because you will have access to most of these answers in a flash! And I will know if you are one – I still have to send the wine to you!

Here are those questions!

  1. The Currie Cup is the oldest and most sacred of provincial competitions in the world. In what year, and to which team was the title of ‘Currie Cup winners’ first awarded which counts to their titles tally? (2 points)
  2. Answer:  Teams first played for the Currie Cup trophy in 1892, which was won by Western Province. But the South African Rugby Board (SARB) title as is acknowledged in their records the first awarded the title of ‘Currie Cup Winners’ in 1889 to Western Province – a title which counts towards the official number of 32 under their name.

  3. Staying with the Currie Cup, as many of you will know the first Currie Cup ‘Final’ was played in 1939. Since then, 10 players have captained their teams 3 or more times in a final. Naas Botha holds the record for captaining his side 7 times winning 71% of those. Name the only two players to have captained their team 3 or more times in a Currie Cup final having won all those finals or a 100% win record! (2 points)
  4. Answer:  The only two players to have a 100% win record for 3 or more Currie Cup finals is Thys Lourens (4 out of 4) and Divan Serfontein (3 out of 3). For captains that played in 3 or more finals only Jannie Breedt is the unfortunate soul to have a 0% win record(0 out of 4).

  5. Okay here is an easy one for you folks; Name the SA Women’s rugby coach? (1 point)
  6. Answer:  Denver Wannies

  7. We all know yellow and red cards are awarded for foul play (or for the scholars, law 10 in the IRB laws manual dealing with all forms of ‘Foul Play’). Name the other law for which a card may be issued by the match officials? (1 point)
  8. Answer:  Law 4.5 (c) If, at an inspection before the match, the referee or a touch judge tells a player that an item banned under this Law is being worn, and the player is subsequently found to be wearing that item on the playing area, that player is sent off for misconduct.

  9. Sticking with laws, under which circumstances, according to the IRB laws is an ‘automatic’/’straight’ red card issued? (2 points)
  10. Answer:  The simple answer is that the only reference to an ‘automatic’ Red Card being issued according to the laws is where a second yellow card is issued (constitutes automatic red). There is no other law reference or instance which specifically states for a straight red to be issued as this is left up to the discretion of the referee and his assistants.

  11. Here is one you guys can google again. Which South African team/franchise has the best average log position in Super Rugby from 1996 to 2011? (1 point)
  12. Answer:  Sharks. The Sharks have a narrow lead over the Bulls with an average log position of 6.38 to the Bulls 6.63. The Stormers are not far off with an average log position of 6.80. No surprise, the Crusaders are way ahead of any other team with an average log position of 3.63

  13. The Pampas from Argentina won the 2011 Vodacom Cup sweeping all before them culminating in a victory in the final over the Blue Bulls. Get those googling fingers working again and name their captain for the 2011 campaign. (1 point)
  14. Answer:  Miguel de Achaval

  15. They say your rugby can only be strong if your youth structures are strong. Applying those same principles let me test your knowledge of our youth rugby. Name a) the top points scorer in the ABSA Under 19 competition of 2011 and b) the top try scorer(s) from the same competition? (3 points)
  16. Answer:  Top Point Scorer: A Jantjies (Blue Bulls), 224 points
    Top Try Scorer(s): Q Norris (Border), 9 tries & TK Ismaiel (Blue Bulls) 9 tries

  17. Back to the Currie Cup. Of the 14 unions that currently exist in the premier and first division, which union is the ‘youngest’ in terms of when it was founded? (1 point)
  18. Answer:  Mpumalanga Pumas (Witbank), previously South Eastern Transvaal – founded in 1969

  19. Here is our last question for this, our maiden edition of the ‘Almost Impossible’ Rugby Quiz! We move to the heartbeat of rugby in our country, club rugby! UJ came agonizingly close to winning the final in 2011 where Pukke walked away with the spoils winning 14-19! When was the last time (year) UJ last won the Club Championship? (1 point)
  20. Answer:  1992 where they beat Harlequins 40-22

Total points on offer: 14

Good luck!

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  1. And we are off!

    You have until 21:00 folks – welcome to all the new folks that registered, don’t feel shy to give the regulars on here shit (most of them deserve it!)

    Especially a guy called ‘Aldo’ who reckons he is the new ‘Master Chef’!

    Have fun guys and girls – I am here to help with any confusion (but no tips)!

  2. Uhum, not new,Ek is n ou masterchef.

    First things first, wat drink julle? Hehe old brannasnacht tradition. Im on my second bottle of merlot.

  3. Hehe, ja ek google net een of drie, maar dis kaka, ek google alles wat jy gese het ons kan nie, die res hoop ek ken ek.

  4. Reply to Aldo @ 8:31 pm:

    Daar is n paar trick questions, maar gooi wat jy al het dan kan ek ten minste tips gee (of jou verder in die sloot help!)

    Jy kan 5 voor 9 jou laaste antwoord gee – jy hoef nie te wag tot dan nie!

  5. Okay, hier is wat ek ken en hopelik het.
    1. Griqualan west 1891
    2. Fok weet, franscois pienaar en frik du preez?
    3. Denver wannies
    4. Professional foul
    5. Second yellow card in a game
    6. Stormers, no surprise there
    7. Miguel de Achaval
    8. !???!
    9. !!!!???! Valke of luiperds?
    10. 2007

  6. 1.1889 Winners Western Province
    2.Morne Du Plessis and Joost van der Westhuizen
    3.David Dobela
    4.Repeated offences
    5.Spear Tackle?
    6.The Sharks
    7.Miguel De Achaval
    8.Gouws Prinsloo 222 points : tries – Sampie Mastriet 16
    9.Natal/ Sharks

    Well here I go, kak vrae Morne

  7. Hoessit, Tjops.

    Oppie plaas, gemsbokrugstring op die kole en koedoe wat gister op die verkeerde tyd voor die geweer ingeloop het, in die proses om droëwors en maalvleis te word. Van jou bestes! :mrgreen:

    ‘Tag, maar julle sukkel darem met dié ou vasvratjie. Kom ek wys julle hoe:

    1. Agttien-pyp-en-pyptig, dieselle jaar as wat ‘kerrie’ ‘n erkende Afrikaanse woord geword het.
    2. Gus Theron en Jorrie Muller – net Chuck Norris kan beter as hulle wees op 110%…
    3. Alan Solomons (“Kings”…”vroumense”, is daar dan ‘n verskil op hierdie stadium van die wedstryd?!)
    4. Law 33.333r, dit lees : “As twee broers vir teenoorgestelde spanne teen mekaar speel en die een vloek die ander se ma, dan kry hulle altwee ‘n kaart”
    5. Breaking the law of gravitivity – absoluut onaanvaarbaar, OOMBLIKLIK rooi!!!
    6. Ek hoef nie eers te Google nie – Noord Vrystaat Griffons, natuurlik.
    7. Chuck Norris (verwys na Vraag 3)
    8. a) Derrick Botha (niemand is veronderstel om te weet nie, maar is eintlik ‘n proefbuisbaba…) b) Chester William…son
    9. Een van die 3 met pienk truie, mos nie so lank dat vroumense rugby speel nie…
    10. Voor die sondvloed, of nee, kan ook nie reg wees nie. Dis ‘n strikvraag – dit het nog nooit gebeur nie!

    Raait, Morné, jy het nog my adres van die Oakleys af so gooi sommer môre in die pos!…

    Cheers Tjops, julle moet nou wikkel dis nog net 10 min.

  8. 1. 1892 – Western Province
    2. Thys Lourens (Northern Transvaal) and Divan Serfontein (Western Province)
    3. Denver Wannies
    4. Law 15 – The Tackle: The tackle law for spear (tip) tackling
    5. For getting issued a second yellow card in the match
    6. Natal/Sharks
    7. Miguel de Archaval
    8. (a) Tony Jantjes of the Blue Bulls
    8. (b) Travis Ismael (Blue Bulls) and Quinton Norris (Border)
    9. Mpumalanga Pumas (1969)
    10. 1992

  9. These tested my knowledge, and so far google are liking to be almost useless, only way it helps is if I use it to confirm suspicions.

  10. Okay, hier is wat ek ken en hopelik het.
    1. Griqualan west 1891 won the first trophy, ek se, maar wp het gewen 1885, 1889.
    2. Fok weet, franscois pienaar en frik du preez?
    3. Denver wannies
    4. Professional foul
    5. Second yellow card in a game
    6. Stormers, no surprise there
    7. Miguel de Achaval
    8. !???!
    9. Sharks?
    10. 2007

  11. Namboer maak jy my lekker lag – het self gister ‘n Gemsbok gehad wat so voor die geweer ingeloop het – moet nog biltong sny

  12. lol ek skip die een, het aldo gehelp google maar dis hoe ver ek gaan. Hopenlik sal aldo ophou masterchef speel en meer aandag gee aan rugby. ”mr ramsay” het maar lekker gesukkel

  13. Hehe namboer, ek lees vir logan jou antwoorde maar giggel soos n meisie, kan nie lees nie.

    Morne, namboer kry die kas wyn, klaar gepraat! Hehe hoe funny.

    Net 4 punte ne? There goes my theory oor ek ken rugby.

  14. 1. 1891 WP
    2. Thys Lourens & Anton Leonard
    3. Denver Wannies
    4. …

    Okay ek’s gefok met tyd… sorrie

    Die stocktake en kinders in die bed storie is sommer kak

  15. Dawie vergeet die prys, lees namboer se antwoorde dan wen jy klaar.

    This reminds me of the good old days when it used to be fun and games on a thursday evening.

    Siende net Lehe antw, drink net ek en hy?

  16. . Law 33.333r, dit lees : “As twee broers vir teenoorgestelde spanne teen mekaar speel en die een vloek die ander se ma, dan kry hulle altwee ‘n kaart”

    dit gebeur in die Nortier huishouding :whistling:

  17. So jacques, wat drink jy? Ek drink nou dat die somer verby is so baie fkn wyn dat ek met die kas kon doen, maar lyk my ek moes n kwv geteug het.

  18. A bit dissapointed, nie in my kennis nie, want ek is reg en morne het die verkeerde antwoorde.

    I was hoping for a bigger turnout and old brannasnacht style kuier. Still early days though, next time it will be better. We can go for 400 to 600 comments on a brannas thread again.

  19. 1. 1898, Border
    2. Divan Serfontein, Hugh Reece Edwards
    3. Denver Wannies
    4. Blikseming the ref
    5. When a player was suspended (yellow card) and commits a second cautionable offence under the Foul Play Law
    6. Sharks
    7. Miguel de Achaval
    8. a Tony Jantjes
    b Travis Ismael, Quinton Norris
    9. Suid Oos Transvaal (Pumas)
    10. 1998

  20. Your answers are all wrong. Morne UJ het in 2007 club kampioenskap gewen, ag miskien lieg die merlot vir my. Want ek het gehoor stormers was net bo die bulle, ver agter die saders.

  21. Johnny walker cheap? Nee maar dis lekker. Ja namboer was snaaks, ek vergeet skoon ek het gedrink.

    Hallo COSA, longtime niks praat ne?

  22. Lodge visvang en wild. Dit klink lekker.

    Jacques, die goewerment kan drank so duur maak soos hulle wil met sintax, maar dit is altyd die moeite werd om te drink se ek.

  23. Dude in 1992 the place was actually RAU and UJ did not exist.

    Remember that UJ is a combination of RAU and Wits Tech and Goustad Onderwys College and Curani Nursing College.

    In 1992 it was certainly definitely still just RAU

    I know because I was there at that stage and the Curani girls were the pushovers while Gokkie girls… were NOT… Wits Tech was for morons who were too stupid to get into university and held gay “carnivals” instead of “rag”…

    I second Aldo and dispute that answer!

  24. Morne jy jok, lehe het die ref omgekoop.

    This morning I saw lehe6 with a turbin on his head, he is an al quida member I think. Morne ek het gewen, al jou antw is verkeerd.

    See how easy it is to blame the ref?

  25. Reply to Morné @ 9:21 pm: Yeah four and five was the most difficult ones – Number 1 could not have been the Currie Cup because it only arrived in South Africa in 1891 – the first provincial tournament was in 1889 and was won by WP and it counts – competition was known as Currie Cup from 1892, but I’ll take that one as a mistake no probs hehe – think you must give the case of wine to Namboer

  26. Se ek ook dawie, uj is a new goewerment en new sa creation. Kon nie in 1992 gewen het nie. Is n nuwe creation, se jou mos ref is gekoop.

    Cose, so is dinge nou darem beter? My nr het verander maar ek joune nog, moet bq weer kuier.

    Jacques,sintax is die een ding wat hulle gesien het is maklike geld. N ou wat rook sal aanhou rook al kos dit hy moet ophou vleis eet. Gelukkig rook ek nie.

  27. Se ek ook dawie, uj is a new goewerment en new sa creation. Kon nie in 1992 gewen het nie. Is n nuwe creation, se jou mos ref is gekoop.

    Cosa, so is dinge nou darem beter? Ek het vir myself begin werk, dinge het self rof gegaan My nr het verander maar ek joune nog, moet bq weer kuier.

    Jacques, sintax is die een ding wat hulle gesien het is maklike geld. N ou wat rook sal aanhou rook al kos dit hy moet ophou vleis eet. Gelukkig rook ek nie.

  28. Jacques, wag vir n revolt of coupe, dan is jou velkleur daar ook verkeerd. Hele afrika is dieselfde, van stabiel na onstabiel oornag. Hang net af wie is pres en vir hoe lank.

  29. Cosa, ek is n blou godfather. You belong to the family, and you are loyal to the family, capish?

    Nee ek ken nie lehe6 nie, maar het iemand gesien wat soos n taliban lyk, moet hy wees en nou is morne bang.

  30. Reply to Aldo @ 9:33 pm:

    Ek was in 2006 laas in Zambie en 2009 in Zim.
    Daai mense weet van honger, so ek glo hulle is so 80 jaar voor SA in redevelopment, hier is nog te veel blekes met geld wat gesteel kan word voor honger hulle tot beter insigte dwing.

  31. Bly jy nog so naby aan sodom en gomora? Jy moet verder wegtrek hoor. So behalwe vir geld wat orals (behalwe zambie) n fokop is, hoe ganit?

  32. Dink jy cosa? Geheue is net so lank soos die volgende paycheck. Ek dink net mooi niks van enige afrika stability nie. Bly maar hier, better the devil you know, cos a devil it is.

  33. Reply to Aldo @ 9:33 pm:

    Een ding van Zambie is dat hulle nooit ‘n “armed struggle” gehad het nie, so daar is nie die quasi militere bendes wat steel om aan die lewe te bly nie. Maar korrupsie is fkn erg, jy kan nie 100 km ry sonder om twee keer gestop te word om tsotso te betaal nie.

  34. Jacques en dit is? Ek weet hulle is relatief stabiel, en ek hou van botswana, maar ja ek vertrou dit nie.

    Maar genoeg politiek, sou jy nie al toe ek nog laas gereeld hier was al terug gekom het nie?

  35. Reply to Aldo @ 9:37 pm:

    Wag nou vir ‘n groot payday, dan is ek FI-FOKKEN-NAAL uit die bedryf uit. Wil oorspronklik ‘n ou grondjie gekoop het, maar eiendomsreg/lewe is nie seker op plaas nie.

    Die Zambie opsie lyk vir my goed, so paar oorwegings wat nog moet aandag geniet. (medies en so)

  36. Jip mense verdien nie baie hier nie (Zambiers) maar dit het die afgelope twee jaar baie verbeter vir hulle met al die buitelanders wat inkom en besighede oop maak en natuurlik ons nuwe regering wat minder korrup is as die vorige ene all in all ‘n baie veilige en vriendelike land bly lekker hier

  37. Cosa, plaas is gevaarlik, maar net omdat ons laks geraak het, ek sal van waar ek nou bly nooit dorp toe trek nie. Ek hoop my enigste trek ooit is karoo toe, my hart le verloor op n skaapplaas.

  38. OK Tjops – foto’s nou, handtekeninge later! :weed:

    Prys genoeg om ‘n paar manne te kon laat lag, stuur asb die wyn vir Lehe6 (f.kk.t, dis ‘n snaakse nick – ek ken van lepellê en 69 maar “lehe6” is seker as jy…uhm, solo gaan??!!??) He he he.

    Moet gou my Bru en RR picks maak. Lekker quiz/Brannasnacht verder en ek sal volgende eers weer inloer, cheers.

  39. Hehe, as mens lekker bly dan bly jy lekker. Help nie jy probeer dan weer hier bly nie Jacques.

    Cosa, laaste maal wat jy final paycheck getrek het met jou werk, het dinge nie gewerk nie, hoop jy is nou versigtig. Ag fok, hoor wie praat, moenie my raad volg nie, ons altwee weet jy is baie versigtiger as ek, die het ons altwee al gesien met my bloubul hemp op vrystaat stadion.

  40. Reply to Jacques(Bunny) @ 9:48 pm:

    Die tradisionele “subsistence existence” is nog baie daar, en miskien is die institusionele korrupsie minder, maar soos met elke individue in Afrika wat ‘n posisie van gewaande mag het, soek hulle omkoopgeld om jou op die pad toe te laat, forms in te dien….etc.

    Voertuie so 40% goedkoper as in SA.

  41. Jt the quiz is not important, the evening is though, so you havent missed a lot. Thursday evenings used to be awesome, I get nostalgic just thinking of it.

  42. Reply to Aldo @ 9:53 pm:

    Ja, en ek het vir Donner se onthalwe ‘n Stormers pet gedra (ril…gril….kots). :tpuke:

    Ons was amper hard gebliksem daai dag!

    Kakste mense wat ek nog ooit by rugby teegekom het!

  43. Reply to Cosa die BLOUBOK @ 9:54 pm: Net as hulle jou nie ken nie…. stop my glad nie meer by polisie blocks nie….as jy RSA kar ry gaan jy moet geld saam neem…..karre goedkoper hier want alles kom direk van Japan deur Tanzane…….het nou die dag ‘ Toyota Nadia gekoop vir R45 000 en die kar het alles in.

  44. Dit was Cosa, tot vandag toe dink ek rugby kyk op n stadion in die vrystaat is kak. Hehe my groot bek het ons ook nie uit die kak gehelp nie.

    Maar dit was n goeie jaar, onthou jy, Bulle het daai dag op Kings park teen sharks verloor, maar later die jaar die Super rugby trofee gewen op dieselfde veld. Heh kan nie glo ek en jy het daai dag die stormers support nie.

  45. Korrupsie is orals maar meeste van ons gebruik dit hier tot ons voordeel….die ouens sien niks verkeerd daarmee nie…hoe se een van my vriende hier”jy word ‘n slaris betaal om werk toe te kom dan moet jy extra betaal word om jou werk te doen”

  46. Ek probeer juis morne. Mis vir deon en tafelberg, ksa en ksa sharkette, ag sommer baie, ons was daai tyd n klomp regulars.

  47. Okay so ons official quizzz winner het gese Namboer kry die prys vir die kak snaakste post in jarrre op die site!

    En omdat hy gekroek het as joernalis gaan hy die volgende 10 vrae opstel vir volgende week Donnerdag (sodat ek ook kan speel!)

    Maar net omdat hy so befokte sport was, sal ek vir die man ‘n paar Oakley’s stuur!

    Tjeers tjom, en Namboer, JY IS ‘n WENNER!!!

  48. En julle fokkers wat op Twitter is, gaan se vir Perdeberg Wyn dankie vir die sponsor!

    Aldo, jy kan volgende week sponsor om iemand se pype skoon te maak!

  49. Haha Jacques, first, only and last ever time, ek sal nooit weer nie, lol toe staan en verloor die stormers ook nog. So groot vrystaatse boer oom het net voor my, cosa, Deon en tafelberg gesit, en elke keer wat ek met my bloubul hemp spring en die stormers aancheer dan wil hy mens donner. Cosa was die een wat met matigheid voor oe gekeer het, was ek alleen daar was ek daai dag hard gedonner. Hy het my kort kort herhinner dat ons min is.

  50. Ek maak niemand se pype skoon nie, volgende week se prys is n autographed tv plus, deur my nogal ge autograph!

    Ja Cosa, die tent was net waar dit begin het, mense wat my probeer se ek weet fkl van rugby oor ek n bloubul hemp aan het. Hehe ek het nogal my trui uitgetrek, en die hemp aangetrek want die badge is kleiner, so gehoop almal dink dis net n blou hemp. Sal my leer. Maar dit was goeie tye, nie waar nie?

  51. Tx for great evening too all finish my Johnny….so of to bed have an bike day again this weekend need to get the bikes ready….

    Hope this stays on RW great fun to relax and talk shit


  52. Reply to Aldo @ 10:10 pm:

    En Donner se swaer wat wou gehad het die cheeters moet alle wedstryde wen net omdat hulle nie soveel geld het soos ander unies nie!

    Ek en hy het nogal ‘n argument gehad!

  53. Ja jy het, at least het ek nie ons gasheer, enigste bed vir die aand, de moer in gemaak nie, al het hy die feit dat ek net bloubul supporters gear gepak het nie baie waardeer nie. Hehe en toe se ek nog vir sy dogter se man die volgende oggend hulle bly op n dodgy plek hier in pta.

  54. Cosa, onthou jy jou eerste brannasnacht? Toe jy dog ons hou raads vergadering hier? Hehe en ek was eers nog nooit oppie raad nie, ek was nog net altyd te veel hier.

  55. Ek stem Aldo

    Mosambiek is apparently dieselfde en een van my BEE clients het my eenkeer op hulle board ge ko-opt met die uitsluitlike doel om ‘n wit gesig vir ‘n Nigeriese company te wys…


    Die Nigeriese regering vertrou nie “net swart” maatskappye van SA af nie…


  56. Dien enigste post op hierdie site wat snaakser as Namboer se post vanaand was is Dawie se post toe ek vasgesit het in sand in Nambia…

    Sal gou kyk of ek daai kak kan kry gou…

  57. JT as jy jameson like, probeer n bushmills, daai is lekker. Ierse whiskey is beter as al die ander, so jy is nie ver af nie. Maar wat weet ek, ek support die bulle, waar is my brannewyn en coke, en sit jy nou net steve af dan donner ek jou, hoor jy?

  58. Reply to Morné @ 9:47 pm:

    I can’t…

    I just had a “lateness scare” there once…

    Nurses were never hot but like the chicks from St Dominics…

    Well in the days when it was a white school… like shooting fish in a barrel…

    The poppies from Gokkies… well they had morals…

  59. Hey, black label is fkn lekker.

    Ja ou rob het verdwyn toe hy engeland toe is, het sondae touch rugby gespeel saam hom. Toe n kleiner pens as nou gehad.

    Morne, ek het nou die dag myself gegoogle en toe op ou ruggaworld comments afgekom, daai dae was funny. Dis asof ons so bq ernstiger geraak het, what a pity. Hehe en dawie vote nie meer anc nie.

  60. Reply to Aldo @ 10:26 pm:

    Moet nie Black Bottle vergeet nie. So R280.

    Op my budget drink ek 100 Pipers, presies dieselfde as Bells, selfde bottelary en Bin nommers.

    Kos so R90, teenoor Bells se R160.

  61. Poor Rob

    The dude could just never get it…

    Jis Cosa op die “board” e-mails… daai ou het jou gehaat… elke keer as jy sy knaters aftrap dan is hy histeries ons moet jou ban en helban dat al jou posts ook sommer verwyder word verewig…

    Maar ai die ou het geen lewe buiten sy liefde vir die Sharks gehad nie…

  62. jt, ek het net twee reels, die bulle is beter as enige ander span ter wereld, en steve is n beter sanger as enige ter wereld.

    David kramer is die 2de beste, maar die beste skrywer wat ons land ooit opgelewer het. Maar koos kombuis? Nee wat, nie n fan nie.

  63. Reply to DavidS @ 10:31 pm:

    ek kan ‘n team support maar so tekere gaan oor ‘n team!? nee wat dit is mos net wert as jy self ‘n team op bou met you eie tyd, sweet en bloed!

    My #1 team is en sal altyd RCI wees!! Stormers/WP en Bokke support ek maar hulle jaag ook kak aan en dit se ek ook!!

  64. Reply to DavidS @ 10:29 pm:

    Ek was 1975 tot 1982 op RAU (deeltyds).

    Jy was seker sleg dronk toe jy die aand by Gokke was, en wat jy vir morals aangesien het was walging, maar ek het NOOIT enige morals probleme teegekom nie.

    Sorry, ek lieg nou oor die morals. Die mansstudente van Gokke het morals gehad as ons daar by danse uitslaan, hulle wou nie gehad het ons moet hul girls spyker nie!

  65. Davids, al vir wie hy liewer was as die sharks was daai barrit senter, wat nou england nou verteenwoordig. Hy sal bly wees want sy love child het uit eindelik nationale span gemaak.

    jt, logan het my leer black label drink, voor dit was dit heineken, millers of guinness. Maar nou is millers ok, heineken kak en guinness nogsteeds donners goed, maar te duur hier in SA.

  66. Reply to Aldo @ 10:33 pm:

    Kramer – I LIKE! Ek het grot geword (teen years) met Koos toe hy nog soos ‘n boemelaar gewoon het!
    Elke jaar het ons saam met hom in Stillbaai gesuip by die beach rugby “festival” – daai dae was lekker. 5 dae deur suip en op die strand slaap en rugby speel :wave:

  67. Ahh, die valiant, dawie, het hy al tires of is hy nog steeds net vir spesiale geleenthede? Hehe onthou toe ons eerste keer saam rugby gekyk het op loftus en manuels nie ndungane se drie gegee het nie?

  68. Ek hoop so morne, dis soos jy se, deesdae te ernstig, en dit terwyl ons n goeie bok coach het, ek meen hy is blou :soek:

    JT, kramer se musiek is briljant. Hy is n beter skrywer as wat die land ooit gehad het. Ons eie bob dylan.

  69. Snaaksste Brannas wat ek vinnig onthou
    was daai Kiwi wat een aand so gesuip
    was en al hoe meer deurmekaar getik het.
    Toe vra iemand: “FFS, are you typing with
    your knuckles?”
    En natuurlik daai groot kaksoeker van
    Modder Eiland – St. Moer het Duiwel
    hom genoem.

  70. Die aand toe Duiwel vir St. Michel
    (St. Moer) vertel het die Boere het
    die Tommies geleer om te multi-task:
    By Magersfontein het hulle sommer so
    in die hardloop geskyt.

  71. Talking about lotto – here is an accumulator that I might be putting a euro on

    If all come in as follows I will win 372,32euro for 1 Euro Tipp :wave:
    Hurricanes – Blues
    Tipp: Hurricanes mit 1-12
    Rebels – Bulls
    Tipp: Bulls mit 13 oder mehr
    Chiefs – Lions
    Tipp: Chiefs mit 13 oder mehr
    Brumbies – Waratahs
    Tipp: Waratahs mit 1-12
    Sharks – Highlanders
    Tipp: Sharks mit 1-12
    Cheetahs – Western Force
    Tipp: Cheetahs mit 1-12
    Crusaders – Reds
    Tipp: Crusaders mit 1-12

  72. Reply to Cosa die BLOUBOK @ 10:57 pm:

    Jis Oom Cosa jy het bietjie gemis lyk dit my.

    Ongellukig ja, Brand het die nuus aan ons oorgedra – hele rukkie terug al actually.

    Goeie mens, kak omstandighede. Was n vriend van RW.

    Maar op n ligter noot julle moet daai storie en die comments gaan lees – Aldo, joune was kak snaaks. En jy was dronk daai tyd ook!

  73. Reply to Cosa die BLOUBOK @ 10:57 pm:

    Ja die arme fokker het doodgegaan…

    Cosa seker die Oos Rand maniere gewees wat die onderwyseressies van Gokkies afgesit het…

    Beste was vir my maar die BA Manvang girlies wat net geswot het soos BA Kommunikasie of een of ander kak algemene rigting soos dit… politiek en antropologie was ook twee sulkes… o en sosiologie…

    Hulle was volop en sterk opsoek na man… maar wat hulle gekry het was… mans studente wat jags was…

  74. But I tune you it’s not often the Valiant sees the sea cos I’m lank skrikkerig for rust. This time I checked my fear of sea water happen.

    But I schemed it lank lekker when this Pissant oke tuned me one time he’s gonna gooi a few doppe by the sea. He schemed I must load the Valiant and join the blare for some visvang by Henties in Suidwes. So gesê so gedaan and I brand ‘n tekkie on the Valiant out the East Rand for a jol by Suidwes with Pissant and pelle.

    Henties are a kak plek. There’s just desert all around you all the time I scheme. And the wind are blowing all over all the time. There are even a sand golf course. The sand traps are the whole golf course. Yusus the rykes must kak when they play golf here.

    Then the place is muff too. It closes down at lunch time. What kak are that? I schemed nooit bru. This are lank muff I scheme. Jozi doesn’t close just sommer for lunch. And the only cherrie was Pissant’s goose. And ek krap nie in ‘n ander man se slaai nie at all boet.

    So we sit af to the beach like lank, but I charf you it’s not like a Durban beach. It’s like the desert boet. There aren’t a beach. You just check the desert straight away go to the sea sommer like that. And we has parking for cars by Durbs. Nooit hey. This Pissant my blaar schemes we drive all the way to the sea. I scheme kaaak not with my cabbie boet. He schemes he knows the sea. I scheme I knows the Valiant boet. His connections get me to go to the beach. I charf I’ll let him drive cos he schemes mos he knows the beach.

    But then I get warried, cos one of the okes tunes Pissant if he’s done visvang here by this beach before and he tunes nought. So I start for to get tense pappie.

    But skielik I see hier kom marakkas. And then the Valiant’s gat is stuck like a skilpad my china and I’m getting more muff. So I get out and jack a zaan cos I’m stressing china. I don’t schmaak my Valiant must not drive eksê.

    Then I check the sea and I see the sea is pulling in boet. And I want to tune the okes hier kom kak, but I only tune “Hier kom …�? and then the kak is there. You wanna know why? Cos the sea pulls in and tunes like “Zak! Hier’s ek nou pappa!�?

    And the okes check I’m getting tense cos my 327 is going to flood my bra. And one oke haaks off and tunes his got a cell so I tune him “Jy beter tekkies klap my blaar, hiekommie see om my Valiant op te f—k en as my Valiant kak, kak jy saam met hom.�? And the oke klaps a toon to the nearest dune cos he’s got no signal. Then it checks out that it’s like lunchtime and the zabers in Henties is closed for the lunchtime. But I schemed to dip someone one.

    And the sea is charfing us lank. I’m checking a wettie on my Valiant. And the sea is just tuning us grief all the way hey. And you can’t walk up and dip the sea one, but I schemed a few times I wanted to give Pissant a Vyf Punt Plan cos he got the Valiant stuck.

    And I can’t see any blare wif a 4×4 to give us a pull ou. And I’m lank nar, scheming this Suidwes is kak. Durbs is better.

    And the sea is tuning “Hoesit pappa, nou kak ek in jou kar�? and is getting the seats wetter and wetter and going higher and higher on the Valiant. And I’m scheming rust and “Kak hier kom ek�?, but I’m first going buckle Pissant’s frame pappa.�?

    And the oke on the hill tunes “Jis jis I got a signal and a Land Rover’s coming.�? And I scheme “The sea are fokking my cabbie up so much better not a Land Rover but a Sea Rover�? and I’m nar like a hungry pitbull pappie.

    And then this toppie in a Landy is coming, but now this blare is taking the cooler box out and they digs a hole around the wheels so the cabbie is even more vas in the sand. And I’m ready to hand out PK’s once my bra.

    And then the Landy is broken down and I is about to hand out PK’s left right and centre pappa, but it’s starting again and they pulls my cabbie in. And I scheme now I’m getting dronk before I start giving someone a East Rand slaap pil. But I grab some Rickielouw and drop him wif coke. Then I’m fined. 100% find and the rest of the okes is getting a better feeling cos I is not so lank muff anymore. But it tooked free hours to get my cabbie off the beach hey!

    I’m back now by my possie in the Oosrand, but the Valiant’s on the blocks. I scheme the punte got rusted and I want to give that Pissant oke a Oosrand Slaap Pil, but it’s too far to gee a links and go back to Suidwes, so I’ll maar rather get dronk and moer my wife Slaterdag if the Bokke does bad.


    as per usual your input
    is like a f*rt.
    All smell and no substance.

    Your’e to much of a rumour to be
    called a sh*t.

  76. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 11:09 pm:


    met a few moraccans who have been
    wonderful ambassadors for their country.
    great sense of humour and a dignified pride
    in being moraccan.

    Apart from a libiyan mate,who is
    a boytjie in hp,
    i’ve met very few arabs i get on with.
    Mostly sour and repressed.
    Hours of mumbling shite tends to do that.

    As for my curry cousins
    i’ve never met one you could turn your back on.
    not in SA an not anywhere else either.
    They have the morals of a singaporian shrimp.
    Comment by Duiwel – January 22, 2007

  77. I’m still on the UJ / RAU question

    I’m sure Aldo was done in because of Morne’s clear anti Heyneke bias… because he knows Aldo is a Bulls / Heyneke supporter and that is also why Jacques got done in…

  78. Miss Rasputin too

    He once apropros of nothing sent me an e-mail with a Youtube link to that Joan Osborne song “What of God was one of us”

    I answered him

    He never answered back….

    What a weird weird weird character…

  79. Reply to DavidS @ 11:22 pm:

    I did some googling about 6 months after we got to Aus and found a tel no. Called it and it was the man himself. Dont know if he appreciated it, but we did have a bit of a chat. Have tried to get him posting again over the past 3 years obviously with no success. He has closed down his FB account a few months ago as well.