Lions lose Doppies


In a move many will be saddened by the Lions have lost their faithful inside center.

The Golden Lions Facebook site reports in dry fashion that the stalwart inside center has signed for Benneton Treviso and has been released from his contract with effect June this year.

This may explain why he has been replaced by Alwyn Hollenbach and now by Jaco Taute in the Super 15 side.

La Grange is a converted scrumhalf who moved to the inside center berth and actually skippered the Lions last year during the Super 15 after John Mitchell dropped Franco Van Der Merwe for a spell. He was part of the 2011 Currie Cup winning Lions squad.

He’ll be missed as one of the few inside centers in South Africa who could run into gaps and put other runners around him into space.

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  1. Dawie, I thought he was out with a lengthy injury (elbow) otherwise I’m pretty sure he’d have been picked.

  2. Doubt it was spin, Boertjie. Seemed quite a bad injury at the time.

    Anyway Doppies had kind of got as far as he could in the SA game. New pastures, a nice payoff towards the end of his career in an untaxing league. I’d do the same!

  3. Doppies served us like few others and I wish him all the best for his future. He is a Lions man through and through. Takes a special man to stick with a team that went through so much. Great guy. He deserves every Euro he will get in Italy. True loyalty like this is rare in pro sport these days.

  4. I didn’t get to watch this guy that much. I’m not real confident in this but was there a similarity to Dewet Barry in his game?
    I know he had some hard luck with his elbow and i was always trying to figure out why the commentators pronounced his name “Le Fran-see” but that is neither here nor there.

    I do know though that he was quite rated by DavidS and for that loss I’m sorry DavidS and wish this guy the best in sunny Italy.