Mallett kap Bok-sterre


Nick Mallett sê daar is ‘n hele paar Bokke wat hul sokkies baie vinnig sal moet optrek as hulle in die span wil bly.

Bron: Pieter Jordaan, Die Burger

Mallett oor Bekker:
“As lynstaanman is hy nie naastenby so goed soos Matfield nie. Hy wen lynstane omdat hy lank is, terwyl Matfield oor
lynstane dink.”

Mallett oor Spies:
“Hy is ‘n swak verdediger en hy sukkel met sy balvaardighede agter die skrum.
“Teen swak spanne lyk hy goed, want hy boelie sy pad na twee of drie drieë of so iets.
“Die afwesigheid van ‘n meer afgeronde agtsteman sal deur die Bokke gemis word. Ek sou Vermeulen gekies het as hy nie beseer was nie.”

Mallett oor JdeV:
“Hy is veral op buitesenter ‘n swak verdediger, en Engeland het Tuilagi op senter wat ‘n baie fisieke hardloper is.

Mallett oor Heyneke:
“Hy het nie sy gelyke as dit kom by afrigters wat ‘n span gefokus kan kry nie, en Rassie Erasmus is beter met ontleding van teenstanders se geheime tekens tydens die spel as enigiemand anders ter wêreld.
“As die lynstaantekens dieselfde is as in die Sesnasies, dan ken ons hulle reeds.”

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  1. Mallet oor Bekker… who the hell cares how he wins his LO’s… I thought the whole reason locks were tall was to give them that advantage… he certainly spooks opponents too… he’s been in the top 3 players for LO wins in successive years even with injuries and currently number 2…

    Matfield is a freek… there won’t be another like him IMO…

  2. Suddenly he is a the god of rugby I would rather comment after these players have proof me wrong or right nice to sit and give comment from the sideline ne nick maybe join the joel and naas on boots and all

  3. Spies is never going to be a Tuilagi type tackler… actually do the Boks even have anyone that tackles like a Higgenbotham or SBW or or…

    Take this Chief’s loss… Bulls dominated almost all the stats bar they missed more tackles than the Chiefs (and could not use their bench as effectively and went off the boil just enough to let the Chiefs take it)… who made the most tackles in the game and missed zero?


    But I agree with Vermeulen… I reckon only his injury is keeping him from finally get his cap…

  4. Reply to Boertjie @ 3:45 pm: easy oom before you doom and gloom payers let them first proof what’s in them with a new coach, team and gameplan. He is not given an opinion he is judging the players something he himself could not even handle with his bobby-gary decision
    Plane and simple judge players in the bok setup

  5. Pierre Spies has shown over his career that he stuggles to drie through big tacklers, his body poisoning has always been to upright for close quarter battles, maybe Heyneke Meyer can fix that.

  6. Pierre Spies has shown over his career that he struggles to drive through big tacklers, his body positioning has always been to upright for close quarter battles, maybe Heyneke Meyer can fix that.

  7. Reply to Boertjie @ 6:58 pm: Gameplan and group of players he plas for can and how many times you see a player playing to his full when he is in the boks setup but crap when he is at his province.

    And that is so true for any WP/Stormers player over the past few years

  8. The secret of judging a player is to also determine the ideal circumstances in which he comes to his own. PS needs a strong scrum, to give him space, where he flourishes.

    He is not the “bash-it-up” player. What should we opt for: a missile or a dumb ED?

    So, yes, his body position is not correct for “bash-it-up”.

    Give him a strong base, what is the consideration then”

    Do we want 3 Willem Albertse in the loosies?

  9. No, it is good to have a very mobile number 8 if your pack can provide him space, otherwise he isn’t effective.

    The real question is why Spies is struggling, even with the Boks last year. In my very humble opinion, he needs Juan Smith and Burger around him to be at his best.

    Hopefully a Coetzee and Albert’s combo will help.

  10. Ek was n’ Lee vir lank, her gatvol geraak NA 10 jaar plus se bemoerdheid elk naweek, omdat ek nie daaraan glo om you allegiance te verander nie, support ek nou maar al die spanne, end in detail dot wat goes is vir BOK rugby.

  11. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 8:30 pm:

    Weet jy JT, ek is al heeltemal deurmekaar.

    Partykeer doen ons spanne sleg, dan se die slim kommentators, “kenners”, dat die ander span “afstaan”, en net twee spelers by die breakdowns het. Volgende game kry ons op ons moer omdat al 15 nie in die skrums inbliksem nie.

    As jy na die stats kyk, is Spear nie die slegste met tackles of missed tacles nie. Hy doen great met bal voerentoe neem, al se almal sy liggaamsposisie is te hoog.

    Dit is maar die natuur. Party ouens hardloop soos volstruise, girrafs, party soos donkies, party soos ratels, hy lyk plat en klein, maar hy gee almal op hulle moer.

    Het jy al die girafs gesien wat kak lyk maar moer vinnig hardloop? Skop baie leeus dood, tot die leeu met die plan hom eet.

    So, wat is reg en wat is verkeerd?

  12. Reply to Cosa die BLOUBOK @ 8:50 pm:

    I think Spies is great with ball in hand on a counter attack where he can get some momentum. BUT his defense reminds me aug Breyten Paulse, he makes sure he is not where he is needed and when he is in the way he pulls them down or makes sue he can side tackle ten – I want to see him make a monster hit from the front and more a pom back to pomgolia!! :censored:

  13. Reply to Cosa die BLOUBOK @ 8:50 pm: The problem the way I see it is not whether they are standing off or not, it is how they react in those first minutes to counter whatever the opponents bring to the breakdown, there is a need to see how physical the opponents are at the rucks and how many numbers they commit on either attack or defence, now sometimes the opposition will change their tactics and that is often when we get it wrong.

    What grinds my nuts is when either at Scrum or lineoit we take too long to get the ball out after it has been secured and then the opposition either get a second shove going or they commit more numbers to the Ruck and Ruck our players off the ball

  14. Reply to biltongbek @ 9:00 pm:

    Yup… my pet hate with the Boks/RSA teams is…

    -awesome 20m maul sucking in all defenders… and then they kick possession away…

    -not clearing out rucks on own ball en-masse (noticed the Kiwi teams scud missile approach this year)?

    -counter-rucking as a unit on opponents ball… (Highlanders are the masters at this)… always worth a few turnovers a game…

    -pacey, power pick-n-drives up the middle sucking in defenders and then off-loading to flying backs on the angles (something the Sharks of yesteryear were so good at as well as the 98 Boks)…

  15. Reply to Kevin_rack @ 5:14 am:

    Hmmm really?

    Habana had his best years under HM… Bulls scored some of the most complete, scintillating tries in 2007 under HM, Hougaard is one of the most exciting current players in RSA, JJ Engelbrecht is one of the most exciting wings around (hand-picked by HM) and I could go on and on and on…

    Now let’s take a wee look at the dour 10 man rugby Italy have played under Mallet with only the odd upset in almost half a decade of rugby…


  16. Yeh I think Bekker has other strengths and has time to get better as a student of the line-out.

    Spies is a wing

    JdV is the most overrated player SA has ever had. Cape Royalty. If he played for the Cheetahs he would have not seen 5 caps, all of them in 2008.

  17. Reply to The Year of the Cheetah @ 9:12 am:

    I agree fully re Bekker and JdV.

    As I mentioned in my earlier posts re Spies, there I disagree. I don’t believe that the role of the 8th man is to bash it up. The candidate for that is the 7 flanker. With this definition, I would urge Spies to play wider, and for that he is the better option.

  18. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 10:43 am: I don’t think it is about pigeonholing.

    We never used to worry about fetchers, we used to have a balanced backrow, with all round physical specimen where some were more bruiser like and others more athletic.

    That is what we need again, if Coetzee and Alberts bring the physical ball carrying ability and the hard tackles, then Spies might shine again.

    He struggled without Juan smith and Schalk burger, Brussow in my opinion isn’t in that great a form anyway.

    On lock we have always played one line out champion and one enforcer, I think bakkies and Victor has proven the formula.

  19. Reply to biltongbek @ 11:05 am:

    Spies took more LO ball than any other forward in the RWC… Danie Roussouw was next… the Boks have NEVER only had one option… for every poach by Matfield… look who was lifting… yep Spies and his height…

    This is what I’m getting at… get the 8 man dynamic correct rather than worrying about the old ‘enforcer this, enforcer that’ pigeon-holing…

    On the enforcer business… this is exactly what gets a guy like Bakkies becoming dirty… he feels he needs to live up to this old school ‘breker’ mentality…

    The top teams have ‘enforcers’ all over the paddock…

  20. With the right calls, technique and lift anybody
    can win a lineout.
    Even the “dimunitive” Brussow takes
    LO ball for Cheetahs.

  21. Reply to Kevin_rack @ 3:52 pm:

    No dude

    You guys are not listening.

    It’s win at all costs no matter how you achieve it.
    THAT is the correct way.

    Losers talk about how they played the game (Australia) – winners go home and *fornicate with* the prom queen…

  22. If rugby were to be judged on how pretty it is you’d have four judges sitting on the side rating the teams and France and Fiji would contest every rugby world cup final… and the scoreboard wouldn’t matter.

  23. Reply to DavidS @ 5:24 pm: Rugby is now professional and classed as entertainment.
    If it was not such we would not pay to see SBW perform.

    I would rather watch the Boks play great rugby and lose than dish up such boring shit they have been doing than win.

    Your point about Australia makes my point. Rugby union is behind NRL, AFL, cricket and comparable to soccer yet they remain competitive and not by playing doff predictable forward based rugby. Sure they get the forwards right but its not the sole form of atatck.

    What happen A plan fails? This is been an issue for both the Boks and Bulls.

    Some times Bok rugby reminds me of those funny dudes in the gym, you know the guys that only work the arms and uperbody and have have those skinny little legs. We have been blessed with great forward packs but now due to genetic migration other teams forward packs are heavier.

    We still think, and like the two stupid kiwi commentators where they were talking about the big bulls pack yet the landers had the weight advantage, that we have the biggest forwards and simply run over people. Think Bismark and early Frans Steyn.

    We can have great backs to rival the class of our forwards.

  24. Reply to Kevin_rack @ 3:52 pm:

    Win ugly????

    As I said to you… show me anything ugly about the way they qualified for the 2007 S14 play-offs and then dominated ending up the top try-scorers and taking the title in emphatic fashion… and you can add (although not under HM directly) 2009 domination of the Sader’s and the smashing of the Chiefs and then 2010…

    Bok rugby could not be in better hands right now…

  25. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 3:10 am: Like I said, have you got a man crush on HM?

    We should have creative play with our forward dominance by now. We win line outs and kick. Morne, you love child, is the highest point scorer but also bosts the highes kicking average.
    Kicking away possesion lacks any sense creativity. I understand percentages but I also get predicability.

    I am happy to have HM as coach but would like to see a decent backline coach in the mix.
    By the way 2007 was a while ago and what the Bulls have been dishing up, with such quality players is not acceptable.
    I heard every one telling me this season is one of the best, so I went against better judgement and watched two Bulls games, and while there is a new coach, the dour style has HM wrtieen all over it. Both games they lost, both pplayed HM game plans and both were so shit I gave up half way.

    But as you know time will tell.

  26. Reply to Kevin_rack @ 3:55 am:

    No bud… LIKE I SAY… you didn’t go watch the highlights of those tries did you… when the outside-the-boks Todd Louden was appointed back-line coach by HM!!!!!

    HM’s strength is he surrounds himself with the best available…